Official Windows Phone Central app v3.3 released

We’ve just published the v3.3 update to our app out into the global marketplace, this release contains some important bug fixes and brings the app in line with our overall site branding.

Most important of which is a fix for the dark tile issue (where the tile would fail to render), the tile now may take some time to render correctly but in testing has a 100% render success rate finally. Please note: you will need to re-pin the main tile and forums tile to your start screen in order to see the correct new versions.

With this release finally complete I have already begun work on the Windows Phone 8 version which will undergo a 2 stage release, the first will be v3.8 that will be re-compiled and optimised for WP8 to support the new screen sizes, but will contain no new features. The second will be v4 which will bring some funky new functionality to the table.

Expect to see v3.8 in a matter of weeks sometime after a small v3.4 update which addresses a minor bug present in v3.3 (don’t worry you should never see it).

In the meantime though if you’re looking for a full change list you’ll find it below, otherwise please feel free to comment, e-mail or generally get in touch with your thoughts, feedback and questions!

  • Using new site branding
  • New live tile code to fix black tile issue
  • Fixed issue with HD YouTube videos
  • Fixed marketplace app names not being loaded correctly
  • Fixed bug with some app links
  • Other smaller bug fixes and optimisations

Reader comments

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.3 released


Darn - am I the only one who liked the old tile better?
Edit: I forgot to say that this is my favorite app in terms of functionality and asthetics - it is exactly what it should be! Thanks Jay

Ya thanks for the update. Hey no offence but Maybe you could make the app free for a limited time like nokia did on mirrors edge. The trial is great but well its not the full version. Thanks again for the update.

i switched from cro to usa market because cro market s*ck big time.now i cant buy app & ms doesnt have paypal option & that also s*ck :'(

We did that on it's year anniversary :) there needs to be a real reason as without the support i can't justify just how much work goes into designing, developing and supporting it

You need to push the buy button on the market place. It will then see you have already bought it when it was free and the ads will be removed :)

Bought it six months ago.  Can't see why anyone would expect it to be free.  It has no ads. 

It's that "everything should be free" mentality that keeps me from trying to get into app development. If my app was good I would at least like to make back the yearly registration fee ($99 last time l checked)

Seriously???? Stop being such a cheapskate!! It's one freakin dollar. Next time you want to buy a soda or coffee, buy WPCentral instead. This app brings you so much useful info, but a soda lasts for what, 5 minutes? And is unhealthy to boot. WPCentral has probably SAVED you money by telling you when apps are on sale so shell out the damn freakin dollar!

buy it, sir. 99c barely justifies the time spent on building the app. give the guy a loonie! (loonie = $1 coin in canada :P)

you said about new live tile size in next update, but why for only wp8? Our wp7.8 also support new sizes. Please don't be like MS!

sorry i interpreted it wrong in hurry, but as he said, he will bring new features in v4 but only for wp8 , that should contain this feature, i want that for 7.8 devices....

Have you guys considered a Windows 8 app for RT devices? Id love one on my Surface :) Ofc i can always use my main feed app and do the job but you know.. Same purpose as a WPhone app I guess ^.^
Thank you in advance and great work so far as always both with your app and website,
Mano from Greece :)

I remember Jay saying somewhere about this happening, but the WP8 app takes priority over W8 app development.

It will likely happen but don't expect it too soon.

Ah perfect! Thank you for the reply. It's good to get replies on usefull question xD Can't wait. The comment right under you states what mostly made me wonder. I'll be doing puppy eyes till then. Thank you again for giving us WPcentral <3

That's completely understandable and i would expect nothing more :)
I was purely asking if they have considered doing so. If, like you said, they already talked about it, Im sorry but I probably somehow missed the article/comment about it! Currently my windows phone is sent for cleaning ( water from the storm while on my motorcycle was trapped in my HD7's screen and xpecting to hear about the pricey outcome :P  ) and I missed the app... </3

I don't get it... What's wrong with the browser? On a mobile the app is better than the site... But on a tablet? It seems a little pointless

Haha yeah, on the desktop that's all I do... or I notice the tile counter on my phone and open it on my desktop.

