Samsung continues to support Windows Phone, releases app updates

Samsung App Updates

Samsung has released a number of updates for its collection of Windows Phone apps, found on the Samsung Zone. We can confirm that a number of notifications have been received for multiple apps. It's good to see Samsung continuing to support Windows Phone with updates to its core list of apps exclusively available to customers. So what's been updated?

We've counted four apps:

Unfortunately, we could not locate a change log for each app, so do shout out in the comments if you've noticed anything in the latest versions. You can locate all the apps mentioned in this article over in the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store (use the above links or below QR codes).

QR: Now     QR: Music Hub

QR: Photo Editor     QR: MiniDiary


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Samsung continues to support Windows Phone, releases app updates


agreed....I'm actually kind of shocked that Samsung is even updating these apps.  I would've thought it would be HTC over Samsung if at all.

Anywho... HTC apps that need updating include: HTC Hub .... <well, everything but the Flashlight app and Photo Enchancer>

It is true! The coleest extra htc exclusive app it is a general info app that give you time, weather and stock! 

I've stopped hoping for ONE simple firmware update to cure the disappearing keyboard on my Titan. Now it doesn't know my location so Search button, Local scout, Music ID, and Navigation no longer work. Just biding my time until contract expiration and then HELLO latest Nokia. Once that is accomplished the phone brand Roulette wheel will stop. Samsung is right out. After owning a Galaxy S, I concluded that Sam had Sung his last tune. (ha ha. get it? pretty damn funny) Why is everyone leaving?

HTC is broke. They've cut the money to promote the one. They just don't have they funds. I'd love to see Microsoft buy them and turn the ship around before it's to late.

Really? You sound bitter. Microsoft has updated the Surface every month since it's been out. Windows Phone has been updated at least quarterly. 

Well I guess HTC is being honest by showing no support for the high end 8X. I haven't got 1 update since I got it Christmas..

I've had 3 updates on mine...what's your carrier? You know the carriers have the final say of whether or not you get the update... Some carriers are supportive with updates and some aren't. :(

Beats audio and attentive touch got updates but that was before Christmas so I think those were pre-installed on your phone. But all the apps in the marketplace from HTC did got updated too..

Damn Nokia and their exclusives. Fragmentation. (Buyer's Remorse) Wait...this is Samsung?  Oh well...
INSTAGRAM NOW or I'm leaving the platform.

Precisely. As much as I would hate to see people switch, I'll gladly hold the door open for anyone who isn't willing to open their eyes and embrace the loads of great apps we do have.

You should probably use the "/s" tag for something like that. Sarcasm doesn't always translate well over the internet.

It was the "INSTAGRAM NOW or I'm leaving the platform" that gave it away. That horse has been beaten to death a thousand times over. Only a first class moron or a true, veteran smart ass would throw that quip into a totally unrelated post straight out of the clear blue sky. And with such panache, I might add.

At least you Samsung and HTC guys aren't dealing with the LTE connectivity issues us Lumia 920's owners have been having :/ ... 

You don't consider missed calls and delayed text messages on a MOBILE device "that big of an issue."

It's weird, my L920 has had every issue that L920s have, which is a ton (I think it is time to call this phone a lemon, no?).  But this particular issue, I have not had.
My new issue after the firmware update is that the proximity sensor went from deactivating my phone every time I was on a call (so that I could not do things like hang up) to never deactivating my phone, even if I put a book over it.  Fortunately, I can use the power button to toggle the screen, but it's still annoying.

I believe Samsung is just putting out empty updates to please its users... HTC, WAKE UP and give ur Users something >.>

What do you expect from HTC? They cancelled their true high end W8 phone (zenith). Their struggling as a company. I don't think they have the resources to fund and promote W8.

I was just about to say that....

I had sworn a previous HTC FB phone had came out and was DOA. It was a qwerty phone I believe. I can't remember the name of it though. ...HTC Status?

Anywho, I don't see the HTC First being a huge $$ grabber for them. It think it will be a slap in the face to MS if they come out with another flagship Android this year -as there are already talk/rumors about the Butterfly 2 coming out.

im enjoying it aswell. to bad their porting the wrong apps. like their music app is nothing more than a rebrand, rss times for example soon they will have to pull it due to googles decision to kill off google reader service & they removed Family Story but have yet to replace it with something else from their wp6.x/7.x app catalog. would be nice to see their dlna app updated for wp8 as 3rd party alternatives suck. cant wait to see it on tmo as i had seen a screenshot of a of a system setting labeled wi-fi calling under their contacts import screenshots marketplace listing. can anybody say UMA has returned on WP

Nokia is getting nervous.  I believe they have awakened a sleeping giant!  Before you know it, Samsung is going to get a developer to create an exclusive app for Sammy phones...like myspace!

