The beast is out. Microsoft releases Portico update to more Lumia owners

Lumia 920

Just as we covered UK mobile operator EE rolling out the Windows Phone 8 update, reports have flooded in from multiple markets, including Italy, Germany and Russia. We're witnessing Microsoft gradually open the flood gates to release the Portico update to more consumers, which is a sign that progress is strong and issues are few and far between.

Unfortunately, we only know of Nokia hardware receiving the Portico update. This is a downer for those who wield Samsung or HTC Windows Phone 8 devices. We previously looked at both Germany and Italy being bumped to the latest version of Windows Phone, but this marks the start of a more global push.

Have you received the Portico update? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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The beast is out. Microsoft releases Portico update to more Lumia owners



Hi there, nothing on my Lumia 920 here in France.
Any announcement on the estimated date of deployment?

US AT&T HTC 8X received update to OS version 8.0.10211.204 this morning. Did not auto install. Had to manually check for updates to pull it down.

Is it just me that had my brightness set to HIGH after the update? That's a bit weird, always have it on low and after the update it was set to HIGH, weird

Lumia 920, EE UK. Update last night. Phone turned itself off during the night and needed soft reset this morning. Network not available for the last 9hours, no emails, messages, tiles not updating. Battery dead in just 10 hours. Others i know who have not updated on the same network have not had problems. Resetting phone now........ AVOID THE UPDATE!!!!!!

Woohoooo! Finally portico update on my Lumia 920! Checked for it manually.
- From Bahrain (US Store Configured) on unlocked lumia 920!

Got it. Installed it. Seems ok but phone locked up again tonight. Soft reset required and time reset to 1st sept again as before. This has been reported as a bug in numerous forums so a bit disappointed its not fixed. Camera seems better in daylight though. Lumia 920. EE. UK.

I'm just downloading the update on Telstra in Australia with my Lumia 920. It didn't tell me it was available ... I had to search for updates from settings.

Is this supposed to have been released in Canada? Phone says up to date but I was never prompted with a notification.

Rogers sent out the update the same day as att sent out the update, have had this on my 920 for awhile now.

Got my Lumia 920 updated yesterday on UK EE & immediately noticed a big improvement in the signal at home. Now seeing up to 3G+ where in the past I had been lucky to get H. At work though it's a very different kettle of fish. There the signal was always poor too, but whilst I have again seen a slight improvement I have found that the phone completely loses signal & doesn't get it back. This required a few restarts yesterday. Last night as I was leaving I noticed it was showing 'No Service' again. I drove the three miles home & this did not change at any point on the way. I had to restart the phone to get it working again. I had a look this morning & noticed that the phone was set to 4G for highest connection speed. I don't have a 4G sim so I've changed it to 3G. Can't see this making much difference, but you never know. If not I'll have to head back to the Orange shop.

Updated my 920 but the update does not fix the screen blackout bug while/after calling. I thought it would but maybe they excluded it from the Norwegian release or something.

I'd the latest firmware and update for Lumia 920. (Portico) but experience unusual battery drain. With full charge of 100% leaving the phone on desk, 1 hour down the load, left 86%!

Only 3 email accounts set with sync every 30mins, during the period, no SMS, no call, nothing is on. Including WiFi is off too.

Anyone experience it as well?

Rocking the Portico PR1.1 update on my Aus Telstra 920 :D
Screen auto-brightness heaps more responsive now and that Telstra multi-sms/mms bug seems to be fixed now!

I totally didn't expect to get the updated pushed down to me today. I have an unbranded, unlocked 920 with a Telus SIM  that I popped in TODAY. It told me there was new updates and within 10 minutes, the package was downloaded, installed and my phone rebooted for action!

Hey, I have a branded Orange Lumia 920 from Poland, but I'm using it in Belgium (with a Proximus sim card). Can anyone tell me how that affects when I get the update? Will I get it when other Orange Lumias in Poland get it? (I'm checking for the update through WiFi anyway, so I can't see how my current carrier can affect that..)

" I have checked into this for you the answer is that not all IMEI’s (handset serial numbers) are going to have the update available at the same time this is simply because everyone would try and update their handset at the same time causing the update to crash. I have it on good authority that the update should be available to you very soon however I cannot specify exactly what batch your handset will be in."

Although I haven't received the Portico update here in Pakistan, but what I am gathering form Microsoft forums, is that Portico is laced with issues like phone freeze when locked, signal dropping to zero on standby and auto reboot on idle and during calls. If such issues are predominant in the update, I rather stay without it till a major WP8 update for 920 is made available.

just checkin...and wow its rolling
greeting holland on Hi and a lumia 1020
mwah its gdr3 why do i get here ??

Not even recieved the GDR3 update yet and your talking about Portico, give me a break. 920 owner...