Launch is much faster on my 8X. And I am happy you changed the live tile design cause I thought the previous one was weird. Keep up the great work!

One thing id like to see changed is when you press on a story it uses the slide transition rather than the turnstile. Turnstile looks odd with text.

The update isn't available in my region yet, but glad to hear it. You're saying you can swipe down and display connections like wifi when in the app, right?

It seems that the resolution of the live tile and the boot page for the app is a little low on my 920.. Minor issue though.

I did not register a wpcentral account, I login to using Microsoft account. The app doesn't have an option to login using Microsoft account so I can't post or comment anything using the app :(

Yes at present you will need to create a mobile nations password using the settings cog on the site here in order to use the mobile app.

I will be working with the site guys to try and bring full passport support in at some point in the future, apologies for the inconvenience before that time.

Hi Jay,

Can you create forum topics from this app? I know it links to forums created on the main WPCentral site but i don't see away to do it from the app. Am i missing something or am i just being silly.


Btw, great work on the app. Possible my most used on my 920. Great work.

Yep, you need to use the "browse forums" section to navigate to the forum you want to post a topic in. Then there will be a "+" icon at the bottom on the application bar which allows you to create a new topic in that forum :)

I didn't have this black tile problem before this update. But after updating, the live tile sometimes turn black. Weird? Anyone experiencing the same thing too?
Btw the new logo is so much better.

You may be about to single handedly crush my spirit....

If the tile turns black then you should find that eventually it renders and you see the full tile, it's just where the OS hasn't yet planted the tile image in the spot where it's due to be.

Does that happen for you or does it stay black forever? Please don't say forever... ;)

Edit: Oh also can you post your device make and model

Madness... Did you open the app before it turned black? Also are you on WiFi or cellular connection and is the signal weak? Drop me a support e-mail if you can I'd like to find out if the tile stays black for you. Also I've found that when it's black if you scroll the start screen so the tile's out of view and then back again the OS renders the tile correctly. Can you tell me if that behaviour occurs for you?

Yes I opened the app before it turned black from time to time. (now it's back to normal again -.-) I'm on 5 bars 4G.
And no, the behavior you described to me doesn't happen to me.

Just had the tile disappear too. I thought I removed the tile because I had my phone unlocked on the start screen in my hand. Then I clicked the black void and the app still opened. :( nl920 att on portico)

Small possible point of improvement I see: when looking at forum pages, when you go to the next page it does not jump to the top of the page.

There seems to be a problem with the Dutch marketplace while downloading WPC. Don't know if it just related to WPC or the whole MP.

I have a question-why does app always start at search screen and then quickly goes to news screen?
Also I didn't have to re-pin tile. It is showing new logo.

As always, great work, Jay! :) Very nicely done.
The new tile logo is very nice, the performance (for me) even seems slightly peppier, and so far, and if the black tile issue is fixed... then rock on! I did unpin and repin it myself, so we'll see.
Can't wait for the WP8 update... come on lockscreen integration! :)

Ok someone explain me what just happened...I had the free version of this app on my L810. After reading this article I thought F*** it, I am using this app everyday 1000 times (I am going to blame Jay for releasing this app that makes my phones usage go up and battery go down :D) so let me buy it and not be cheap anymore...hehe. Now after going into the store to purchase it and after I hit buy, it prompted me that I have this app installed already so I uninstalled it and tried to buy it again. This time again the store said I have bought the app already and if I want to install it again. I did that and now I have the full version. The thing that I couldn't understand is when I bought the Weather Flow app, it asked if I wanted to use my credit card to make the purchase and showed me its going to be billed to that one...this time it didn't. So is that a glitch with the store? Or did I just get the app for free? I haven't received an email yet from MS confirming the purchase, guess I will just wait.

