Engadget updates their app to take advantage of Windows Phone 8

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We get it, you like tech news and you don’t only read Windows Phone Central. Sometimes you like to go to other sites. For example, Engadget, who just so happens to have updated their Windows Phone app to be sympatico with Windows Phone 8.

Launched back in March 2004 by Peter Rojas, Engadget quickly became one of the best technology sites around. They continually provide excellent coverage and are definitely on my list of sites I check daily for news coverage outside the Windows Phone bubble. They were one of the first major tech sites to release an app just for Windows Phone, and it was a fairly good app too. The latest update takes it to another level – it’s packing a new beautiful design, faster performance, and Windows Phone 8 features. Like these:

  • A non-stop, daily stream of all the news on Engadget, Engadget Mobile, and Engadget HD
  • See features, reviews, unboxings, and hands-on coverage as it happens
  • Check out photo galleries of the latest gadgets
  • Watch streaming video of "The Engadget Show" without leaving the app
  • Get quick access to the Engadget Podcast
  • Use the in-app option to tip Engadget on breaking news
  • Commenting fully supported
  • Saving feature to bookmark articles and view while offline
  • Integrated mini web browser for viewing web content without leaving the app
  • Intuitive and clear interface

Engadget SC

Seriously, this is app is amazing for how clean the interface is and responsive it performs. Engadget recently switched to the Livefyre for their commenting system, and it’s fully supported within the app. So you can comment read the comments and add your voice to the discussion at hand. In article support for image galleries is excellent too, click view images and you get a nice view of all the pictures accompanying the post. If you’re a fan of the Engadget podcast you’ll get access to all those episodes as well. Another Windows Phone 8 feature you'll find is support for a double wide tile. Don't think I saw fast app resume or lock screen support though. Edit: I should clarify that the app can be used as a notification on the lockscreen, but can't be used as the lock screen background. Also, Jay pointed out to me that the comments aren't native in the app - instead it is loaded in the browser control. 

The latest Engadget update is a winner in our book, you can grab it for free right here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo engadget

Thanks for the tip Romit M!


Reader comments

Engadget updates their app to take advantage of Windows Phone 8


Give me a Samsung phone or give me a vector of one. Ok? Still looking for an 8X one. Don't get hurt over it.

That's a great app "Apply Geek" also they have a great Win8 app as well.. I use it and Weave tech app.

seems like they mostly bash MS products when comparing it to the all mighty ipad. but i cant lie, i visit that website all the time.

Funny, I've often felt they had a google/android bias. But I love the verge, too. Just wish they would write headlines about MS products without the snark sometimes. We get it: you guys prefer google!

I hope they don't ever have a WP app. The Verge is pretty biased and they've started diving into political bull crap and are liberal biased with that. Not to mention the recent feminist nonsense they've been going on and on about. Screw the verge

Sounds like plenty of good reasons for you to stop frequenting that site... so why don't you? I stopped long ago. I also stopped going to Engadget because they seem biased as well not to mention their style of writing became very old quickly.

Oh I stopped. Never again. They are ten times worse than Engadget ever was. They cant take any sort of criticism either, if you call them out, they ban you from commenting, even if you arent nasty or anything about it. I'll have to find a new site or two now besides WPC for tech stuff.

Ya, you know I started going to the Verge because of my issues with Engadget. When I first went, it seemed fresh and fairly unbiased, but that changed real quick and you are right, they are much worse. I check out some other sites from time to time, but  the Verge and Engadget just kind of soured me on tech sites for now.

The "political crap" is the only thing worth reading. Outstanding reports on Bradley Manning's witch trial but they also exploded all over the scam that is Groupon. These guys can also WRITE, unlike too many of the "writers" at Mobile Nations- the ones who don't know that "its" is a word.

I just use a shortuct to their mobile site pinned to my start screen.  I make sure I go to the microsoft page before I save it though, then I get to miss out on most of their other crap.

Sam: "Don't think I saw fast app resume or lock screen support though."
Actually, it IS in the list of apps that can be used to display quick status on lockscreen. I believe that's for showing the unread count.

