Metrotube fix is now live in the Windows Phone Store

Metrotube for WP8

Metrotube was recently pulled due to YouTube alterations that broke playback. The developer has got in touch with us to reveal that an update containing a fix has been submitted and should be live in the Store within the next 24 hours (it is currently live for those in the US). The app update has passed certification, meaning consumers will be seeing the release shortly.

Metrotube for Windows Phone 7 is also updated to include video preloading for offline playback, which is already sported on Windows Phone 8. This will bring the legacy version up-to-date with the app on the latest version of Windows Phone. YouTube has continuously broken connectivity of Windows Phone third-party apps that offer consumers a way to watch videos online.

It's good to see an update so quickly released. You can download Metrotube from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (£0.79).

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Metrotube fix is now live in the Windows Phone Store


And it was a ~3 day turnaround from submission to approval!

I'd like to see Microsoft expand on this and create a proper fast-track approval method for fixes.

I just wish it didn't take longer than that for the store to notify us of the updates.  Thankfully we have this site.

Updated! No need for a Google app when Metrotube is so damn superior to anything those hacks in Mountainview could create.

I have the same problem. It shows the video formats to preload, however neither are available. Would love to preload a bunch of my faves.

I have the same problem. It shows the video formats to preload, however neither are available. Would love to preload a bunch of my faves.

Works fine for me, just downloaded the 720p version of the Victoria's Secret models singing carols as a test :)

Google needs to stop stupid game they are playing rendering app unsusable. I am not going to buy an android phone just for YouTube. So google may as well stop that stupidity and act the "done be evil" crap they seems to follow.

Well google does it like every other month. Obviously just to fuck with third party devs. Fuck em.
I just hope the Lazyworm guys keep supporting their awesome app in the future. 

No, it does not. You have no idea where you'll end up if you hold it down, and if you tap it you'll take an eternity to get through a longer video. Enjoy the crappier experience.

To each their own. I have HTC YouTube, LazyTube, SuperTube and MetroTube all installed and I still prefer to use the website on my phone. For the 1 in 1000 videos where I actually need to use precision scrubbing I'll switch to an app or use my desktop. Otherwise skipping forwards works great.

Some videos (a high number of them) don't run in browser version.
With MetroTube most of them run.
ANd for 3g poor connection for us from Brazil, Metrotube is perfect.

if you can not find it in the store, go to the App and go to about and you'll see a button you can click and it will take you right to the Metrotube page in the app store.

There needs to be a voting system in market place comments, so intelligent people can effectively remove the bad ratings given by "special" folk.

Here's a question for the Pocket Now staff that maybe you can answer.
When Google changed it's API why weren't Windows 8 and Windows RT YouTube apps not affected? I would assume they would treat Windows RT/8 the same shabby way they treat Windows Phone 7.5/8

WP can't continue to keep going like this. There is no alternative to YouTube and for being popular as it is, WP needs it. But the monopoly Google have over is just outrages and I just cannot believe regulators allowed google this purchase. Something needs to be done about it!

When will 3rd party apps be more integrated into WP8? For example sharing a video link from MetroTube through Whatsapp. One of the things I miss about Android...but I digress. MetroTube FTW!

Metrotube is still not available in the Windows Store in my country but the app I have had in my phone works just fine. Don't watch youtube that much so I have no idea how well or badly it worked previous to the fix.

I just want to say that the developer of this app is like Greek God in my book this update came so fast I wish I had a G+ app that looked this good I've been thinking of deleting my page