Calories_Check, helping you count those fast food calories


With February being fitness month around here, everyone is counting calories and dusting off the exercise equipment. Calories_Check is an easy way to check the calories of what you're ordering off the fast food menu from your Windows Phone.

Calories_Check not only provides you with menu calories from McDonalds, KFC and Subway but it also taps into Indian cuisine as well as the more healthier options such as fruits and vegetables.  Calories_Check is a nice reference app for those looking to count their calories a little closer.

The layout of Calories_Check is straight forward. Tap on a category and drill down to what you are looking for.


The main menu has your food group listings (Indian, Fast Food, Vegetable, etc) and from their you will see a listing of specific menu items or foods. When you tap on an individual items a bar graph will be generated that will display various nutritional stats on that food item.

The nutritional stats seem to vary from item to item and can include calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and calcium.

Keep in mind that Calories_Check is a reference app and won't track your caloric intake. I would have liked to have seen Calories_Check take on a more metro-like (or is it "modern"?) design but as is works. The food items are fairly extensive but doesn't include any of the Super-Size menu items from McDonalds.

All totaled, Calories_Check doesn't have many bells and whistles but is a decent, base line, nutritional reference app. Calories_Check is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Calories_Check, helping you count those fast food calories


I am not trying to hate on the developer. But you have to make it visually appealing that's the only way people are going to use an app these days.

And what's with the bizarre name with the underscore? That right there would be enough to keep it off my phone...

thats not true.  first rule of programing is function over form. 
build it rock solid and the users will come.

Feel sorry for all the colour blind people out there who only see a black screen :) . And if the developer is reading this go buy Telerik controls and use them until your xaml programming gets better. (Thats constructive critisism not ragging on you)

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At present  this app is improved very  very much...which provide many infomation about calorfic values as well as  information about ur fav  food restraunt....insted of buttons on screen developer provided a sorted list of food items.....the intreface,design of the app is very gud, and the GRAPH genertaed of calorfic vallue in the app adds the beauty of app...4 updates are already came and now app looks gud and very helpful...

App changed a lot and improved very well. A lot of work has been done to improve the content as well as design and appearance of the app.