Nokia Russia video walks through coffee shop Wireless Charger manufacturing process

Nokia Russia has published a video on its YouTube channel that runs through the manufacturing and installation of wireless charging units in partnered coffee shops. The company has entered into a partnership with the Red Espresso chain of coffee shops in Moscow to offer wireless charging stations for customers to charge their smartphones and other devices.

Since Nokia makes us of the Qi standard when it comes to wireless charging, the stations that have been installed in coffee shops can be used for other compatible hardware. As well as Red Espresso, Nokia has also partnered with Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, and Virgin Atlantic who will also offer a similar service.

It's not just companies who are looking to use wireless charging for customers to make use of, but also consumers are getting into the DIY realm. Windows Phone Central reader Andre Schneider has managed to alter his coffee table to enable Wireless Charging by resting his compatible Windows Phone on top.

Source: YouTube; via: WMPU


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Nokia Russia video walks through coffee shop Wireless Charger manufacturing process


Will there be any indication present on these plates that they were made in partnership with Nokia? It would also be great to see these come to other major coffee chains. (Starbucks?)

Toyota will have it next year. They already announced it, guess u have to get a Toyota! Toyota- moving forward even when you don't want to. ^^

It will be great when you can wireless charge the phone while it's still on your person. I won't be laying my phone down in a public place for fear of theft, spills or my own forgetfullness.

Can other QI capable devices like Nexus 4 access to those wireless charging slate? It's built by/for Nokia, I surely want my Lumia phone to be exclusive for those accessories. 

Consider if the other big players, say Apple and Samsung, go with an other wireless power standard in their next devices - which is very much possible. And if apple says not Qi then it will be the other that will become the defacto standard. Now, in that case, will Nokia be able to add compatability using a firmware update?

It sounds reasonable that they should be able to do it, because essentially the big difference should be in the data communications layer. I mean the phone reacts when you put it on an inductive heating stove (allthough it doesn't charge due to lacking data-layer).

Yes, very chicken-egg here. If Starbucks were to put a Qi plate embedded within each table in every coffee shop right now, investors would scream that they are catering to a "niche" market and that is only (sadly) because the iPhone doesn't support it. At the same time, that action alone would make more people consider Nokia Windows Phones and sales would surge. See, the very marketing model of Starbucks is very "hey, look at me and my recognizable luxury brand" (See Mercedes, Lexus, Starbucks, Apple, etc). People would die to get a device that makes them look cool while there, but you'd need to put a blue light that changes to red when charging at every "charge station" so that others would notice that you were very "cooly" wirelessly charging your phone or tablet. So sad yet oh so true. Look at how people clamor over the bar-code payments on the phone at Starbucks now. Very "Look at Me!", but such is the world we live in and it's a powerful force that has always influenced what people buy.

However, once iPhone 6 comes out with the inevitable proprietary wireless charging and the NFC Apple told the iSheep that they didn't want or need, every coffee shop and any others shops that want to remain "cool" will have to offer wireless charging.

Such is the power of market share. When you have it, you affect the market rather than it affecting you. ;-)

The fact that Nokia isn't throwing the wireless charging capability our faces via a massive advertising campaign means that they are giving Apple the time they need to catch up, which is really, really, bad. Basic marketing 101, emphasize what distinguishes you from your competition and/or what you do better than they do. I fear that Nokia may be missing a key window here to gain market share vs. Apple. They should be GIVING wireless plates to every coffee shop and restaurant that wants them, with associated branded stickers and posters for windows that say "Nokia Wireless Charging Inside!". Simple yet powerful.

In Poland every new Nokia ad features wireless charging. And you can charge your phone wirelessly at the Empik Cafe chain. Well at least in Warsaw.

I don't want to be that guy, but didn't you guys already make an article when this video was first posted?