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Nokia updates Accessories Settings, adds new lockscreen design

The Nokia Accessories Setting lets you associate apps with certain Nokia Windows Phone accessories such as Nokia's wireless charging stand. Well... Nokia has updated the Accessories Setting and while there's no change log, based on the conversation going on in the Windows Phone Central Forums, it looks as though a new lockscreen design has been added to the mix.

The new version 1.0.3 has a new lockscreen that will appear when docked to the wireless stand that displays the calendar and weather. According to Forums Member warrentaye the screensaver displays the time, weather and calendar information with the layout shifting occasionally.

Most updates of this nature rarely come with a change log so if you see anything else that is new with the Nokia Accessories Setting, feel free to share in the comments or over in this Forums discussion.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


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Nokia updates Accessories Settings, adds new lockscreen design


I'm all for minimalism, but I hope it still displays your background image when plugged in the stand.  That black background makes it look really bare.

I see where you're coming from but I actually prefer the plain black, only because I will use this next to my bed in my wireless charging stand... And using a background would just make the display brighter and I would not be able to sleep with that much light in the room. Hopefully this isn't too bright either (I'm a pitch black sleeper)

As i understood this ins't lockscreen, but function you get when you put your phone on Nokia stand. You don't want pic burning your screen on night, especially on AMOLED screens where black screens don't use energy on AMOLED screens
That's why the elements are also moving on he screen. This is actully something Nokia has had on symbian for 6 years.

Go ahead and leave the same screen showing for a day or two on your phone and tell me there's no issue.

LCDs suffer from image persistence, which is supposedly temporary but never went away on my previous LCD HTC.

dude, Nokia makes other phones too. The 820/822 which both have optional wireless charging covers have AMOLED displays.

Uh, the Lumia 820 is AMOLED. The black is great for that, not just for saving energy, but because the blacks are truly that, black. This wouldn't be anymore annoying than a bedside digital clock.

Microsoft really needs to implement a "check for updates"-button. It is so annoying to wait till the phone finally shows the updates on its own

There is one. Just go to the update section in your settings.
As for apps (like this because it's coming from the WP marketplace) it's usually pretty fast, but you can search for an app and update manually from the marketplace if you know there's an update for it.
Not sure if this update for "accessories" is searchable though :/
So I guess you're right lol

If your in a locale that has the update pushed out already, enter the marketplace, do one search, keep hitting back till you get the start screen.  Then enter the marketplace again.  If you didn't see the update at the bottom, restart the phone.  Been doing this since the 7008 WP7 days.  You have to do it this way because the app isn't listed in the marketplace.   The alternate way of just going to the app listing will have an update button next to share if the update is ready for you. 

But if they did that then you wouldn't have the pleasure of using the Windows Phone Central app to directly retrieve updates would you? :D

That's true and I'm really greatful for this feature in your app but there is no link for those Nokia settings updates(most of the time anyway):(
Maybe it's just me but this button can't be that difficult to pull off and it is such a obvious thing to do. It existed on every phone with an application store I ever had

Great! This is one of the most loved features from Symbian. Too bad it can't just always display the tin on the lock screen, but that us probably because the Lumia 920 doesn't use amoled

Doesn't dipslay weather on my Phone. Does it require the Nokia Weather app to be installed or something?
Anyway, you can change the brightness of the screensaver by swiping your finger up and down - that's cool.

Are there any non-920 Nokias that have the Accessories option in the settings menu? I have an 822 and don't have Accessories. I've been working with Nokia support to solve it, but no solution yet. Anyone?

And do you have an accessory? I think this got installed on my 820 after I paired it with the charging stand.

The calendar display only shows events from my account, not my Exchange account. I keep my work and personal calendars separate, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It should show the next calendar event, not just the next calendar event from my calendar. Love the idea, Nokia, but -1 for execution.

Considering this is the first implementation and the way Nokia does things I would say there should be another update shortly with most of the feedback.  Seems like they have not even mentioned it on twitter usually they are pretty good at announcing this kind of stuff.
By the way is there anyway we can force this udpate??

