Nokia NFC Writer

Go forth and tag as Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia users

We’re still trying to get to bed here in Barcelona, but that hasn’t stopped Nokia from releasing new apps to their Collection.

The latest is NFC Writer, which is exactly what it sounds like: a clever app to write to blank NFC tags specific functions or tasks. We’ve seen similar apps before, like the excellent NFC Launchit, but for some Nokia users they may prefer the more streamlined design of NFC Writer.

Nokia NFC Writer

From the app description:

“Nokia NFC is a Windows Phone app which allows you to read/write any standard NFC tag. You can create NFC tags to launch applications, check-in to places, update social status, or even make phone calls or send text messages by simply waiving your phone over the programmed tag. Once a tag is created you place the tag in a convenient place, then tap your phone to it to perform the actions that have been stored to the tag. While the tags are created using your Windows Phone, they can be read by any operating system that is NFC enabled!”

The app has built in Foursquare support allowing you to generate NFC Tags that will allow you to check-in with just a tap of your phone or post a tweet to Twitter.  Likewise,you can “like on Facebook” or even bring up a Google+ account (no joke).

Truth be told, it’s quite powerful and really neat that Nokia did this. Not much else to say about this app other than go grab it here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Sanjeev S., for the tip!

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Go forth and tag as Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia users


I am one of the people that have reviewed that exact item, haha.  These work just fine on our Lumias.  NOW...the WP system does not work that great with have to confirm you create a tag to call someone, it doesn't just call them, it prompts you "are you sure you want to dial XXXXXX".  If I wanted to tap a bunch of stuff, I'd just use the live tile! haha.  1st world problems, yes.

It says "This App is not available for your device ... blahblah" on my Lumia 920 (bought it in Germany) :-/

Currently I'm located in the Netherlands. The phone is set to English language (United States; also for search), Country Netherlands and German for the regional format.

For an instant when that notification came i thought it was for nokia glam me & nokia tag place. Ah well

It's great that Nokia creates these apps for WP, but I can't help think Microsoft should be doing a lot of this themselves.

just bought 5 for $5 on ebay coming from HK. they even come with 3m sticker on the back so they look easy to stick around... 

Wait, writing is one thing but how do you get the tags to put does THAT work? Like the actual thing you scan comes from...? O_o

You can buy them online. Bing it!;) This is why I am loving my Nokia 920! Can't get enough of the support and love for this platform that comes from the Finns!

Nokia has more to lose in the near future than MS. Nokia needs profits right NOW, MS has billions in the banks. MS can live off those billions for several years, Nokia is in danger of bankruptcy if things don't turn around.

They way Nokia was burning through money the first 1.5 years after they announced the switch to windows phone, makes a billion dollars seem like nothing.

No, not yet. I mean unless they came in the box, I don't have any tags. I got to hunt some down. I noticed a link above at Amazon just now.

I was kinda hoping that Nokia would finally used their power to mod the OS so that we can can get direct on/off of BT, WI-FI, etc. That would make this writer a little more compelling in my opinion. I'll stick with NFC interactor.

I agree...I wish their was a way you could someone CONFIRM a certain action was "OK"...and do that once, and then from there out it would just do it with a tap instead of all the confirmations and toggles.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, I don't think so. Just tried to program the tag that came with the 920 to open up and it just wants to open the link on there.
Seems pretty cool, although right off the bat I can see a feature I'd like added. It doesn't seem like you can set a tag to open any app on your phone, just some pre-selected one. I'd love to tape one of these things onto my car mount and have it automatically launch Navigon.

It just took you to a Nokia site.  Just a demo of the technology really.  It was with all the paperwork in the box.

Same for Ohio, but I don't think it looks at that specific of a region. Looks like I'll just try again in a couple minutes.

Not available in Switzerland ... Yet I hope.
So I could program a tag to switch off sounds and ho to lockscteen and use it, say, in the office, am I understanding this correctly?
BTW, I never got how foursquare works. Do, say, restaurants have tags somewhere, I tap it when I enter, and then ... What happens? Will all people in my contact list be updated where I am so they could see me in case they're nearby? Sorry for asking, but things like these are not widespread in my circles (I believe fouramsquares is not very common in Europe anyway, but I'm not sure)

I couldn't install the app too, but once I changed my country/region setting to "US", then I installed the app
After that I changed back to Dutch and the app still works.

Works on my 920 in Germany too. After changing regional settings to US I could download the app. Thanks for the tip.

Disappointed as Nokia could have made the app do stuff which are not possible with Third Party NFC apps. For example, turn On/Off Wifi or Bluetooth settings. Right now it opens the settings page, but since Nokia has access to internal APIs they could have made it very powerful. 

Yeah I would have loved that. So much potential potentially wasted. Still, the app is very simple to use so I shall stick with it. Hopefully the 610 gets it too once the NFC is unlocked on it.

Why is it that I can never download any Lumia exclusive app ? I have a Lumia 920 and whenever there's a Lumia exclusive app or free for Lumia game, I can't download it... 

Does anyone know if I could use this to connect to the bluetooth receiver in my car?  Like sit down, tap the phone to the tag, and bam...the bluetooth setting is turned on.
Wasn't sure if NFC has access to the phone's bluetooth toggle...

Please mention if it's WP8 only in the headline, at least until October 2013 when those stuck on WP7 can upgrade.