Microsoft publishes changelog for Windows Phone 8 OS update

Although we have gone over a lot of the changes in the Windows Phone 8 ‘Portico’ update that started rolling out today (build 10211), there were a few tiny nuggets that even we missed.

Luckily Microsoft has gone ahead and printed out all the changes in detail on the site and while there is nothing that’s stop-the-presses, the details should satisfy those who need to know.

Update 8.0.10211.204

  • Messaging improvements. A great messaging experience is now even better. You can now add multiple recipients at the same time when you send a text message and automatically save unsent text messages as drafts. You can even edit received text messages before you forward them.
  • Text replies to incoming calls. Can't take a call? Now you can send a prewritten text reply to a caller directly from the call answer screen. It's a nice way to let people know that you're not ignoring them.
  • Internet Explorer improvements. You can now change your settings to prevent pictures from downloading automatically—an easy way to help keep data usage low. You can also delete selected sites from your browsing history and leave the rest intact.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. Got a favorite Wi-Fi network? Windows Phone 8 will now prioritize Wi-Fi connections based on your connection history.
  • Other improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

For us, besides Nokia’s camera fixes, the always-on Wi-Fi seems to be the coolest. While these changes are not game changers, they certainly do add some nice pizzazz and finishing touches to Windows Phone 8.

How’s the update treating you? What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in comments. (Thanks, jcutting, for the tip!)


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Microsoft publishes changelog for Windows Phone 8 OS update



After the update my Lumia 920 is now in a forever reboot! Not sure I should try a 4th Lumia 920 or go get an iPhone 5. Yes, my 3rd Lumia just BRICKED! SMH...

First one was having many issues. They asked me to reset it back to factory. My backup didn't download the first time so I reset it a second time and it bricked.
Then the second one had a proximity issue turning the screen black without haveing the phone to my head. No way to end a call or any function at all but to talk and listen.
The third bricked after installing the update today.
I really like the Lumia 920 and was looking forward to trying out the camera after the update. I'm going to wait for the wife to get home, install the update on hers and if hers is fine, I will get another Lumia 920, if hers bricks, off to return BOTH and get iPhone 5's where all the apps are and maybe try WP9 or 10 if they get it right by then.

I had the exact same thing happen to my lumia 920. There was a gap between the top of the screen and the body of the phone and dust was obscuring the proximity sensor, causing the issue you described. Before I sent it the phone I decided to do a hard reset to wipe my information and the phone bricked . . . I am outside of my 14 day return window so the phone is currently in Texas undergoing repairs. Great experience so far.

I had the proximity issue on first replacement yellow 920 (the first yellow kept shutting down at random times). On my second replacement, I had to go with white because yellow was out of stock :( anyway, the proximity issue popped up again. I found a forum (sorry, can't find the link) where a guy said the comical solution was to blow into the earpiece to clear out the dust. turns out it works. wish I had known to try that when it happened with my yellow.

Yep, me too.
Ran a vacum cleaner over the top ear piece (blowing may push more dust in) and proximity sensor now ok.

Buy HTC dude, Nokia is young in the smart phones industry....Nokia is not dealing with the 3310s anymore and it'll take some time before they master the touch sensitives, HTC on the other hand is a master and pioneer in the smart phone industry, so just replace these faulty lumias and get an HTC 8X......the best out there ;-)

HTC was the best for a short period of time. I still love my SEA version TP2.
I am afraid, Lumias are much better.

What??? Ur crazy to say nokia don't know what they're doing.. Nokia has been in the smartphone market waaaaayyyy before apple and the gang.....your comments are baseless!!! There's always gonna be faulty product,when it first come out... On the other hand HTC gotten better...

Dude u missed my point. I didn't say Nokia was young in the market, nokia has been with is for ages but they weren't manufacturing touch sensitive smartphone then, they were into those hard labor phones like the 3310, 3260, 3320 etc, these phones were just for messages and calls, they weren't smartphones. Nokia just started with touch sensitive smartphones with the Meego OS I guess which is just recent. You can check my facts on wikipedia if u doubt me. On the other hand, HTCs first phone was a touch sensitive phone and has been in it till now so I always say they know what they are doing way better than Nokia....Nokia is just a new kid on the block, it needs more time. Finally you can't say this is just a faulty lumia, coz that's his 3rd replacement..if the problem was with one phone, the 2nd replacement wouldn't have had the same problem. The fault is from a lot of lumias probably a whole batch which I'm saying it's as a result of nokia being new in touch sensitive smartphones (im no saying phones in general...but touch sensitive smartphones)

