SteadyCam for Windows Phone 8, helps you keep a steady hand


While the Nokia Lumia 920 has optical stabilization to minimize the impact of camera movements, other Windows Phones lack such features. SteadyCam is a Windows Phone 8 app that hopes to help make up for things by only taking a photo when there is no movement detected from your Windows Phone.

The interface is really no-nonsense in that all you have is the viewfinder. You take your photo as you would otherwise by using the hardware camera button (sorry, no screen touch shutter support). If the app senses any movement in your Windows Phone a message window will pop up telling you hold things still.

Once no movement is detected, SteadyCam will take the picture and save it to your Pictures Hub.

SteadyCam viewfinder

In trying out SteadyCam, it detects the slightest of movements and waits about a second once the movement stops to take the picture. If you move the camera within that second, the photo won't be taken until you hold things steady.

SteadyCam isn't a bad camera app but it just felt lacking. It would be nice if SteadyCam provided you access to the camera settings or review photos taken. If you're curious if your picture softness is from camera motion, SteadyCam might be a good diagnostic tool.

SteadyCam is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

SteadyCam for Windows Phone 8, helps you keep a steady hand


This app needs to implement a lens in the next update. Once that happens I could see it being useful on my 8X.

I haven't tried it, but isn't the hardware delay of the lens going to render this useless? I mean you have nearly a second after you press the button to screw it up...

This would piss me off if i was trying to take a quick photo of a pet or child or something and it decided for me it wasn't good enough and then the moment passed...
Good idea though.