YouTube Access and Windows Phone: Microsoft throws down the gauntlet

This one has been brewing for a while and it seems that the rhetoric is now stepping up as Microsoft and Google prepare to do battle. The stage has been set and much of the coming drama will focus on Windows Phone.

Microsoft has today written publically about Google’s direct refusal to open up YouTube access so that Windows Phone users can easily use the service when mobile, something we first reported back in March 2011. The plot thickens when we learn that Microsoft has a high quality YouTube app ready to release. Don’t be evil, read on past the break to find out more.

In the lengthy post released today Dave Heiner wrote about Microsoft’s on-going concerns about Google’s misconduct on a number of issues. Here are some of the key points relating to how this is affecting Windows Phone.

“In 2010 and again more recently, Google blocked Microsoft’s new Windows Phones from operating properly with YouTube. Google has enabled its own Android phones to access YouTube so that users can search for video categories, find favourites, see ratings, and so forth in the rich user interfaces offered by those phones. It’s done the same thing for the iPhones offered by Apple, which doesn’t offer a competing search service.

Unfortunately, Google has refused to allow Microsoft’s new Windows Phones to access this YouTube metadata in the same way that Android phones and iPhones do. As a result, Microsoft’s YouTube “app” on Windows Phones is basically just a browser displaying YouTube’s mobile Web site, without the rich functionality offered on competing phones. Microsoft is ready to release a high quality YouTube app for Windows Phone. We just need permission to access YouTube in the way that other phones already do, permission Google has refused to provide.”  - Dave Heiner Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

“We just need permission to access YouTube in the way that other phones already do, permission Google has refused to provide.”

I recently wrote in length on the situation with a lack of Google Apps and services for Windows Phone. While I argued that many of the services are simply not needed there remain gaps where Microsoft does not offer a competing offering. One such example and source of much discussion was that of YouTube, the official app from Microsoft is not only weak it was recently rendered non-working by API changes.We do have capable replacements but they are all regularly broken by these changes and it’s disastrous for the many users who wish to access the service. 

YouTube Access and Windows Phone: Microsoft throws down the gauntlet

Google is a web company and so it is natural to think that its services should be easily accessible with the built in HTML 5 compliant Internet Explorer. Sadly we also see examples of requests for certain pages to be redirected back to the Google landing page. There is much to suggest that Google sees Windows Phone as a natural competitor to its market share in mobile due to the similarities in how the OS is delivered through independent manufacturers.

"Microsoft is ready to release a high quality YouTube app for Windows Phone.."

Even under the scrutiny of regulators in the US and the EU, Google continue to actively deny Microsoft fair access to their services on Windows Phone. The recent post from Microsoft shows that they are going to peruse these incidents openly. Microsoft are highlighting Windows Phone as a key area of open denial to services but also mention patent issues and complaints about Search.

“Despite government scrutiny, Google continues to block Microsoft from offering its customers proper access to YouTube. This is an important issue because consumers value YouTube access on their phone: YouTube apps on the Android and Apple platforms were two of the most downloaded mobile applications in 2012, according to recent news reports. Yet Google still refuses to allow Windows Phone users to have the same access to YouTube that Android and Apple customers enjoy. Microsoft has continued to engage with YouTube personnel over the past two years to remedy this problem for consumers. As you might expect, it appears that YouTube itself would like all customers – on Windows Phone as on any other device – to have a great YouTube experience. But just last month we learned from YouTube that senior executives at Google told them not to enable a first-class YouTube experience on Windows Phones.” - Dave Heiner Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

The odd thing here is that it sounds like Google execs are blocking YouTube from providing this service to Windows Phone users. YouTube have an app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and of course uses the Windows operating system as the main delivery method for all its services through its own Google Chrome browser and Internet Explorer. Why should the web advertising company feel so threatened by Windows Phone considering the currently small market share it possesses?

"But just last month we learned from YouTube that senior executives at Google told them not to enable a first-class YouTube experience on Windows Phones.."

One glaring answer for all this malice from Google could of course be their simmering rage that Microsoft is now allegedly making more money from Android than Google itself. Microsoft has been busy behind closed doors signing everyone using Android to pay royalties on each device sold. Some believe that Google should be charged with dumping their OS in the marketplace, making a product free that’s based on long held patents for which it has not paid. 