HTC did come out with a touchscreen phone in 2002, but Nokia did release a touchscreen phone in 2004. So really, Nokia is not a newcomer to touch screen technology. Is two years really that large of a lead? Is 8 years not enough to be considered a veteran in touchscreen tech?
In any case, who did what first is a moot point. Does HTC have a screen that can be used with gloves on? I don't think so, not without special gloves. Does HTC have a screen that you can use your keys as a stylus? It's possible, but I don't think so.
Clearly, Nokia knows how to do touchscreens better than HTC, otherwise, why wouldn't they have included the feature as well? I don't think it's just a novelty.
Nokia is hardly the new kid on the block. Hardware is hardware, and Nokia knows hardware, end of story. The only thing that makes a smartphone a 'smartphone' is the OS.

Seem you need a facts check. Nokia started touch screens with Symbian not meego. Check out the Nokia 5800 that came out in 2008. 
And note they developed touch handsets back in 2003 with the never released Nokia 7700. 
The point here is that Nokia have had some manufacturing issues not inexperience. 

Seems like you need a facts check sir, the whoel Nokia N series was smartphone, i had the n8 before my 920 and even though it was symbian, touch screen worked great. In fact i've still been using my n8 as a music player, unfortunately WP8 blows as a music player... can't resume like other music players out there after pausing, not to mention the damn reboots.... But that's more of a software compatibility problem as i see it, microsoft should address those problems imediately as they are providing the damn thing (imho)

Read my reply to ejlee072006 above your comment and you'll understand. I just don't comment here anyhow.

I'm with Kenzibit. I have a HTC that is 7 years old now and it's still working smoothly. All my phones are from HTC, Diamond, Touch Pro, HD2, HD7, Titan, One X, Titan II and now with the 8x.
Of course I distributed those phones to my family members hahahaha

Are you serious!!!!
Nokia is young in the smart phones industry and... it'll take time before they master the touch sensitive.  Wake up buddy, Nokia's build quality and engineering is far superior AND HTC have a wide range of smartphones that almost look identical.  They have used the same design for at least 5 years and their support for Windows Phone almost died two years ago.  If it weren't for Nokia and their quality smartphones, then we would have to rely on HTC who almost abondoned WP.
The 8X is a good phone but definitely NOT the best out there

My last phone was the HTC Incredible on Verizon...I had major memory issues for two years that they could never resolve. I much prefer my Lumia 920...near flawless performance so far. I would not go back to HTC.

Nah, I bought HTC for my last two phones (Titan, Titan II) and I won't buy them again. Their product support is a sad, pathetic joke--the Titans are STILL waiting for the Tango update. Same is true for Samsung. Nice phones, awful support.
I'm very happy with my 920, and I won't be switching to HTC again any time soon.

I've seen a big screen (looked like 4") which seemed too big for the time touch screen phone from Nokia in 2006-07. I don't know the model, but the thing looked huge and had screaming sound.

You can un-brick it yourself. Go to xda-windows.com I had the same issue. I even called att for replacement, but then went ahead and flashed it.

I believe you just need to hold down the Volume down, Power Button and Camera simultaneously and it will restart

I used the instructions given by wpcentral in one of their articles on how to fix bricked Lumia 920. There are two downloads. One was navifirm and the other was Nokia suite. All you need is Nokia suite and just follow the instructions. Nokia suite will do everything. Just plug your bricked phone in PC. Everything worked flawless after flashed my phone. Got all updates. By the way I bought mine off WalMart. No way I'm gonna be shipping it back and waiting another 2-3 weeks.

Unplug your phone, do a hard reset (vol down, power, camera at the same time), hold down the volume down key for 5 seconds, then plug in the charger. An exclamation point will show on the screen, then press vol up, vol down, power, vol down. Then leave the phone plugged in for 20 minutes or so. This should bring your phone back to life. It is what worked for me to thanks to nokia chat support. You will lose your settings but it is worth it. Good luck!

That's how MS will get Windows Phone 8 in to enterprises.  At the least, we need a new Good Messaging client to allow the use of email in a BYOD scenario.