Does anyone have the same issues I have regarding the embedded video links in the articles? I can't ever get them to play. Once you click on the the "Play" button, I get redirected to the YouTube mobile site and says that the video is not available, or something like that. If I decide to launch the IE version of the article, video works just fine.

Are you using the "You Tube" app by Microsoft?  It use to work with MetroTube app then it stopped.  I had to use the "YouTube" app by Microsoft for it to work.  You might want to try that if you're not already using that particular app.

I currently have both. I would try re-installing the Microsoft version. If that doesn't work I don't know what else to say. Then again you may uninstall both and reinstall by trying one at a time. Just a thought.

Still doesn't work. So, when you click on play, the YouTube "app" launches for you and not just open in the browser?

That's correct. Before it would state I didn't have a program to run the video even though I had MetroTube. When I installed the YouTube app my Microsoft it started working. That's all. Hopefully you'll get yours up and running soon.

Thanks for trying to help me out. Couldn't get it to work, no matter what, though. What phone are you using by the way? I'm using the L920.

Hello, I'm a product manager and engineer at AOL involved in the Engadget app. We'll be working to address the YouTube issue. Lock screen feature is in the works as well.
Thanks for downloading everyone!

Man do I enjoy Engadget.  They review and talk about all types of tech stuff.  But of course there in none better than WPCentral when it comes to Windows Phone news.  None!

They are the ones that started the rumor, $199 Surface RT. $199 is what was expected when it came out.

Finally a decent update... But still not as polished as WPC! The comment system is still slow. Everything things else is cool. Did they ever get the windows 8 version fixed?

I dont think we should attack the verge just yet i dont think Dieter is going out his way not to make a decent WP app considering they cover WP and we bring traffic to their site like any other readers but apps require time and money and you'll just end up complaining once a paid one came out anyways

First of all, it's about freaking time. The previous app was impressively bad. Second, I don't read Engadget anymore since they changed the website and implemented the horrific Livefyre commenting system. Whoever decided to do that definitely lacks a brain.

They did that because on 90% of the articles the top ranked comment was a good honest critique of the bias of the writer or called out the gross inaccuracies in the post. They would delete them, but then they would get called out for that. Don't worry though, their hit website traffic is down by over 70% and Apple is no longer a direct advertiser. In other words, they are fucked and will have to bring back a comment system with rankings because that's the only thing that kept people around.

Yeah, they said they were going to add the ability to sort comments by likes, but of course they lied.

I am disappointed that you can't share the articles using SMS and the videos are links and they don't play. I use an app called Geekbyte its night and day better even the Engadget feed is better.

I've been reading The Verge as it suits my tastes better. Yet since there's no The Verge app for WP8, I might be switching to Engadget soon... >_>

Try Geekbyte or the free one geekbit. Nice layout and you could have many tech sites in one spot the verge, WP central, Engadget, wmpoweruser, neowin, etc.

A lot of the bias left with the last staffing change. Dana actually does a pretty good job covering MS at that site.

When I open the app it takes me directly to Featured section. Before it took me to Latest section. Anyway to change the default?

My live tile was not updating so I unpinned it and repinned it. Now it only opens to the Featured section. No way to change it that I can find.

I love this app because you can actually click on underlined links rather than having to go to links on a separate screen after swiping right like the WPC app. Hopefully they'll update their WP7 app though. It exits on its own if you let your phone go to sleep making it unusable!

The UI is slick and it's a well-put together app, but there are a few things that keep me from using it over Weave: no orientation lock (drives me crazy), no dark background, and no ability to go to Latest upon launch instead of Featured. I'll keep using Weave but shall keep an eye on this app.

I love this update except for the very annoying fact that, much like whatsapp, it misuses the audio API, apart for that, it's both beautiful and responsive.

The font choice is horrible. The site is an effort to read now. I really wish they'd included so.e options to let us choose fonts and a dark theme.

Nice with the option to read Android and iPhone news. But I stay with Mobile Nations. I may hate my L920 but I know loyalty and quality. And the WPCentral app just unbelievable superior. I'm on WP so il read about WP only, that's frustrating enough.