One thing is for certain, the battle between these two giants is only getting started. We would hope that some sensible agreement between the two companies can be reached before it comes to blows. As this tit for tat ramps up could we see Microsoft block Google from its operating systems? We have already seen Google drop consumer support for ActiveSync which will directly affect users and make it harder for those with Gmail accounts to use Windows Phone. As entertaining as it would be to see these two go head to head it will only hurt users in the long run.

We’d like to hear from you guys on what you think about this on-going drama and ideas for what can be done about it. Comments are now open, so sound off.

Source: Technet (Microsoft); via ZDNet Mary Jo Foley


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YouTube Access and Windows Phone: Microsoft throws down the gauntlet



This pales in comparison to what Microsoft has done in the past.  Seems their misdeeds have been catching up with them in recent years.  Karma?  Or is this the natural result of all the MS employees Google poached? :)
Too bad us consumers are caught in the middle of it all, as usual.

So 10 years of extremely restricted business practices, the inability to bundle their software with their hardware (including the 3rd party PC makers) and a humongous fine wasn't enough. These punishments are what allowed Apple and Google the opportunity to be the powerhouses they are. It is only fair those two companies should be subject to the same rules and punishment.

I don't get how google thinks this is a good idea. I guess I can see it for youtube, because people aren't going to leave that service, but everything else, microsoft has a good alternative to that more and more people are going to leave google for. I already think bing is starting to get better than google's search, their image search sure is. Bing maps just needs more places and buildings programmed in and I'm sure it would be better than google maps. I feel like Google should want to give WP users the best google experience possible otherwise you are just increasing microsoft marketshare

Sounds like Google has no confidence in their own mobile OS. Acting like possessive kids in a playground with only one ball to share. If I was Google, I would gladly let Microsoft have at it with their YouTube app. If I was Google, I would say, "Sure, go ahead. Let's see how you do against us, the market leader in mobile. Har har har." Not, "Wah wah. You can't have it." No confidence.

I believe it is Google's way of attacking Windows Phone because Microsoft is getting paid by nearly every Android handset maker due to patent infringements on Microsoft's intellectual property. Windows Mobile was a strong and robust mobile OS for a long time and Android was clearly built upon many of it's principles and patents.

I know it won't do us users any good.....but I think I'm up for an all out war!!!!
I only see this as stupid petty behaviour from Google and really it isn't right.....Hmmm, maye i'll block access to google for our whole company :P

What am I missing?  MetroTube app works beautifully.  It even has full video scrubbing... something MS doesn't seem to want to provide in their built in media player.  I doubt MS could build an app more spectacular then MetroTube. 

They work from week to week. This is the reason you see the great app pulled from the marketplace approx every month and the app stops working properly.

If MS blocks Google services, it will be Microsoft to loose. People will want to access YouTube and Gmail and other stuff Google offers before they care what OS they're using - MS or iOS.
It's quite understandable that Google doesn't want to make life easy for WP. What the hell, that's called market competition. No one can force Google to allow MS to access their stuff, just like no one can force MS to allow Google access to their OS's.
Yet, if they both get in each others throats, you know who will win? Apple.

I personally don't care about this war. I have a Windows Phone. and I'll switch to Android or iOS. But not because I can't get a proper YouTube App, or because Google is blocking MS and vice-versa. I'll switch because WP has many inadmissible deficiencies that no smartphone in 2013 should have, deficiencies that will not be fixed in any near future because of MS pure stuborness.

Sure, here's 3 of the most basic errors MS insists in keeping in WP:
- Capacity to personalize sms/email/alarm/etc tones. Any 10yo cellphone was able to do that. Not WP.
- The volume of the call ringtone is embed with the volume of the videos. On cellphones who brag themselves of being excelent for listening to music and making/watching videos, you HAVE to separate the ringtone volume from the rest of the apps volume.

- Lack of ability to organize your stuff. You can't create folders, you can't manage your files, you can't select a bunch of items at once (imagine you want to erase more than one photo from your phone. You can't. You have to delete them one by one)

(This one is arguably a "deficiency". I consider it so and here's why: If you base your phone in a colour tile system, you can't really "tell" people which colours they can or can't use. Specially if your emphasis is on how you can make your phone "your own". A colour wheel for the tiles is an obvious need if MS wants to go beyond false propaganda)

True. Though this time, that is not the case. WP deficiencies aren't advantages to anyone. See my answer to "vafo" above ;)

I don't know, those deficiencies sound more like pure personal preference to me. I went with WP because I needed something more straight and to the point after years of tinkering with Windows Mobile. That was when I was single. Since I got married and had a child I don't have time to organize folders on my phone, find the right hex value to produce the color I want, and decide whether I want my alert to be the Zelda item catch tone or Final Fantasy. I want my phone to do what I need it to without fuss and maybe eke out time for myself to play games. If I really want to customize technology that's what my desktop and my Surface are for.