While this is off topic, doesn't Good Messaging support proxy sync?  Meaning, what good (no pun intended) would a VPN connection be for remote devices just to get to sync services?

MSFT has used windows phones in the enterprise for years. I would venture to say that over 90% use Exchange. Implement UAG and you're done...request fixed

Not all enterprises are built the same. Some need VPN it is what it is not everybody can afford Sharepoint.
Bad news is WP doesn't have VPN support :(
Good news is WP should have it soon :)
Do you guys really think MS is going to allow RIM to gain enterprise marketshare with BB10? Probably not so expect a business like update in February which should hopefully include VPN! native Skype and Lync messaging and contact import.
I'm just guessing here but it makes sense.

UAG can publish other apps besides SharePoint and you can use it to publish internal resources. I don't understand all this hubub about VPN support when all the issue is how your network is set up. If you can't use your WP8 the way your infrastructure is set up, then fire your architect!

Indeed - what is BB server other than a proxy from your resources to another network so your users don't have to VPN in.  Publishing resources via UAG is allowing the same sort of data access without having to send your data through a 3rd party, nor be tied to a particular type of device.

Yup, because everyone has a choice in the matter. My company has over 100,000 employees and uses VPN. It is completely irrelevant to me whether someone feels that there is a better solution. It's irrelevant if there is a better solution. I have to use VPN, and until Windows Phone 8 supports it I cannot move my team over. 

So, what you want is for WP8 to support YOUR VPN solution. Because it already supports it if you use UAG.

I don't think he wants MS to support HIS vpn implementation, instead he wants the doors opened for the various offerings and options.  UAG, VPN, or third party... most doors are closed to an enterprise at the moment.

I can understand that.  As a consultant, the best solution is one that gets that job done according to business requirements.  If an enterprise approached me with "We want to use WP8 but we need a VPN solution", my answer would be:  UAG. Period.  You can use Android, iPhone, WebOS, et al.  If the requirements were such that they had to use a NON-MS solution, then OK...UAG won't work for you--and you can't use WP8.  Now you've got a decision to make--which pill will you swallow? 

Because all our iOS and Android friends can remote in to their workstations via the corporate VPN, while we look like boobs for choosing a phone that can't perform this basic business function.

If you have a WP8, you're not a boob...but you are if you can't figure out how to implement a VPN solution that allows WP8 access to internal resources....yes, Virginia WP8 DOES support VPN technology.

I've answered that multiple times in this thread.  Pass 443 to a UAG server.  Publish your apps via UAG.  Done.  Fixed.

I login to my Corp Network over Juniper VPN fronted by F5s, so VPN is doable without a UAG server.

Stop being such a dbag if you really are a consultant and you speak to you customers in that way you must not be very successful. If you are an "enterprise consultant" it must be for some small to mid range companies most large enterprises do not contract that stuff out it is handled by their internal support organizations. These larger companies the one I'm sure alot of the folks asking for vpn support work for can not just change their infrastructure on a whim it takes pilots and testing. To tell some one they should implement uag or fire their architect is just plainly stupid. I love WP had one since launch but its still small and a rather large task to convince your corporate IT to change the way they do business just for you. That is why native vpn should have been checked off the list of included standards. Another comment was correct in supposing this is a good time for MS to take back mobile in enterprise but they have to do it with standards and upgrades to existing services. BB is so awesome for ent. Because of the server you buy and put behind your network to run everything securely. I know your going to say well then implement uag but that's just not the way to get in and dominate. Add in all the needed bits so that this device is a simple no brainer android and ios have to many hoops to jump through to give the same security BES does. MS is the only one with the infrastructure in place in most business to fill that need today. They just need to finish off the mobile product to work with what everyone already has vpn is just the start and a small piece of the larger picture.

Dbags are the people who resort to name calling.  Check yourself.  Been doing Inf Consulting a long time and I know of what I speak.  If an enterprise requires WP8 and requires vpn, theres a solution. period. 

If anyone knows why North America's Nokia customers get the update today, but the rest of the world is supposed to wait until next February, then please post it or make an article for the site. I'm sure this is of interest to hundreds of thousands of customers.

If we knew the exact reasons, we certainly would pass it on. Our only guess is that Nokia and Microsoft prioritized AT&T/Rogers (they're the same hardware, RM-820) versus the international version which is technically a different device (RM-821, I believe).

