PhotoSynth for Windows Phone 8

Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 finally lands in the Store

The other day we were teased with some upcoming big titled Windows Phone 8 apps and we guessed at the time Photosynth would be one of those. Looks like our prediction was true as that app is now live-ish in the Windows Phone Store. We say live-ish because it’s so new that there’s a good chance you won’t be able to download it for a few hours to your phone.

Photosynth went missing with Windows Phone 8 for quite some time, even though it was thought to be one of the launch apps with the new platform. We’ve been kicking around a development release since October but it’s great to see it finalized for the masses.

Photosynth for Windows Phone 8

Photosynth is Microsoft’s 3D Panorama app that allows users to take 20, 30 or even more photos of an environment and then stitch them together to make a “globe” view of the room. It’s a lot of fun and there are some impressive ‘Synths out on Microsoft’s website.

Google recently has been pushing their version of such a system called Google PhotoSphere so it’s great to see this app finally land in the Store just when the OS is starting to take off.

You can try and download Photosynth here in the Windows Phone 8 Store. If you don’t see it, just grab a coffee and come back in a few hours.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 finally lands in the Store


Joe Belfiore tweeted:
I owe this team special thanks- I asked them to “re-do” their UI to be a terrific lens experience and they obliged.
It took a little longer as a result, but I think the experience is great. Let us know what you think!
I think that's why it was so long to get to the store - he made them re-write it as a Lens which of course is how it needed to be.  I'm fine with quality vs quantity, and it seems like we've had some quality apps come along this week!

I don't know exactly what you mean with "bar", but if you start the app normally and not as a lense over the camera, the apps looks the same to me as it did on my Lumia 900.

I see featured - not sure what your issue is.  Are you sure you have the WP8 version?  Is it a lens in your camera app?

Issue is likely the starting as app vs starting as lens, you get different UI's based on how you access it.

Photosynth has been able to do that before Nokia's Panorama came to the WP devices; actually, I'd wager that there isn't a panorama app on ANY platform that can rival Photosynth.

Nope, but I thought that MS (the company who owns the WP OS!!!) could have.  I'm just as happy as everyone else that we have this now, but it would be nice to know why the company who provides the SDK for their app couldn't have had this done at WP8 launch.  It seems a bit ridiuclous to me.  
I'm not hating on MS just stating the obvious.  I've come over to WP8 via a Lumia 920 after having an iPhone for 4years.  Not trolling here. 

if you read joe twitter comment you will know why it took long he said he asked the team to re-do app UI to be terrific lens experience and they did

Well, welcome and enjoy the app. Questions like yours usually are a waste of energy since you'll never get an answer for it.

I have to agree with MR808, I had an iPhone for 4 years too and am happy with my switch to my 920 but the lack of Photosynth for so long was really discouraging when I had a great version of Photosynth on my iPhone for almost a year - especially considering it's an MS app. Just downloaded the app and am looking forward to trying it out, hopefully the improvements are worth the wait!

Instagram just hit one hundred million users the other day.Yes, this app is needed to bring people over to WP8.

Neither I do but... we, and the other people who do not need/want it are not MS.
MS needs it for its OS, simple as that.

Im sure Instagram ignores all this noise. It's like children wanting a cookie. You can be talking about ANYTHING else and all they can talk about is that cookie.

I really don't get this instagram obsession - Tried to use this platform several times but never got the hang of it why people would call instagram a must have. :|

Is it because people like to conform to other people's ideologies on what is hip and cool these days? I too tried to use instagram on the apple 4...meh. I want to say that it would appeal to the female crowd more than the male? -but that's just my opinion...

What's hip and cool is what moves product.One of the big reasons my 18 year old niece won't switch is no Instagram or Snapchat.Some don't like these apps,but they are essential if WP8 is to grow and gain a foot hold in the market.

This would be the 3rd. he counted Whatsapp and Twitter. i would assume Pandora is next, and perhaps Skype out of Beta would be the final wave.

Personally i called this the second as Asphalt 7 was released soon after his tweet. I am also classing these as new apps and not updates, ones not on wp8 before.

so just a panorama, no deep zoom, and you have to be at the same  distance to objects, you can't come up closer take a picture and use that as a detail shot, why couldn't this be implemented?

Its a perspective lens app. It's meant to give you  a cool perspective photo not details. And it more than just the standard panorama that most apps are like the one Apple advertises. Its a full Globe view; up down, left right, every corner. You can basically show people what it looks like to be standing right where you are and look in all directions. That's amazingly complex technology for mapping and blending, especially for an app on a phone!

I second your comment spaulagain ... And it should be mentioned that you can add information to the panorama like POIs on which the viewer than can click and get more information.

One should visit the photosynth website and have a look at al these glorious panoramas.