Well, it so happens that such "pure personal preference" are common to the vast majority of people around the World. Unless Microsoft is aiming their phones to people who don't really care about phones, well, then they'll have a thought time surviving. Housewives and old people aren't enough to keep a company selling.
(It seems that's their path though. "Kid's Corner" just springs to mind. Who the hell allows children to play with a 700€ phone?)

If you have ever used Microsoft's Suggestion Box, you should have seen that those are basic major flaws that people complain about. Just because YOU don't need them, it doesn't mean the 99% of people left don't.

If Microsoft wants to keep their phones with these lack of capabilities, they can't really complain if people keep choosing Apple and Google over them. With all their flaws - and God knows there are many - Apple and Google provide people with what they want. The same can't be said about Microsoft who insists in telling people what they should want. 
And they can't complain if Google doesn't want to support WP in any way (either by not developing Apps or by refusing access to content)

Sorry but I'll have to disagree.  MS has entire marketing departments dedicated to finding out what the common man wants.  Technocrats, like yourself, do not speak for them and are clearly out of touch.  The average joe/jane does not give a flying flip about customizing their phone beyond maybe changing their background and setting custom ringtones for their friends.  I'm not saying what you ask for is wrong or bad but it is a specific want and no amount of you saying "we need this" will change that "we" into anything more than a royal one.  Telling me that MS has all these suggestìons in their box means nothing because the average person doesn't even realize MS has one.  It's only people like you and I who frequent sites like WPCentral that know about it or maybe some people hear of it when MS occasionally sends out a survey.  And sorry to burst your bubble but parents give their phones to their kids all the time.  A tired mom will happily hand her phone to her kid to have even a moment of peace and MS knows it.  Why do you think Angry Birds is so popular, it isn't just adults playing it.  If you want proof of that, go outside and look around.

This is amazing how things work one way and not another. Imagine what would happen if Microsoft blocked Google's overrated search engine from operating on any Windows OS. Google would go legal happy.

As a long term Android & gmail user this attitude by Google disgusts me. I have already made a hot mail account and forwarded all gmail to it. Next I will be switching all my gmail accounts to hotmail for my Lumia 920.

MS could kill off android very quick if they wanted too, but they are not the wankers that google are trying to be right now.
WP growth outpaced andriod growth 4 to 1 in 2012, google are very scared of WP. I always read how people think MS are this tightly closed system, it seems to me that MS are one of the more open companies out of the lot and google are get closed more and more each day.

The only service I use from Google is YouTube, but I can deal without. I hate pretty much all of their products from their phones and tablets to their services. And I really can't stand their search engine! Yuk!

The funniest thing is when you try to go to Gmail website on a WindowsPhone, it looks like a website from the early 90s. Google is evil, this is why Google spends so much on lobbying Congress; takes a lot of money to get away with this much bad behavior.

I believe this is the same David Heiner alumnus of TKE at Cornell.  One of the alumni in Ithaca mentioned to me he might still work there and this just confirms it.  Nice.

What is happening? Google, this is too bad. MS improvement is a problem to you. You are telling the world you don't match MS

Microsoft. Time to one up another company. Make everything google makes! You have the search engine, now promote bing video and add bing video servers and stuff. Crush Google!

Oh, you don't like EAS? Then I suppose you won't mind us (msft) removing support for it on android phones then, right?

How you like us now?...

I stopped using Scgoogle services a long time ago....
This corporation is nothing but greedy and self-centered!!

But what do you expect when they run scared due to MS developing a really good ecosystem!

But guys guys and gals!! Google says this OS isn't popular enough to have google products published on it... Bunch of bull$$$$

I'm planning on moving our family domain from Goggle Apps to Outlook.com before the end of the month. Out of all of us using this domain, only my wife has an Android phone, the rest of us have WP7, WP8 and Surface's. Google is going to lose our whole family because of this EAS denial, I'm sure we're not the only ones.