But let's be honest: what ever answer/reason we give, it won't making anyone happy, will it?

It has just shown up on navifirm for a couple of RM821 variants including north Africa and orange branded devices. Hopefully the rest arrive shortly.

Because the US has the most vocal sites and bloggers who do nothing but bash and hate on WP at any opportunity they get. Microsoft and Nokia need to shut those @-holes up first.

Don't want to complain yet until I'm sure and maybe it will get better after I am outside but my auto brightness is squirrely. Dimming constantly with out me moving or the light changing. Doing it right now as I am typing :(

I suggest turning the "auto" feature off and just set it to "bright". That's if you haven't tried that already........works for me. :)

Well, putting it up to a light bulb and rebooting it a couple times seemed to help. Still a little squirrely though :( The autobrightness worked perfect before and I would like to keep it that way as manual bright is way too bright and of course a battery hog. I tried enabling disabling the new features but I guess I will just hope it evens out and works as before.

I think I figured it out. Jumped the gun as It seems to be working now that I took it into a dark room. Think it needed to calibrate between dim and bright conditions. Than God cuz it was irritating me to no end HaHa,....

Can you do me a favor and check to see if you are able to turn your camera flash off? Mine will not disable after the update.

Amazing I updated today and just started to notice it on this article and comments! Its driving me a little crazy. Going to try your "calibration" fix.

And no juice for European Lumia owners. Add that to the list.
iPhone in 2008 had a better software update experience than WP8 in 2012. That's sad.

I just found a few updates on Navifirm for the Belgian provider Proximus and some others, i think the Feb 2013 statement was wrong or meant something else like a second update.

WP8 has been out less than 2 months and you're crying fail already? The tech world is really full of a bunch of "me first" babies.

I'm crying because I have frequent reboots with my freaking Lumia 920. This update supposedly fixes that, and it appears to be ready enough to be rolled to North American customers.
Also, why would anyone be "the first" during updates? Just update all at once, like some companies manage to do.

Did you read the post i was commenting on at all?
I don't care that my lumia doesn't have SD support would be nice but i don't need it

Different carriers use different technologies and features. They validate the updates before they're pushed out. So if AT&T is being really good about it, they'll push it out sooner. Not much point in holding back an update because someone else is still working through their process.
Also, there's typically a base version which tends to be the US version. After that, they're localized for various markets. So the US one needs to be done before the localization work can be done.

It's a LOT easier to update your device when it's the only one on the OS. WP updates have to cover the 8X, 8X, 810, 820, 822, 920 and ATIV S, right?
Guess what? Waiting a while longer to get an update beats having to pay $30 for a cahrger adapter and having a low-resolution display and no NFC in 2012.

My WiFi still disconnects when I turn my screen off. And sometimes doesn't reconnect unless I go into WiFi settings

I have this issue also, although I only need to go into WiFi once after booting up, then it's fine until I shut down again. I'm running the "old" software on an international unlocked 920.

That's not surprising as the change log actually says nothing about persistent WiFi with the screen off - it only talks about prioritizing connections automatically....

This update took a LOOONG time. But it appears as if my screen resolution is MUCH better...is it just me?

Pixel density changed on mine. it's now a staggering 900ppi. Couldn't believe a software update can truly transform your hardware. it's like magik ... :D

Yes they did. Update put my brightness to high after I had set it to low for battery reasons. No big deal tho, just changed it back

Them being Verizon theyre probably delaying it as long as possible. It's one part testing, one part conspiracy. I hope Microsoft will actually have enough control to do what they wan. It just might be the tipping point for me to comit to WP8 with them.

Anybody know if the firmware update fixes the audio crackling on message/alert tones on ATT 920? Haven't seen anyone mention it yet.

I do believe to see an overall improvement in speed, but that is completely subjective. The coolest feature for me in this upgrade is the call reject with text. I am in conference calls all day and this feature just makes my life easier. A must have is the camera update, but I didn't test that yet

I tested the camera, and I have to say I'm impressed by the improvements. There's definitely a noticeable difference from before the update.

Nope, not subjective there. I too have seen that when going into the Email client, where the transition affect would stutter half way through. It's all but completely gone, and is extremely hard to notice.

OK, so an app that you don't have pinned to start pops a toast and you miss it.  You'll find it where?