By the way, a smartphone is not the only method to create these panoramas - you can do that with a normal camera or even dslr camera and stich it together on your computer later.

Yes really. Sure it does a full globe panorama, but photosynth is much more than 2D panoramas. I wouldn't care if the app just took pictures, then uploaded them to, assembled them in 3D and then sent me the link or even better, let me view them on the phone.
Not asking for a ton here, take pictures and upload to withough using a pc, that's all.

Ditto, was in Europe for nearly 2 weeks and would have LOVED to have Photosynth on my L920, I really missed not having it available to me.
Then again, Nokia added Dublin, IR to Here Transit the day I left Dublin. :-(

I did send out this Tweet earlier today....
The @photosynth #wp8 team must not have got @SteveBallmer 's #Microsoft 2.0 memo - where is the app promised us over 6 wks ago!?
I wonder if Steve Ballmer made a phone call to the Photosynth team? ;)
I really wish Photosynth for WP8 was at least as good as Google's app for Android. MS has been working so hard to reinvent itself and set the bar higher and Photosynth just got a "Lens."

That's awesome, but a little communication would have been better. It was a platform embarrassment to have MS official apps missing for so long with silence as to the reason. Lets hope Skype is next, then maybe MS will have some credibility when approaching 3rd developers with the proposition that WP8 is worth the effort.

Wow I've been waiting for this since November. Just tried one and it stitched it horribly. Hopefully I just need to put more time into it.

Green screen confirmed. Let's hope an update gets released soon. I'm not using this App or showing pictures taken with it until fixed.

I will say this again, this app sucks. First the stiching is horrible, second it just crashed the camera, not just the app, but the camera, doing a full reboot. All I would see is green screen.  And the fact that you can only upload the full panorama instead of all the pictures to photosynth sucks even worst.

using 920 as well. Do this for kicks, make a decent panorama, lets say over 50 frames, then hit the checkmark, view it, then hit back to go take another one. How does your phone like it now?

The field of view (FOV) seems to be off on the lumia 920. I get about 300 degrees around and it thinks I've covered the full 360. So what ends up happening is a bunch of photos are overlayed at the start. I hope this is only my initial few play tests in my office. Can anyone else confirm/disprove this observation? How does it perform in large open spaces?

I've had the same problem mostly indoors. Outside things are better but from time to time things overlap before i get a full 360. It's pretty useless indoors unless you live in a ginormous house.

Disappointing. Hmmm.... I have an L920 and it works ok for panos of about 6 photos, but when you try a full 360 it crashes.
Truly sad, I don't know what is worse, the "YouTube App" or the sad shape of Photosynth.
Q of the day: is PS to blame or is WP8?

I'm disappointed with the quality of photosynth compared to when I used it on my iPhone 4s. The stitching is not good on my Lumia 920, and the photos seem way to unsharp.

It's nerve wrecking that it took them 4 months (one third of a year!!!) to update an app they created. What message are they sending to developers? It's just a bloody panorama app, which they took away from their users who updated from wp7.5 to 8, and it took a third of a year! It's surreal. Meanwhile, skype (one of wp8 main selling points for me), still in it's messy beta state, facebook app a ridiculous pile of crap which never gets updated, instagram nowhere to be seen etc etc etc.
i've been using wp for over a year and i love it, had many of my friends change to it in the meantime, but if they don't change their attitude, they are going to lose the traction they are so slowly and painstakingly gaining. MS needs to move faster!
Look at how pathetic this all is, we are all happy and celebrating the release of a PANORAMA app which we had last year, and the competition had for a long time. I mean, what's their strategy?
This is bad news guys, bad news.

It green screens my Nokia 920 camera!!! Aaargh, I have to reboot the camera EVERYTIME I use Photosynth. I never had a problem on my 900 under WP7.1. NEEDS WORK.

Green screen here, massive battery drain also. I'll still use it though. Hope it's not taken down, fix while still in marketplace. I believe it was released knowing of current problems. Battery 98% to 14% in about 90 minutes.

I get a green screen on my Nokia 920. If I reboot my camera the screen is still green. I basically have to restart the phone to get rid of it. I haven't noticed any abnormal battery drain rate. After waiting forever for this app to make wp8, this happens. waiting on a fix.

Ok I have to highlight this, I almost NEVER had a heating probelm, except once or twice when I ran the navi for a long time,
but when I installed this app, and used for a while (10-12min), the phone became like a microwave and the battery charge was GONE !, I closed the app, next morning afer a restart and just using other apps, the phone heat again came up!, I think this app runs on the background and cause all this hictic side effects,,,,UNINSTALLED

Seems buggy on my L920. I've only really tried it inside my apartment, but it has problems "connecting" images, like when I pan the camera to get another angle. Gets all messy.