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Vevo for Windows Phone keeps pace with iOS and Android, gets Vevo TV in latest update

Vevo, that joint venture between Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI, and Abu Dhabi Media, picked up an update today for its Windows Phone offering. If you’re a fan of music videos and want to watch your favorite artists on the go, Vevo is a decent app to satisfy those needs. Let’s check out what’s new.

Besides the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, the biggest addition in version 3.2 of Vevo is Vevo TV.

Vevo TV is a stream that runs 24/7 with music videos, specials programs, and live events. The marketing angle is that it is powered by humans and not algorithms, videos are selected by Vevo staff and not Watson the supercomputer.  This feature is currently only available to users in the United States and Canada (probably blame licensing with record companies). Think of it like MTV, before all the reality shows. Obviously, it’s an ad supported channel.

Vevo for Windows Phone

What’s interesting is that this Vevo TV feature was just announced today and is already available in the Windows Phone app. That means Vevo thought the Windows Phone app was worth updating at the same time with their iOS and Android offerings. It’s a good sign when a fairly large app gets updated for Windows Phone in the same time frame as competing operating systems. Thanks for keeping us in mind Vevo.

Vevo for Windows Phone is a free app that you can download here from the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or by swiping right in our app. Thanks, Amir, for the tip!

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Vevo for Windows Phone keeps pace with iOS and Android, gets Vevo TV in latest update


It's your Microsoft account that you have to change in that case. So he would loose all of his app purchase, saved games, etc.

No, he does not have to change the Microsoft account info. Changing the country/region in the language + region settings is enough.

Oh shit second first comment in the history of halamadridkimi

nice app works very well, more of this kind of apps and viber, plz come sooner than soon

Wow, just because of the effort they went through and with this interesting concept, I'm downloading Vevo right now! Good job Vevo

Wow I'm really amazed at the quality of the TV part. On my unlocked HTC Titan I always have to wait for videos to load fully to get skip-free playback no matter how fast my connection is.(guess an unlocked issue) But with Vevo TV the videos just play without any skipping,buffering, or loading. Why can't my other videos play like that?

It's nice but I don't understand why apps like this and metrotube cant run in the backround. If i want to look for another video while currenly listening to a song. Nope! Not possible!
Still great though.

Logically speaking, videos are for looking at. If you want to only listen, why don't you use a music-only type app? I mean, I know you'd likely have to pay for such a service, but you get what you pay for, right?

Ok, so I get that I'm probably not the demographic they are catering to... but I don't use Facebook and further have zero interest in it. I guess that precludes me from using Vevo TV. Disappointing.

Not really sure how watching music videos has anything to do with using Facebook.....

Edit: My B. I didn't realize we were talking about the TV option. I'm fine just using Vevo as it is. Don't need another app clogging up my Facebook account

Finally got rid of (or at least reduced) those incessant commercials. Now I'll actually consider using this app once in a while.

Weird...on the store it says now avail in alot of languages,i'm from Canada region and when I installed the update it installed in Spanish?!? Instead of in french because my 920 OS is in French. wtf? A bug maybe..anyone have the same prob? Vevo always been in English before

I like it how they couldn't be bothered colour-matching the background of the app to the background of the JPEG logo they used.

remember to send them a tweet and thank them for this.  This way they know there is an install base for windows phone, even if that install base is small compared to iOS and Android.

I'll stick with SuperTube for my Vevo access, considering the more interesting features aren't available outside of the US and Canada.

Wish Spotify wanted to make a solid app. Coming from android I can't even use Spotify on WP I was much happier with Xbox music pass

I quickly just watched 2 videos and the sound and video is completely out of sync, we are talking like 4s at least, it's ridiculous  video in general usually works fine on my 920.

I coudnt find it when I searched the Store, but when I scanned  the QR code from the article it worked!

Great news, I watch Vevo a ton! When I go back to Windows Phone (probably when Verizon gets it's new batch) this will be a welcome download.