I checked for updates as well and none were available. When I click on accessories it says there are no Nokia supported accessories associated with my phone even though I charge it every night on the wireless charger. So I put it on the charger and checked the accessories again and still said the same thing. Not sure how to make my 920 recognize the charging pad under accessories. Charging pad is the DT-900 from Nokia

Well I have the stand, NFC is on, and it's still not working for me even though I updated Accessories last night. Something is wrong. 

Yes of course, that's the first thing I did. Then while the phone is on the charging stand I navigate to Settings > Accessories and nothing even shows up in the list. 

I hope people pay attention to the link posted because it worked! Thanks so much for posting it. I have a 822 as well and for whatever reason, it's clear that Nokia or Verizon forgot to add in this accessories setting. Searching on the app store turns nothing up either on a computer or on your phone. I clicked on this link on my phone, was able to see it was a Nokia app and download it to my phone. First it looks like any other app download, but then it disappears from the app list after downloading and you will see it in your setting menu.

I hope this has the ability to set alarms. I use my phone as a bedside alarm clock and have an app for it currently. An alarm feature would be nice.

Oh how I wish that, at some point, Nokia will be able to implement the 'Always On' feature on their Lumia devices, or even the Nokia Sleeping Sreen.  Such a bonus having that on my N8.  I'm still adjusting to not being able to see, at a glance, the current time, date, and any notifications on my lockscreen for the Lumia 900 - sadly, I have to press the lock/power button on my Lumia in order to get this information :(
Oh well...still love my Lumia :)

I think that is OS functionaality. But never the less, you should send email to nokia or Elop. That will be a huge differentiator and i think nokia can change OS.

Apparently it's just not working for some people. I have NFC set to on and the phone on the charging stand and it's not even showing up under Accessories.

Hmmm... looks pretty ugly. Would rather just have the usual lock screen. Hate the way the time is displayed. Yuck.

I hope they implement a "night mode", red colored lettering for better night viewing. White lights up the bedroom even when dimmed.

It would be great if Nokia/MS can give another option to turn this into an exhibition mode screen, like the one on Palms.

I know its not relevent but does anyone have the link to Network + as i never got the update when it was released to the marketplace

Any advice? we have the Nokia 822 from Verizon. just recived the wireless charger stand DT-910 but does not seem to be charging, when i pair the nfc on the stand with the phone it says i need an app for this, then says there is no app at the store. Thanks for any help you can offer.

God damnit. I just bought two Nokia QI charging pads because I had no need for any NFC tag function in the bedroom. Then Nokia go ahead and release this days later!

Not even working for me. Got the update yesterday. I have a Lumia 920, NFC on, using it on a Nokia wireless charging stand. No dice. 

Did you go to Settings, then Accessories, then Charging Stand and set the NFC option while the 920 is on the stand? It's the very first option, "Weather & Calendar".

Yup, it doesn't even show up in Accessories. In fact, nothing does. I went there while the phone was on the charging stand and NFC on. 

The "accessories" link on my phone (920-BUILD) never worked. I assumed it wasn't fully functional. When I click on it, it stays in the "Loading" phase indefinately. A few times it will crash and force my phone to reboot. Nonetheless, it has NEVER loaded.

In my "extras + info" link, I show that I have version, but it still never loads. Do you have the same version?

This is Nokia Sleeping Screen For those who haven’t
used a S^3 device or an N9, when the
device is in standby mode (screen locked)
it goes to a low brightness mode
showing the time and date, plus some
minor details such as alarms or calendar

Not exactly...Nokia Sleeping Screen doesn't require NFC and/or's just an app, that can be used on the phone like a screen saver, without being tethered to a dock.
Hopefully, this app for WP is a test bed for the actual Sleeping Screen app or at least, the Always On functionality used in their Symbian devices.

For those of us with the regular wireless charging pad (not the upright 'stand' version), is there a way for us to use a blank NFC sticker and load it with a code that this app will detect, so we can achieve the same functionality?

There migth be. The app NFC interactor has the Nokia Accessories app in its list of preconfigured launcable apps. I my self have the DT 910 and I can choose the Clock + Weather (or whatever it is called) app from within the Nokia Accessories app. Meaning that I can program NFC tags to launch the same app as the stand. The question is whether or not the app will be available on a phone thats never been connected to the DT 910. You could download the free trial of NFC interactor and give it a try.