At some point in the past you already purchases it (whether knowingly or accidently) or you downloaded it in the biref 24 hours that it was offered free so in your billing history it's shown as a purchase.

When the store works properly it then won't let you pay twice for the same app, so you've just re-installed something you already bought, and didn't pay again :)

If you want to go back and find if you ever actually paid money, try using http://billing.microsoft.com

Well I do remember, I never paid for the app...can someone else try to reproduce this who is still using the free version and wants to upgrade on WP8?
Edit: Just checked the billing site, I haven't purchased it. Also I joined WPCentral in July 2012 and I am not sure when was the anniversary? Was it during that period?

Simply my most used app and worth double or even triple what Jay charges for it. You just can't go wrong with it.

Loving the updated app logo.

One problem that I've been having an issue with is that images revert back to low quality while on WiFi. The update before this one didn't fix it either.

Suprisingly long paragraph needed to describe this problem but here goes:

Checking for connection type on Windows Phone can take a very long time because it's not a particularly efficient API. So, when I first tried this functionality it used to make the app very slow to start up as we waited for the connection type to be returned and sometimes would take so long the app was forcefully closed by the OS.

To stop that happening I run that check on a background thread and then update the property when that thread returns. The problem is the rest of the app runs quickly enough to have already retrieved the content at whatever the normal setting is (such as low or medium quality), and then caches is for future lookups.

You'll find that if you go into an article with more images those load in the high quality when on WiFi because at the time of their retrieval it's known that we're using WiFi.

I know how to fix this behaviour in the app but it requires some re-writes to my data model and it simply isn't a high enough priority right now with so much else to do. Hopefully I will get around to it at some point though!

I love the app but I have a few feature requests:
• ability to turn off the back of the live tile. I'd prefer not to have the tile flip at all, but still show me the notifications on the front
• visibility of article tags so I can skip things WP8 or W8 only (as the articles don't always mention it)

This app is so worth the money... If fact I think I was charged twice after a phone update, but whatever. One of the few apps that feels almost integrated into the phone. I am on the app more than on my computer's browser. The forum and posting is awesome. I do have a few issues where it will say that I am not logged in or an error with tapatalk where after I type a huge post, it won't submit... So I have to copy the whole post, back out of the forum and go back in to paste the post and try to submit it again.

Great job WP.

When that error happens wait a few seconds and then try posting again. I put something in the app to silently re-authenticate you whenever that error comes back from the Tapatalk API :)

LOVE the new tile design/logo! Esp how the update count rests so nicely in the upper right corner... just gorgeous Jay!

I know it's possible to get email notifications when someone replies to your post but is it possible to have a feature within the app itself that 'Catalogs' your posts so you can cycle through responses without hunting/scrolling through the entire list? Side note: favourite app :D

Yes, our server feed is limited to 20 articles at a time to keep things speedy (less data to process). So when you've not read any of those 20 articles I just put 19+ to indicate you may have a lot of catching up to do!

FAO Daniel Rubino, Jay Bennet......my phone has bricked since pressing the update option, Lumia 920 red.....that was over 9 hours ago. Any ideas on how to fix this please?

Head over to our Lumia 920 forums where you'll find a sticky thread about how to fix bricked Lumia 920's, worked for me


I am gonna kill someone, I don't know who, but someone....

Can you get in touch via a support e-mail so I can try and replicate it, because it works every time on all of my test devices.

Also, for my own sanity, if you could uninstall then re-install the app just to be certain

Hi, I also had this issue, I uninstalled and re-installed however I have no issue with black tile instead it updates perfectly, but doesn't clear once Ive read the new articles, I am now stuck with (the current number of 23) new articles not read on my tile...yet it continues to clock up another number when WP Central post a new artical...interesting?

Thanks for letting me know the re-install helped that's really good news :)

23 shouldn't be possible, 19+ should be the max... weird... but anyway the tile will only clear when it has got a response from the website whilst getting news (either a successful or failed response). Otherwise you'll see the number persists. It's a compromise I had to make to stop black tiles!