That's the problem here when u say "that's how WP works". If it works for u hey then good for you. How about for the MANY people need this feature? Regardless of what they say or their reasoning, we like the notification center PERIOD.

You want WP to be an iPhone. It's not. If you want iPhone shit, get an iPhone instead of complaining that WP isn't stealing enough iPhone features and risking litagation. Notification center is someone else's intellectual property. You can't just copy it.

Ok sure I'll switch to iPhone oh maybe an android. Thanks for making me change my mind. Oh by the way tell the 30k+ in WP users + 1 (me) who wants this feature to buy another phone. Goodbye wp8 and good luck! Thanks banstyle!

Same completely lame non-answer.  
What if you don't even know what app made the toast?
What if you don't want a start screen a mile long just in case a notification will occur from some app you hardly use?
What if (like quite a few apps) the Live Tile does not show a counter for every type of toast?  It can only show one counter, right?
Some people are just too stupid to understand that just because they don't see something as an issue, doesn't mean it's not an issue.  How is the platform to receive improvements if people don't request features that they would like to have? (yes, I realize I'm unloading on you but I am so tired of the "YOU DON'T NEED A NOTIFICATION CENTER YOU HAVE LIVE TILES deeeerrrrrp" crowd that feels the need to respond to every request for them while never answering any of these legitimate questions)

That reasoning is the same as "live with it" and not considering what MANY people want. Just tell me straight to switch to another phone like ios or android and then I say OK. Functionality and listening to consumers are the key to success.

I think from the feedback that they're getting they are at least considering it (they mentioned not having one was a time/release issue for WP8, not a technical reason). I'd guess one will be forthcoming at some point as it's one of the few things people are vocal about just about everywhere that the platform is lacking. I have no inside knowledge of course, but one can read the wording in the way answers have been given about it that would seem to indicate they're either already working on it or are planning to.

They just say that to pacify people. I doubt it will ever be on the phone, because they'd probably have to license it from someone, somewhere. Then all the apps would have to be rebuilt to work with it. It's a mess, there's no way it will happen, and I'm okay with that.

Why not complain that WP phones don't have curved corners like iPhone's do? Guess what, that's a goddamn iPhone patent. That's why. You can't just copy features from another platform and expect to get away with it in this world. Microsoft is being innovative and we should welcome it. Feel free to complain about the lack of legitimate features but you're essentially saying "It doens't look enough like iPhone"

lol I get notifications just FINE because I'm pinning tiles, as WP is meant to be used, and I'm happy they aren't shoving in features to make it more like iPhone. If Notification Center was a necessary feature, I'd be pissed that it's not in the phone.
Pinned tiles are essentially tiny notification centers. Why can't you all get that?

I dont own an android but If that help us to view all notifications easier, why not? Isn't that WP is all about, Integration without opening another app? I agree with poddie 100%

I thought they said that they just run out of time to include it in wp8? That to me sounds like it will come

I am facing a problem after the update on my lumia 920. With the WIFI alive setting enabled, after the phone goes to the power save mode in low battery, it disables the WIFI,.Please fix  that

I'm pretty sure that is by design (Daniel may know better than me).  Turn off battery saver if you want to continue to use WiFi. Or charge your phone.

Seems to me you'd want the WiFi to turn of in battery save mode.  You know, because you're trying to save battery.

I agree 100% in battery save mode WIFI on would drain you even faster! It really wouldn't make any sense to allow this after all it is a phone first! Think about if you had a real emergency and you're phones last bit of juice was left to check out "Honey Boo Boo Childs Web Blog!" :p

Lol...there are some really dumb people with smartphones on this post. Its actually entertaining. We'll make sure to tell MS to fix the "WiFi issue" your having while on battery saver mode. ..Lol...idiot.

This is a pretty ignorant response. If you have nothing constructive to say why not just keep your insults to yourself. You don't belong here.

Agreed, id also like the facility to report this type of language. Wit the fast rise of wp Central, this problem of bad language and manners is quickly accelerating

This makes sense because battery saver mode blocks background downloading of emails, etc. There's absolutely no reason to leave the wifi connected if you're not going to use it. I can see how people might worry their data plans are being used up when in battery saver. But they shouldn't be :)

Good info.  When my update finished it said to go to windowsphone.com to check out the changes, but it wasn't intuitive where exactly to go so I just went to wikipedia and trusted what someone put there for the latest OS version.

