Lets Golf 2 Windows Phone 8 issues fixed, everyone can tee it up now

Lets Golf 2

Lets Golf 2 is a popular Xbox Windows Phone game that has evidently had some installation issues with Windows Phone 8 devices. Issues that caused the installation process to crash leaving Windows Phone 8 users in the club house.

Whatever the issue, Gameloft has found the bug, squashed it and now Lets Golf 2 can be installed without problems on your Windows Phone 8 devices. We've successfully installed the game on both the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. However, the 8X took a significantly longer time to install (over five minutes).

Once installed, Lets Golf 2 ran fine on both devices. While it seems the installation issue has been fixed on the Nokia end, it would appear a little more fine tuning is needed on the HTC end of things.  Now if they could just do something about my slice...

There is a free trial version available for Lets Golf 2 with the full version running $4.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.  The version hasn't changed, v1.3, likely because the fix is on the installation side of things.

Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!

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Lets Golf 2 Windows Phone 8 issues fixed, everyone can tee it up now


Do people think we will ever see current wp7 xbox live games actually updated to support wp8 features (720p, 768p, dual core optimizations etc) or is that just too optimistic?

No I do not. Despite the recent trend in console developers to port old games to Xbox 360 with better resolutions, the phone market is smaller and I can't imagine this happening. Phone games (especially) on windows phone just don't pay out as much. THB, I consider it lucky if a gsne even gets updated to be compatible with wp8, let alone support all the resolutions. However, i wouldn't be surprised if some games don't get lock screen support or notifications and large live tiles. Many games on wp7 got updated when mango came out to support those new features.

I was wondering the samething. I bet it hasn't because that doesn't make them money. If people can't install it, they won't buy. Screw fixing the achievement.

since i had already purchased and played the game on my trophy i installed it on my 8x when i first got it (on release date) and didn't have any issues.  played the crap out of the game too to get all achievements.  never had one issue, ran great.  good thing they are fixing something people have obviously been complaining about, unlike some other games/devs... kudos gameloft.

Is the glitched achievement sorted though? I gather not. Gameloft suck.... Promised this fix since the month it was launched!

Well they did update one of the two glitched achievements. Still the stupid one for the stuff they didn't even port over from iOS exists....shame it was an easy one too.