Plus MetroTube rocks for the odd occasion I need to use it

on the other hand, MS went behind googles back to get patent licensing from OEM's. I don't have the details on the patents involved, but if they were that strong, they could have just went to google and played nice, but MS has been scared of Google and pissed at them for taking web mail and web apps away from them.
Either way, not good for anyone.

Handset makers are targeted because a) they sell actual products with the software, thus making it a financial loss if the patent holder isn't paid licensing fees for technology being sold, and b) the ITC can be used as a tool to block sales and imports as the stick on which the carrot sits, which Google (until it's release/sale of it's own Nexus line) didn't do any of with Android.  Also, Android has no cost associated with it (per se), so suing Google for "sales" of Android really makes it hard to justify setting up licensing deals with them, rather than manufacturers.  Also, it may make the Windows Phone platform more attractive long term, but licensing patents is something any business in the murky waters of computing should expect to be doing.  The fact Google *didn't* license these and instead put the onus on handset manufacturers to figure out didn't help them any either.

Oh, right...they TOTALLY went behind Googles back to do that. They didn't even attempt to explain to anybody why they even had a problem with andr-Are you KIDDING ME?! >=/

I block YouTube on my router because my kids use it too much.  They like to watch minecraft videos all day, which sounds innocent until you listen to the foul mouthed commentary.  Until YouTube can adequately rate videos and provide parental controls, it's blocked from my house.  And that simply won't happen.  Once my kids are old enough to figure out how to get past the router - they can watch & listen to whatever they like.

Google must see windows phone as a very serious competitor to android to keep trying to stop access to it's services.

I think yours is a good point. 
The problem here is that Google is doing so because it believes Microsoft is still week in terms of competitive market share and power. Google want to use all the legal means they have to fight Microsoft before it becomes too strong to defeat. 

Its about time Microsoft dropped the hammer on this scummy ad agency. I hope Google get what's coming to them.

Missing Metrotube or Yiutube pro will definitely greatly influence the conaumer experience for Windows phone kamers, which shouldn't be taken lightly by Microsoft. I think its childish if the Google rumours are true about the seniors at Google. IT will be certainly bring the technical achievements to a feeling of a Digital stoneage society.

It is surpising that the US and EU regulators were so quick to take Microsoft to court over Internet Explorer integration in Windows, yet when Google openly employs anti-competitive practices nothing happens.
I would love to see Microsoft block all google services in Windows, that would be entertaining to watch. I have already switched my emails from gmail to hotmail/outlook, fuck google and everything that comes from them, they are privacy violating data mining peaces of dung.

"Nothing happens" - not quite.  The FTC and EU have been investigating Google.  Search for Google EU and you'll find plenty of articles about it.

Only great things I use from Google is YouTube and on occasion Google Maps...I am well aware the extreme datamining/malware techniques Google uses when you avail yourself of one of their services which is why I will never use Gmail...I'm pretty much embedded in the MSFT ecosystem of Hotmail/Outlook.com, Skydrive, XBox Music/Games, MS Office with my Windows 7 high-performance 18.4" laptop, Surface RT tablet and WP 7.5...MSFT offers a superior ecosystem.

You're so right and I do exactly the same. You must have quite a PC in that case. Mine isn't quite as elaborate, but it is Windows 8 with and SSD and i7, cant ask much more than that

Microsoft had dug their own hike here. They are charging ridiculous license fees for Android to discourage handset makers from using it and Google is getting back at them the only way they can. Perhaps Google is offering to "license" YouTube use on "fair terms" and MS needs to just suck up and pay it. You can't have it both ways!

if they were ridiculous oems would not have agreed to pay it. stealing IP is not ok and microsoft did things right by not blocking products.

I think MS should release a patch for all windows operating systems that limits chrome's abilities (see how google likes it when the shoe is on the other foot) but it basically appears that the growth of windows phone is making google a tad nervous...

Go ahead Microsoft turn off all of Google aps on windows, we can do without them for awhile it won't take long for them to bend

Some people here have said that MS should start their own video service. I guess nobody remembers Soapbox?
They HAD a video service for a while but I guess it was too much trouble to keep up and just let youtube take over that market. I doubt MS wants the headache of running another video service.

Google is definitely abusing it's power in this case.

The point of this of course, is to crush WP before it becomes a serious competitor, but I think it's too late. The buzz about the Lumia 920 is getting through and iPhone users where I work are talking about Apple losing their edge in comparison to Nokia.