Well I'm not sure what caused that because there weren't even 23 new articles? either way, the re-install and re-pin of the tile resolved it.
So, now I am up and running and can sign off this update ;) Great update. Thanks again! Great APP! :D

Thanks Jay, w/o a doubt the best WP8 info app out there. Actually uninstalled AAWP app because yours is so much more insightful. Miss yours and Daniel's podcast however, in fact, when's the next one. Guess if there choice btw this app and podcasts, keep the app flowing!

WPCentral is truly the best app for WP.  It's extremely polished and is a pleasure to use.  I cruised this site once a day before I bought the app.  Now I'm on it all day...

Something I have always personally hated about the otherwise outstanding app is this:
When you get a toast notification of a new story, and click it, there is no way to navigate back to the main hub of the app. Basically after you finish reading the story you were toasted about, you have to hit the back button and relaunch the app to get to the hub??
Unless I am missing some type of a Home button within the app. Kinda annoying, as I dont always see each toast and surely miss several stories and want to read them after the toasted one.

Technically the current performance is in line with Microsoft's linear navigation model for windows phone, but I will probably fold to popular opinion on this eventually

Oh i know this is the case across the board, but I am guessing I only notice in your app because I use it so much and it gets to me. Most time when I see a WPC toast I swipe it away and launch the app from the start screen.  Problem solved. But sometimes the lure of the toast is too great and I cant resist :P

Well done J, great app and thanks for responding in the comments.
To anyone not wanting to pony up £0.79/$0.99, all I can say is I was exactly the same. I could not see the point in buying an app. How wrong I was, this app is superb. I keep discovering some of the tricks it does. If you bother using WPC then you should buy this.
Noticed a couple of issues though. The unanswered thread feed never gives any threads, this was the same before the update. Sometimes when I click on a post, it takes me to a different one (not often, but strange). Also, after the update it hangs a little more than it used to, I thought my phone had bricked last night.

Peachy, two of the issues I'm aware of but that hanging as you call it, could you be specific as to where that's happening? You may need a fresh install in case something didn't upgrade properly

Do u think there might be a store option in the future? And love the app by the way use it all the time and was on of the first apps I bought. Keep up the good work mr. Jay

WPC is better than MS to release updates and taking caring of their customers at least! Well done guys!

I just purchased it. Looks great! I was wondering if a future version could have a Favorite Forums link as I usually check out the Lumia 920 Forum.

One issue:
Change log: "New live tile code to fix black tile issue"
Black tile still happens here - from time to time (L920)

Yeah I've had it occur once myself now and cannot reproduce the steps again so I may have to admit defeat eventually.

Think what I will do is in the next version write a tile selector page and explain the difference between the different types of tile so users can chose the customised, less reliable tile, or one written to always work but look less interesting

N00b question here: when (not if) I upgrade from my WP7 to a WP8 device do i need to re-purchase WP8 versions of software? Or is this developer dependent (varies from dev to dev)?

You don't need to repurchase anything... you hit "buy" and it will say "you already own this" and let you install

Another great update to one of "THE" must-have apps for fans of the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. Keep up the good work.

One feature request for the next release:

I'd like to have the ability to have the app remember the last story I read, such that I can "Jump to the Last Story I read" as a means of making sure I can miss several days and then jump right back to where I was in the article queue. That way, I can continue to consume all the great WP Central content in "time order" without having to go through multiple "Load more ..." cycles to get back to where I was the other day. In practice, I'd like to load the App, see the normal "most recent" articles on the first page, then choose a menu option like "Jump to Last Read". At this point, it would load the page containing the article list, positioned at the story I had last read. Bonus points if you give us the option to then sort the article list from that point down to the most recent article, such that with every "load more..." it continues to pull up the list of articles from the point I started to the "most recent".

Take this request as the ultimate compliment. See, I don't want to miss any of your outstanding content and want to be able to consume it in the most efficient manner possible! :-)