Handyscan updated, adds Windows Phone 8 Lenses support


Handyscan is a popular Windows Phone app that lets you scan and share documents with ease. This will be the second update in the past month for Handyscan taking the app to version 3.18. Along with fixes to address lag time and other bugs, Handyscan becomes more integrated with Windows Phone 8.

Version 3.18 now adds Windows Phone 8 Lenses support to Handyscan that will let you launch the app from the Windows Phone camera, making the app more easily accessible. The update also adds the ability to name scans before you begin scanning the document.


Overall the update improves upon a very nice document scanning app for your Windows Phone. Sharing options include Skydrive or Dropbox and you can email documents using a variety of resolutions.  Other features include adding pages to existing documents, use digitized signatures, and add text to documents.

There are two versions of Handyscan available in the Windows Phone Store. You have Handyscan Free that is free but lacks the PDF conversion, Email options (file size), and restore backup features. The full version of Handyscan is currently running $2.99, which you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Handyscan Free                QR: Handyscan Paid Version


Reader comments

Handyscan updated, adds Windows Phone 8 Lenses support


use this app alot for nonprofit expense receipts scanning.  and it has tremendous developer support, must have app.

Does anyone know when you upgrade to a new phone from wp7 to wp8. Do you have to repurchase the app? I bought this on wp7, I don't want to pay for it again. Thanks. I read somewhere you can install the app 5 times on new hardware. Still have to use the same account, am I correct on that?

While you do not need to re-purchase (as long as you use the same Microsoft Account to setup your new WP8 device when you purchased the app), you will still need to go through the same process on the device.  However, it will inform you that you already purchased it and if you would like to re-install.  Or, you can go to http://windowsphone.com and browse through your purchase history and there is a Re-Install button you can press, and it will deliver the app to your new device; again as long as you configured your new WP8 device with the same Microsoft Acount.

can you scan a text and then have it read out loud? would be great for my granny, cause she can´t really read the newspaper any longer :(

awesome app (have the paid versions) but the backup failed me in that it would not fully restore and the Backup files (on skydrive) are unreadable in an xml type format. Anyone know how to read the backup files directly from skydrive without handyscan?

Can someone explain why one would use this app rather than just taking pictures with the phone's camera???  I think I'm not understanding something here...

The ability to crop around what you want to scan and combine pages into a PDF are just a few of the reasons it is superior to taking a picture.

Lots of reasons...

  • multiple pages per document
  • won't fill up your Camera Roll with "document pictures"
  • advanced focusing (only achieved on camera by tweaking settings)
  • auto optimizes images
  • converts to PDF (if paid)
  • uploads to cloud in full resolution, auto create folders if more than 1 page
  • independent flash settings and resolution settings
  • can add text (fill forms)
  • can add signatures to docs

Yeah if you are agile you could maybe achieve the same with default camera and a bit of photo editing, but would take you 5 times more time and effort.
Also watch this

Personally I find this app useless. Documents come out almost unreadable. I tried to like it but its just a waste of time.
Taking a photo and cropping it manually works much better. The quality of the photo compared to the results with this app are not even comparable. The ability to convert into PDF is not impressive these days.

If the documents came out almost unreadable you did it wrong pal.lol The quality is far better in this app compared to regular pictures for some reason. I use this if I want to scan an article or ad from the library to take with me for later reading. Perfect.

I bought the last version which didnt even run properly on my L920. I waited on this new version and it was worth it. Works perfect based on testing I did today.