Lets face it, youtube is googles last card to play, if MS really wanted to they could build a far superior service, but then google would probably run to their lawyers with their pet lips out, the be al and end all is that googles scared, youtube is the only thing they have left, MS, its time to flex ur muscles ;-)

This battle hurts the users. People can say oh this company sucks, and this company is better.

Bullshit! What ever platform it is, it is a preference choice of how content is being displayed. The apps is a helpful tool, much as web browser is.

I think both companies are being stupid and start working things out. This isn't a one on one thing, I'm ready to jump ship to a company that does look out for their customers and not ots personal gain.

Shame on Microsoft and Google for getting into a personal fight and not consider how this is effecting customers that use both products. It's childish behavior!

So you think MS should lay down and let google abuse their power? If the same limitations were present on apple and others then fair enough, but this is an attack on MS.

There is no need for that, have you ever had to make a compromise with some one?

Do you know that both companies could be winners by compromising?

Politics should not exist in open software, but that's google. They masquerade as this empowering, open company for the people, but at the end of the day they are an advertising company who only want to sell you stuff you don't want. At least Microsoft try to get you to buy their stuff and apple just expect you to.

I can kind of understand google's gripe with MS. How many of us use google search on our WP devices. Heck, how many of us using Windows 8 use Google for first search. I increasingly find that i only google where Bing fails. Yahoo is powered by Bing, Altavista is powered by Yahoo. If MS is attacking the jugular of Google (search), Google has no choice but to use all its pawns. I see a bloody battle in the future... And i would rather MS win - they have not abused my privacy in last 25 years as much as Google has done in the last 5. I hate Sneaky Snoopers... And Google shares the double O's with snooper.

its verry simple .
google is digging their own grave if the ygo one .
if google refuse ti give ms acces in the end ms wil use cash to make /promote their own thing and in teh end that is gonna win. purely through the fact that there wil be more devices around then any google devices if you count phones/tablets and especialy desktop/laptop pc's. cause if ms make their video service standard and integrated in windows 8 people will in a while forget youtube even existed..
if google just allow ms google wil there till the end of times ..
besides that if it comes to european and us courts google wil be forced to let ms have access . also happned with browser choice for windows .. the same wil happen to google

Being using 3rd party YT apps and its getting really old that they change something and now my app doesnt play anything without having to repeatedly press play to get it going it giving up completely until the devs patch the app.

I'm sure Google will make some nice native apps once WinPhone gets more market share. Given they're an advertising company, they will want more eyeballs on their ads. 

Well metrotube is great but they suffer same down times when google decides to change something and metrotube stops working til its updated.

how quickly do you think google will sell youtube? thats a nonsensical notion, just the amount of traffic on youtube is enough to keep it from selling it to anyone let alone microsoft.

Google would die if Microsoft made it where it wouldn't work on its OS's. I wish Microsoft had something to pull from them other than the OS support. I guess they could take all MS made apps out of the google play store, and ban google services from the OS. The chromebook would not save scroogle, and then google and rim become best buds once and for all.

Yes, Google has been evil ever since they started parsing through people's email. That is inexcusable and unacceptable. I don't watch YouTube much, so fuckem. If you want to stick it to Google, just cut your YouTube time in half and NEVER sign in. If everyone did this Google would feel a world of hurt.

thats something i never understood about android and google users in general. why would anyone ever blindly look away from a practice like that. instagram is now following such invasive practices and its not something that should just be accepted.

Also, NEVER click a Google ad anywhere. Never click their sponsored search results, either. This hurts Google while also saving money for the site you're going to.

Well I say F * google , I stopped using google services since August.
I use Bing , outlook , IE , sky drive .
Sadly I can't find a worthy YouTube competitor.
Google's main purpose is gaining money , look how they F * ed up YouTube with the Ad S***

Microsoft should start playing hard ball maybe? Pulling exchange and ability for office stuff to open on androids, etc. Microsoft has alot of pull.

All this does is suck for the end user who gets screwed.

For me it seems like Google is getting more and more afraid of WP8! And they should be! Apple - Samsung the other way?

So pathetic. It only means MORE FUCKING DOWNLOADS FOR THEM. Nothing bad could possibly come of it, they're being little pussy ass babies about this, unreal. Little girls with their tampons n shit. Get with the program its fucking 2013. They just look dumb and are hurting users of their own products. Now I WILL switch to Bing. Cocksuckers.

Exactly. FunkyCricket does not understand that situation at all... Ms has no case against Google for the patents because they don't "sell" Android.

