Official Royal Bank of Scotland Windows Phone app now available

It was nearly one month ago when we told you that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was working on an official app for Windows Phone users.

Well, that day is upon us those who bank with RBS in the UK can now grab that app for their Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

The app appears to be pretty solid too, meaning this isn’t just a front-end web app but rather delivers some serious functionality:

  • View your transaction history for most of your accounts, search for historical transactions on your current accounts and savings accounts
  • Get Cash from RBS, NatWest or Tesco cash machines without a debit card
  • Send money to RBS Mobile Banking customers that use this app – all you need is their mobile number
  • Pay bills or people – by setting up and making your first payment in Online Banking
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Check your balance and recent transactions
  • Find your nearest cash machine or local branch
  • Top up your pay as you go mobile phone and up to four others (service not available on the 3 network).

Not too bad and it’s a good sign that we’re seeing more and more official bank apps finally land on Windows Phone after what seems like an eternity of being sidelined.

Pick up the RBS app here in the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Sabita M., for the tip!



Reader comments

Official Royal Bank of Scotland Windows Phone app now available


This is cool.
I hope Indian banks also release their apps for windows phone.
Two big private Indian banks (HDFC, ICICI) have their apps on windows 8. Hope they port them to Windows phone.

Yes. They have told they are making an app for windows phone and android way back.
Android app is available for some time now. So is windows 8 app.
Not only HDFC. Currently there is no app for any indian banks.

+1 Barclaycardc, or even better a Wallet NFC plugin for Tap to Pay via Phone direct to my Barclaycard account. Wicked.

Tried logging into my account with the RBS app, it says its "only accessible to customers in Scotland". WTF! 'Tis a local bank for local people!

Much further down on the description it states Scotland only. Not a happy camper. Do you live anywhere near the border?

Same problem for me. Where is your home branch? I reckon it's by that and not location.
I don't see why they'd do that, unless it's because the Scottish branches aren't being sold to Santander?

I don't think any are being sold to Santander now. None will be divested now as it fell through I think. Anyhow, I reckon you are correct. Can't Pretend I am happy about it.

As it happens, a friend that works for RBS has just called me to get help as her son has pattern locked his Android phone.

It only shows my mortgage account as the rest are part of that Santander crap, not impressed this works fine on my nexus 7

On the phone to the Mobile Banking Support now.
The seem as bemused at the message saying "available for customers in Scotland only"
Currently on hold waiting to speak to the 5th person at RBS.
Basically the issue is because account in the UK were going to be transferred over to Santander.
This failed to happen which for some reason the app is affecting those customers who's account were going to be transferred accross.
Also it may be an issue if you have current account in the UK and Savings accounts in Scotland.
If you have a online saver your sort code will begin 83. Therefore causing an app to experience issues.
However they can confim that the Iphone and Android apps have no issues distinguishing this.
Currently still on hold to speak with online bankimg to see if than come up with a work around.
WIsh Me Luck...! 

Sorry guys hit a rock on and hard place.
They said there is nothing they can do.
Only option now is to transfer all my accounts to Scotland.
Head office said that could take months.. 

I just dont understand this, I have the app on my nexus 7 and it shows my 4 accounts fine, when i log onto online banking through a browser my credit card,saving account and current account are supposed to be with santander? and my mortgage account with rbs. The mortgage account is all i see when using the app. But like i say on the nexus all accounts are visible, someone needs to sort this, the only app i missed since ditching Iphone :(