Official Vimeo bumped to version 2, returns to Windows Phone 8 with premium membership offer

Vimeo has released an update for its app on Windows Phone, bringing it back to Windows Phone 8 and up to version 2.0. Consumers were reportedly experiencing issues with downloading and using the app, which is now evidentially rectified. As well as returning to the store, the Vimeo app also sports a special offer for Lumia Windows Phone owners. 

Lumia smartphones open up a free 3 month trial of Vimeo Plus membership (worth $30), which is handy should you be looking at possibly taking out a subscription. We last looked at Vimeo back in December, when the app was updated for Windows Phone 8 smartphones. We've reached out to the Vimeo team for a full list of changes for version 2.

Be sure to note anything you've noticed in the new version in the comments. You can download Vimeo from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Official Vimeo bumped to version 2, returns to Windows Phone 8 with premium membership offer


"Why are u so slow on news WPC..."
Looks more like a statement to me.  An unfinished statement at that.  There is no question mark "?".  Just a bunch of ellipsis.  I have zero idea what his/her train of thought is.  It's not obvious to me.  However, like most on the site it seems as a critical statement.  Moreover, if he/she had already read the news somewhere else he/she could have simply wrote " yeah, I read that the other day at so and so."  I read multiple tech sites daily.  Sometimes all the sites carry the same news and sometimes others don't report on a certain product or rumor.  That's why I read multiple sites, not to criticize one site for not reporting something.  C'mon man.

It's the weekend after Mobile World Congress, and the team has had either intense travel plans or real life to contend with. There's the odd day when we're slow, but we're only human. Also, we reached out to Vimeo and were hoping for a prompt reply. But again, it's the weekend.

I read this news somewhere else.
I TIP you to post this news because I know most of our WP community reads WPC and I want them to know about it.

P.S: For someone who visits WPC More than Facebook updated news matters.

Fair enough, had you mentioned that in your post it would have been more clear and saved a lot of needless commentary. Lol I visit here more often than fb as well.

Hell, download just came out a day ago. In the long run, if they report it one day or even two days later will it matter? The answer is no. Will it matter in the short run? Only to those that have not downloaded or used vimeo yet. Otherwise the app store would have told you. Next.

I'm sure, but Google does control internet. Actually it dominates it. 
We have already seen what some Google decissions can do to Windows Phone and i'm not sure if Microsoft want to tease them more. 
Also you got a ask, could Microsoft really make Vimeo a competitior to Youtube, really. 

I don't think there can be a competitive alternate to YouTube. They've had too much time to build a catalog and name recognition for another company to challenge them at this point and pose a legitimate threat.

Considering they continue to sit on their hands with a bunch of their own stuff, I doubt they'd actually do anything with vimeo.

It's a pretty cool app, but it is not able to upload from the camera roll in WP8 so personal videos for upload must be taken using Vimeo...which is fine; I will just have to remember to switch to Vimeo when taking a video for upload.

I should say if you want to upload directly from your phone. You can still move them off of your camera roll to your computer and upload them.

I would be utmost honored if you guys took a look at the WinPhan Channel on Vimeo! I've worked at collecting WP videos and want to be able to share them with everyone as I don't support YouTube and refuse to use it. I'm adding new ones daily as I find them and as people send them to me to upload. I've even talked to WP Central about offering their videos on my channel so those of us desperately seeking a way to not use YouTube, can also enjoy WP videos! Here is my channels link. If you have any vids you want on their, please email me and send it to me, we'll get it uploaded!