I say CRIPPLE Google's Chrome Browser functionality on ALL MS products including search results. Do it NOW.  I think Apple should also cripple Google Chrome browser functionality as well.

   Screw google. Microsoft should just buy a competing service like Dailymotion and push them like they do Bing.

I think it would be a good come back to use the great percent of Windows PCs, phones and now tablets and block all Google Chrome, Google Search Engine and YouTube results from a search, since all have become what they are as a result of a Windows PC user.

Solution: Don't use Google Don't use Google services.  Go read Googled: The End of the World As We Know It. by Ken Auletta.  Yeah, they've got some great products, but damn are they arrogant.  Don't be evil, my ass.

Great article. Buh-bye google. What else should we expect from a company run by hipsters? I've cancelled all my google accounts.

Why can't companies make decisions based on consumer business? WE are the ones paying for the devices, applications, waiting around for simple shit like a good functioning YouTube app. Its not about the people anymore. Greed speaks loudly in the world of business.

I think the part about a senior Google Executive telling YouTube not to play fair with Windows Phone is an indirect threat from Microsoft... I think they have evidence of this, or they would not publicaly accuse them of doing so...

"I think they have evidence of this, or they would not publicaly accuse them of doing so..."


Looks like I'm gonna have to take you off my outllook account too gmail. No more syncing. F Google. 

goes around comes around in what regard? microsoft has done nothing but be vital to the growth of google in the first place.

If Google decided one day to block the Youtube app on Xbox 360, I cant even imagine what Apocalypse it would cause. This story is a big deal

LOOOL i been thinking that as well. apple has less hate from me than google does now. so +1 for that

Ok I've been a long time Microsoft PC user. Google came around and made searching easier. That I have to give it to them. Since switching from iphone 4 to lumia 920, Bing has been my new permanent search engine and I love it. That's what got google acting like a kid. Not willing to share. Hey Google sharing is caring. Haha. They know Bing is big competition. YouTube is awesome but if google keeps acting like the way they are. Then I'm just gonna stop using any of their services and I know there are a lot of users feeling the same way. Im never gonna give up my precious cyan Lumia for any of there generic crapware phones

Microsoft isn't one that likes to share either. Sure they like others to share with them but not usually the other way around. Let me know when Microsoft makes Halo, or any other Microsoft game available on a competing platform.

This is why I use BING. Id have an iPhone before I'd touch an Android device, for the simple reason, Google are the biggest assholes in the industry right now.

YouTube only Google service i still use. Its a shame it got bought out by Google and now its just adware, where i have to spend half the time removing the blasted adds on the video before i could view it.

I stay in India and am anxiously waiting for Lumia 920's launch since the day it was announced.
I'm not heavily dependent on youtube for my video content thankfully. But this whole thing sucks.
I created an outlook account days after the mail service was launched and I absolutely fell in love with the neat & clean & slick interface that falls in line with the win 8 design philosophy. And unlike Google, no pestering ads on the sides. The entire screen for your perusal. It just looks so neat. Currently loving MS' rendition of software.
Google can suck it. GMAIL on web browser anyways feels very cluttered unlike the old times when it gave users a clutter free interface.
All these companies are forgetting that it was their symbiotic relationship that brought such rapid advancements in the field of smartphones and has contributed to their growth in some way or the other. Nobody wants to be stuck up on any single particular company's ecosystem. Hope they come out with an amicable solution soon.
As for Google, your image has drastically gone down in the eyes of many a people. Your brand credibility will be hurt if MS decides to go with blazing guns all over the media. And instead of resorting to monopolistic means, try and improve your products so that people automatically adopt them, like MS did with Win 8 - complete overhaul of all their services. They did a commendable job and I respect them for that.

From today onwards, i'll switch over from google to bing search. That's the only google service i used heavily. This is my way of unsupporting google. And once I buy a 920, I will be accustomed to Bing Search.
I also am not a fan of chrome. I find IE10 and Mozilla to be way much better. Hoping firefox comes out with a WP8 version of the browser as well. The android browser is fantastic.
As of now, i'm gonna stick with outlook, skydrive, bing and other MS services. Hope MS continues with the same design philosophy in the time to come.

Simple truth is, Google is back firing MS....
This war was started by MS charging from Android device manufacturers.
End of the they we are suffering.

