LiveMailMessage, an alternative Windows Phone email component [Developers]


Venetasoft normally makes appearances around these parts because of their Windows Phones apps such as Turbo Camera and Security Toolkit. But the company also works on Windows Phone development components and has recently released LiveMailMessage.

LiveMailMessage emulates the full .NET desktop SDK mail objects and adds new APIs to programmatically send unattended emails such as alarms or schedulers from code without user intervention and attach any kind of file (e.g. image, audio, video, pdf, etc.). LiveMailMessage establishes a "row level" secure SSL connection directly with Microsoft Hotmail's public mail server. This allows users to authenticate with their own Microsoft account.

LiveMailMessage is currently used with Venetasoft's Turbo Camera, Motion Cam and other apps. If you're a Windows Phone developer and are looking for an email component for your app or game, you can find LiveMailMessage over here at WPGeek Component Marketplace for $49 (a trial version is available).


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LiveMailMessage, an alternative Windows Phone email component [Developers]


Windows Phone already supports MP3 attachments, doesn't it? My friend sent me one the other day. The real thing is that you can't SAVE them.

It's my understanding that this will allow developers to use those features from within their apps without the need to leave the app to your native Windows Phone email client.  Saves steps in a manner of speaking.

Inability to attach files to email messages was the reason I left my Omnia 7 to iPhone 4s. The latter at least have app for that and of course a jailbreake app AnyAttach which takes files from DropBox. 
When windows phone 8 released I was so excited that MSFT heard user voices and eventually included it. When I played with a Lumia 920 in a shop to my dissappointment I discovered that you are still allowed attach only pictures. I though WTF? MSFT and Nokia promote it as the only phone having Microsoft Office and I cant attach several documents and presentations in a message?
So, I am glad that the app described in this arrticle exists though it doesnt look so elegant.

We offer lifetime upgrades and support. There is a free version with an advertisement signature too.
We will use the money to port the library on WinRT and to develop new wp7 and wp8 apps ;)

Its a great price when it's something I don't need, and I can appreciate that. When it's something I need, I'll still complain about the price =D

This would be really useful in things like bug reporting so that you just tap "send" and it sends it in the background without pulling up the email launcher and having to go through that, at which point most people would just cancel it...

LiveMailMesage is a library (dll) for developers, it not an app :)
The screenshot is only a demo to quickly show its features. It offers a very simple api to let a developer to easily integrate extended email functionality in his apps, with attachment capability.
WP SDK offers to the developer the EmailComposeTask that opens the native phone email page, so an app cannot add pdf or video as attachments, nor can send the email in an unattended way (a developer has to implement, maintain and pay a dedicated web service to do this).