I'll try to explain my comment using a few foreign languages.  You've obvioulsy couldn't detect my....
sarcasmo, sarkasmem, sarkasme, 讽刺, sarkasmo, uyam, sarkasmi, სარკასტულ, Sarkasmus, σαρκασμός, કટાક્ષ, ताना, gúny, kaldhæðni, searbhas, 皮肉, ಚುಚ್ಚುಮಾತು, mordacitas, sindiran, kejeli, lới chế nhạo, coegni, การเสียดสี

BRAVO! Smart-assery abounds in this thread.That post was truly hand crafted. It was so finely woven that only we members of the "smart ass guild" could ascertain the difference between a masterpiece and a forgery.

anyone knows how to get my ATIV to scan store for changes ? most of the time i get updates from wpcentral before i see the available update on the live tile

i kinda understand why samsung ativ s is selling bad, but i dont understand why people are buying htcs 8x and 8s.
nokia just do much more than htc and samsung, why buying htc then? dont you miss free nokia music, drive+, and other awesome stuff that nokia is offering to lumia owners in nokia collection?

Not all carriers get Nokia phones... Bell in Canada has the Ativ S, 8X, and 8S.... I would have definitely preferred a Lumia 920, but Bell is the best carrier in the country and I rather have good service than a Lumia. The Ativ S is still an excellent phone, but Samsung has a cash cow with Android and Nokia only has WP8. Plus I already have Nokia Music and Drive.

While you make a good point, the sheer industrial design of the 8x and even the 8s make them a tempting option. The 8x is in the top 3 best looking phones ever made in my book. Plus its the only oem that has a clock tile.

I love my 920 and wouldn't swap it. But i miss the clock tile i had on my 7.8 moded hd2.

That said, i now couldn't live without Nokia music

You have a point , but there's more to it than exclusive Apps !
Personally, I bought an 8X over a Lumia 920/820 for many reasons, like :
- i love the design of the 8X , don't get me wrong , i don't think the 920 is ugly , i think the design worked better on the 800 but didn't translate well into a bigger phone ! The Ativ is meh though.

- I think the screen is gorgeous & at a 4.3" 16:9 its narrow enough to be held & used with one hand .

- i liked the build quality of the 8X more than the 920 .

- It have a good camera (at least compared to my old Atrix lol) & it fits my need , since all I do taking pictures of cars .... You can find em on Instgram at IceDree ... Lol

- The 8X was a 112 dollars cheaper than the Lumia 920 & 30 less than the 820 (820's SuperAMOLED is a deal breaker for me)

- I don't care about Removable batteries or expandable storage anymore , so 16GB was good enough for me ... Used an Atrix for almost 2 years & only used 8GB outta 16GB + 32GB card .

- my last 2 Nokia phones fell apart in less than a year , so i wasn't ready for another one .

That' just me ....

If they are fond of Windows Phone they should release a app for their Smart TVs like they did for iOS and Android.

Forgot that there is one discontinued the family story app or whatever its called. With the latest firmware update Telus pushed.

Does anyone actually use any of these Samsung apps?  I tried one or two of them when I first got my Focus S and the experience just reaffirmed what I've always observed since the beginning of time:  with few exceptions, hardware companies SUCK at software with the level of suck increasing exponentially the closer to the user the software is.  Even Nokia's WP apps (which I'll admit I haven't used) are not that big of a factor when considering the entire package.  Most if not all of your needs are going to be better served by third party apps anyway, IMO.

While the Samsung apps suck balls. Nokias, do not. Nokia music is just an a grade phenomenon of a service. Here maps and drive are pretty sweet too.

NOKIA is actually doing a solid job with their apps. I really like the HERE app family - you can choose which extend of functionally you need by only installing specific apps like HERE Maps and Transit if you only need these functionalities and depending of which apps you have installed from the family they are reckoned by the apps and interconnected into the experience.
So going with the example above, if you search for a place in the Maps app you can then get directions to it and even rough transit info as well; If you then have the Transit App installed you get the option for nor details and alternate transit routes by being redirected to the other App. Works great.

And so far I've not seen another App like HERE City Lense ...

The support of Nokia was the entire reason why I picked my 822 over the sexy 8x, long term support is everything when buying anything, knowing that Nokia is dependent on the success of WP and that Samsung could care less while HTC is struggling makes Nokia the obvious choice.

i got a chance to use the ativ oddysey at verizon.  takes better pictures than my 822 by far.  if samsung comes out with one with wireless charging i'm in.  love my 822 but a great camera is important.

Its very simple guys.If ur on android ship then its gotta be samsung and if u happens to be on windows then mokia is the way..

Holy shit! Another phone maker out there with Winp8??? I've never heard of these guys. Probably a Nokia knock-off.