Run that by me again? MS is at fault because they demanded to get paid for the stuff they patented? How is it their fault that the android manufacturers all jumped on the free OS bandwagon and decided they didn't have to pay their dues like every other company on the planet has to do, especially in the tech business?

plus one to ladydias cuz she is awesome ;). i agree wholeheartedly ms is not at fault for getting paid for something they own. If people think that because google android oems now have to pay for something they should have been paying for, for a long time no less is wrong on ms' end then you'r sorely mistaken.

If Microsoft goes very public with this then they could give Google an ultimatum, either fix their problems, or get their products and services effected in the same way on Windows.
At that point when Chrome becomes flakey and their search product cookies are being auto disabled maybe they'd be reasonable, although no doubt it will then be the evil Microsoft at fault :P

Can Microsoft completely remove Google from its desktop OS? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8? If so, they should do it.

They would NEVER do such thing. Microsoft was hit hard by the US and the EU for antitrust practices. They won't walk that line again.

Why does Google not also trample Apple?
Heck, Apple tried to screw Google on the Maps thing, but Google embraced their return.
Apple is much more of a threat to Android than Microsoft is ... unless Google thinks they can kill WP before it gets real legs.  Once Google kills WP, they can turn their attention to dismembering Apple iOS.
Content is king, and I suspect Google thinks it holds all the cards against BOTH MS and Apple.
In other words, Google is winning the mobile OS war, and they are fighting from a position of strength.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday moving my contacts/email/calendar from google to outlook.com on my new Lumia 920. All my gmail emails are now automatically forwarded to my @outlook.com. Will still be using youtube on my MBP as there are no valid alternatives but MetroTube does the job on my Lumia.

Actually 3rd party Apps such as "MetroTube" , TubePro and others are more than enough and very satisfiying ,, and i think that most of the users here tend to agree ,, cause as a an Everyday Normal user of WP ; You kinda don't care wheather the App You're ussing is "Native" or not , as long as it provides You with a GreaT experiance ,,, so in that manner ; I believe that ( MetroTube ) in particular is a Fantastic app wihich delivers a satisfying "YouTube" experience overall .

Oddly enough, my actions in preparation for Gmail's EAS shutdown seem to have improved battery life. Gmail is now a pinned folder in my outlook.com inbox and every response from that folder comes from outlook. Bye Gmail...

I use to be an early fan of Google and its products but now I find I am disliking their ways. I will sign the petition to get Google's apps on WP but I for one will do my best to minimize my use of google. Goodbye Gmail and hello Outlook.

I use Chrome on all my PC's and my installed it for friends and family so I think I'll uninstall them all and the little survey thing afterward that asks you why I will use this attack on MS as my reasoning. If enough people do it then it could make an impact.

I have wp7, android, wife has iPhone.

I can use Google Drive on EITHER android or iPhone ... open a new doc or edit an old one ... since it is cloud-based, it is on all devices, including my Windows XP computer (with Drive installed).
I cannot use SkyDrive in the same way - not even WP-to-PC, because I have XP - SkyDrive software is for Vista or newer.
Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot. Google Drive is more backward compatible with MS PC O/S that Microsoft's own SkyDrive.
Microsoft should step up and COMPETE ... 

I urge everyone offended by Google's actions to uninstall Chrome Browser from their PC and in the "Describe Yourself" and "Why are you uninstalling Google Chrome" boxes insert the following:
Your childish and consumer unfriendly tactics in dealing with your competition. Especially the end of EAS support for GMail and lack of native apps for Windows 8/Windows Phone. I am deleting/discontinuing use of all of your services and software until this behavior changes. I started using Google products/services because of your open and cross-platform solutions, and will gladly do so when you return to those ideals.
Oh, and make sure you check the Internet Explorer box under "What browser will you be using"
Doubtfull it will accomplish anything, but just maybe, if Google gets enough feedback like this they will remember why people flocked to them in the first place.

My microsoft account is a gmail address.  Is there any easy way to change that without having to basically start over with my Windows Phone?  I already have gmail just forwarding everything to my outlook address but would love to eliminate it completely.
I'm stuck with Google Voice for now as there is no real alternative.  I use YouTube so little I didn't even notice that the "app" was a web page shortcut for months ;-).

I think that Windows is really making a comeback with it's operating system and now with their cell phones and Google is really noticing. Google is just been greedy.
Windows is making a comeback,also Blackberry is on it's way back, so Google is noticing.