I never realized until looking through all the settings just now that you could change the default search in IE to be Google.  I guess that's a WP8 feature, but thinking back on all the "Windows Phone can't survive without Google" grumblings of the past week, I'm surprised it never got brought up that at least search is one click away by opening IE.

Is anyone having issues turning their camera flash off? Mine will not turn off after this update. L920 at&t.

That's the focus lamp if you want to turn it completely off turn off focus assistant in the camera settings app and also turn off flash on the main camera screen

Yea, its perfectly understandable to miss it as its a great but unexpected feature to have on a phone.

Someone here notice when u unplugged ur headphone while playing ur music you'll hear a bit of sound in the speaker? It doest stop right away.

Yeah I've noticed that. The latest that started yesterday is the volume is extremely low with the headphones no matter how much you turn it up. In fact it wouldn't go past 20 for the volume and appeared to be stuck. I had to power off and power on to fix it. It also happened this morning so I have two instances where this has happening

I get them once in a while. I can't figure out why it works sometimes and other times I don't get them until I login on the computer.

I dont think this is an all out Windows Phone 8 update, just Nokia for now. I have seen or heard nothing for HTC Verizon and ATT users in the US

Seems to be a firmware issue cause neither ATT or T-Mobile released it foe there 8X so I am assuming HTC found a bug with carriers firmware updates be patient pretty sure it well come pretty quick plus T mobile postponed there update which was suppose to be today

Remember back in 2011 when NoDo was technically "done" in Dec/Jan yet we had to wait until April for it? Seems MS is finally doing better with WP8 & OTA updates.
Still sad that once again WP7 is getting shafted with 7.8 not coming until "early" next year.

I remember me not being patient going to XDA-Developers site doing a force update in February... I cannot remember off hand what that fixed or added...

It's not on my 920 either. Based on the screenshot linked from the list, I suspect it's a DataSense-related feature. Boo. I sure hope we get DataSense eventually - surely it can't be a permanent Verizon exclusive.

Why does the update take close30min to update when its seems like small changes? Also I don't understand the adding several SMS contacts at the same time. I've been sending groups texts since launch. Maybe I read the change log wrong

Start a new text, tap the plus on the right side to add names, tap the 'select' button at the bottom - you can now multi-select people to add many all at once.  Way easier than typing parts of names or using the plus to select one at a time.

I think it to so long was because it had to update and store phone info at the same time then add you're info back much like restoring a new database with old data but just guessing...

Reject call with text did not work when i was listening to music ie when earphones were connected...anyone saw this too??

My display+touch does not show all the options...only shows two after portico update.....even after the display+touch update
Anybody having the same problem

I still dont like the Brightness settings. MS needs to allow us to adjust this more. Low is not low enough. Give us the ability to go lower because sometimes we just dont need it that bright, especially given that some of us have bad battery life to begin with.
I also dont see an option for IE pictures or selecting only certain sites to delete from browsing history

Has anybody tested out the Bluetooth fixes yet with the Lumia 920?  Before this update Bluetooth was a disaster for me when I tried to play music through my car (new Chrysler with UConnect).  I'm hoping this update has fixed all the issues because Bluetooth music playback in my car is one of the most important things I use my phone for!  Before the phone would freeze up and would have tons of issues getting the music to actually play

Same here.  My 920 would initially pair with my 2007 BMW, but would then disconnect.  After Portico, the phone paired perfectly, stayed paired, and I was able to use it just like my old Focus S with 7.5.

Mine works too, 920 on Jeep Wrangler Uconnect radio. Works just like all my other phones. I did notice a stutter or 2 but it pairs evertime now automatically, im very satisfied.

I had connectivity issues on occasion with my 2012 Passat, connect twice since update seems to be working better, no having to turn off/on Bluetooth or whatnot.

They need Microsoft maps, make Facebook app better cause everyone complains about some news feed crap, that would help sell phones through recommendations....oh videos on Xbox for windows 8, of google keeps this up, make Bing video website with no ads for 5yrs

They need Microsoft maps, make Facebook app better cause everyone complains about some news feed crap, that would help sell phones through recommendations....oh videos on Xbox for windows 8, oh and if google keeps this up, make Bing video website with no ads for 5yrs