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I was reading these comments and some people make it seem like YouTube is blocked on Windows Phone, well its not just type YouTube.com in IE and you can see its not blocked. Yes WP doesn't have an official YT app and I bet that sucks but you have to work with what you got. Microsoft is just being a cry baby. You can't have it all, I don't see Google crying because Apple won't make an iTunes app for Android and isnt iTunes the largest music store? (I might be wrong on that.) Sony isn't crying because Halo isn't available for the PS3. Oh but when Microsoft doesn't get what it wants they have to make a show out of it correct? The last time I checked I didn't see Office available on Android, should that be an antitrust investigation? Of course not! I like the way this user put it in his comment on The Verge:
"Does Samsung complain about not having YouTube on Bada or Tizen? There is no iTunes for Windows RT should Microsoft complain about that too? I can’t use BBM on my Nexus 4 should Google notify FTC?

Seriously you guys need to chill…"

Google is under no obligation to provide access to their private APIs, and neither is Microsoft for that matter. YouTube is freely accessible on IE10 or any other standards compliant mobile browser, so I don't see the problem. Also Microsoft has a small mobile market share (Windows Mobile+WP is down to 3% in November in the US), so it's normal that Google itself doesn't care about developing for any of these platforms. If you don't like it, either don't use YouTube or change your mobile platform. I hear the iPhone or Android are pretty good, with plenty of apps, including native YouTube apps. You can Bing it, it's true.

I'm moving away from Google, this is one of a series of great disappointments. I strongly advice anyone to get their custom URL and become free from any providers.
Also remember the Google Apps: typical "bait and switch" commercial model. One day they might come to you and ask you money just for your ...@gmail account. Prepare now.. 

Oh my goodness Google you are so very corrupt as an IT industry goes. IM glad Google recently got fined £20 million recently for not paying their taxes. Scamming so and so's. Google never used to be like this. Too much power corrupts services, industry and people. Microsoft should ban google services on their products and see how Google like that. Microsoft rules. Glad im 100% in their eco system. Never ever again using google search, Bing is more accurate anyways. Like someone said, I wouldn't use youtube if there was an alternative. Apple are as worse as google, as regards not paying their taxes ect. Seams to me that Microsoft is the only company in this sector that one can trust. Apple are constantly suing companies over utter nonsense. Apple trying to enforce a ban on Samsung phones an tablets for no other reason than that they are outselling Apple. Yeah, that really plausible.

Ok - late to the party but I have a concept. MS should buy Netflix or Hulu and move Bing video to that platform for actual recognition. YouTube is trying to break into the actual video rental. That is where they want to head. I think MS could take an established video / movie rental site and have free access for uploads / viewing of personal stuff. They need to do something...

Google should allow official WP youtube app and Microsoft should allow google instead of Bing on its search button. That is the "gauntlet" I'm looking for.

The only google services I use are Youtube and Chrome.  I'd drop chrome in a heartbeat, but I can't find as good of an AdBlock for IE or Firefox (the Chrome adBlock is awesome, blocks all ads including in-video ads).  
Other than that, yeah google is taking the chidish route here.  Since I own and use a Windows Phone AND google services, they are hurting their own customers with this choice.

i am officially going to the next new nokia phone....  google is trying to pull an apple on everyone and it's pissin me off! 

MS should block google apps from windows, then use that as leverage to get google's stuff on windows phones.
FYI, I am a long time gmail and google product user.  As of yesterday I have migrated everything to outlook and other ms products.  I am sick of google giving windows phone users the shaft.

I know it might be a bit late to imput my comment but anyway, I happen to be a HUGE Google user - im even signed in through G+ to comment here. Before the lumia 920 came along, i had zero intention of switching to windows phone. I was perfectly happy with my nexus device (that is, until i bricked it) and after it broke, i decided to check out wp8, after enjoying Windows 8 so much. I think its truly messed up that Google is doing this to us WP users. they had aid at one point "we wont offer our services to windows phone because we dont have too many customers on windows phone"

well of course you dont, its because little by little you're cutting off our access to your services. If they TRULY want us to pick ides, then im going Microsoft all the way on this. Its rediculous and coming from google, this is very childish behavior.

Microsoft cant block all Google Services on Windows as most of their customers would want to use google services like Chrome. What they could do is limit the functionality of these programs or program Windows to automatically crash Chrome every now and then.

Microsoft should continue to let their services work with google.. If google wants to act like a child and hurt users then Microsoft needs to be the bigger person and hold out! Google will lose in the end