Lumia 920 ‘1314’ firmware gets announced, fixes AT&T phones with connection problems [Updated]

[Update: Nokia Care US is now claiming that this is for AT&T users, and it should be live. Our device is now updated at 1:22pm ET...]

While a lot of Lumia 920 owners are getting the 1308 firmware (which is busted for AT&T users, having been recently halted), Nokia is pushing out a follow up to it numbered 1314. That update, as far as we know, has not actually started to go to devices and it’s not currently on Nokia’s Navifirm server (the highest is 1310 for China’s Lumia 920T).

But it may be real close...

The update has a similar Changelog to the 1308 update, but looks to fix some connectivity problems that some users have been experiencing:

  • Improved automatic display brightness adjustment
  • Fix for intermittent screen blanking during a call
  • Improvements for connectivity issues in certain network conditions
  • Performance and stability improvements

That third point looks to be directly related to issues that AT&T users have been plagued with for just over two weeks now. Those problems have caused intermittent and unreliable data connections, often over LTE on Lumia 920s, causing much frustration for users.

No word on when this update is going out, though Nokia typically kicks off updates around 11am PT/1PM ET, meaning this could go live at any moment. We’ll of course follow up with any information as it comes in.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, canadian1der, for the tip!


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Lumia 920 ‘1314’ firmware gets announced, fixes AT&T phones with connection problems [Updated]



I was getting worried about it at first... but just as I was about to come here to ask how long it should take it booted right back up :).  Probably about 10 minutes or so (if that long, wasn't paying too much attention to it here at work.  Talking to the cable guy to upgrade us from DSL to cable internet...
Migrating my data now...

Um downloaded update now I'm gettin 20 mbs down 12 mbs up that's awesome!!!! Something's up that's better than my home internet

Update loaded successfully! I love this phone and Nokia! Nokia has been one of the best vendors of mobile phone support! Pflugerville, TX

Im wondering how long will take for Rogers to get it..OTA. Im on Rogers with 1308. I got it on 1308 using the Nokia Software Updater for Retail. However, 1314 is not there...and even if it was, i dont think i want to re-flash it again.

really nice of them to send notifications to everyone who contacted them about connectivity issues via twitter too (i was on one of them, got an @mention a bit ago)

No major problems updating here, except that after the final reboot it got stuck on the blue WP loading screen. Had to do a soft reset, but everything seems to be fine. Just tested my speed, and connecting to a server about 600 miles away gave me speeds of 19 Mpbs down and almost 13 up. No idea why the SpeedTest.net app thinks New York is my closest server, but it worked.

the storage tool will be installed sometime after the update as it is done thru the store not the ota update.

Updated fine here. It definitely seems to have fixed my issues w/ losing connectivity completely; the phone now switches between HSPA+ and LTE without issue like it used to. Too soon to tell any effects on connection speed or battery life.

Just got 1308 on UK SIM free 920. All went well but on restart it got stuck in flight mode. Reset caused it to tell me it was going to reset...again. All fine now no difference do far. Before update though live tiles weren't updating and screen turned off when I was on a call while trying to access calendar. Also had random reboots especially on wireless charging pad.
I would like a percentage left in the battery on the top of the screen for ...... Sake. Imagine not knowing how long your battery has left and a tile that updated every half hour and appears to be inaccurate, come on Microsoft its fundamental and very necessary and basic......

But could also be patented and may be impossible for MS to implement in the OS. That's always been my theory on why no MS products will ever have battery percentage displayed. I could be wrong though. They should do like Xbox does for the controller and have battery bars (5 of them).

My ATT 920 wad perfect until the update, but I have had severe battery drain issues since then. Was that one of the 1308 issues? Hope this update fixes that.

Just finished updating my AT&T Lumia 920. No problems. I never had LTE/Data problems with the last update, so maybe I'm lucky.
East Bay, California

In Austin, Tx on AT&T, got the 1314 update installed...  I still cannot text.... OMG!!!   This is horrible.  I rebooted, powered off after that.  I am at a loss for words, which is a first for me.  Connection bouncing around: LTE, 4g, low signal.   Ugh..............

I wish they'd fix a GPS bug in seeing. My phone always thinks I'm in Steinway Station, New York and that's almost a thousand miles away. All my apps that use GPS are useless.

Just fnished updating, and seems like my touchscreen is phucked up.
When I click the power button, and swipe up to unlock the phone, the first swipe doesn't go all the way up (about 1/4-inch off the screen), and will only go the second swipe.
Anyone else having this problem??
I have rebooted and change the settings on display+touch.
Quite annoying. :(

I had that issue in the beginning after the 1308 update. I reset the phone, changed the touch sensitivity to high, turned off the phone, turned it back on, then changed it back to normal and it was working again.

Just completed the update in San Francisco. Here are my speedtest results:
Test Date: 4/11/2013 1:07:28 PM
Connection Type: Cellular
Server: San Francisco, CA
Download: 4.80 Mbps
Upload: 5.79 Mbps
Ping: 66 ms
Test Date: 4/11/2013 1:41:56 PM
Connection Type: Cellular
Server: San Francisco, CA
Download: 7.69 Mbps
Upload: 7.86 Mbps
Ping: 67 ms
A SLIGHT improvement. Do those "after" speeds still seem a little slow to everyone else?

Unbelievable, read the article, went to settings, checked for update and it started downloading it!
First time ever for me. Unbranded Lumia 920 in Greece.
It just booted up and is migrating my data, cool :)

Got the update, and on reboot I got the "gears of doom." Gears have been rolling for about 2 hours now.

Its not coming back..see my previous posts on how to reset your phone from being bricked (simple and doesn't involve trying to figure out which firmware you have/need from navifirm).

ATT just told me that after an update or after a new SIM card is installed, LTE can sometimes take a little while to fully kick in....

...oh, I got 1308 after all, anyway, guess it's just a matter of time till I get 1314 (which kinda reminds me of the SW game that got cancelled hehe).

Has anyone noticed Bluetooth not working after the update. Our cars system doesn't even see my Nokia now after the update. The Bluetooth icon in the status bar is grey. Wasn't it white if it was on?

I have the same issue with 1308 - my Ford Sync doesn't see my or my wife's phone. Hoping the new update will fix that.

I actually had a blutooth issue prior to the update where the connection to the car would hang. After the update the same thing happened so i deleted the connection on both ends and will try to reconnect tonight. My wife had no issue connecting with her 920 post update but she wasn't connected pre-update so ... not exactly apples and apples.
Update: after uninstalling and reconnection all is good.

1314 update success. Had a bit of a scare since it was on the gears screen for about 15 minutes but thank god, I waited. Whole process took about 30 minutes. Will test LTE since I was having intermittent connection issues with 1308 too.

Had no trouble doing the update. For those that have the gears of doom. Let the battery completely drain. Then plug it in. This worked for me before.

I've successfully upgraded to both 1308 and now 1314. I'm in Minneapolis on AT&T with a Lumia 920. I'm using an AT&T Microcell because of poor cellular signal in my home. My cellular signal graph shows full bars, sometimes 4G, rarely LTE, usually no indication, which is what? 3G? With 1308 Speedtest.net app reported d/l 2.42 u/l 0.38 and a ping of 281. With 1314, d/l 0.91 u/l 0.10 and ping 266. None of this sounds good. What are good numbers for a cellular connection?

I'm seriously pissed off at Nokia for releasing updates to at&t 3 months or so before the rest of the world.

My phone is UNBRANDED, pure stock Nokia and I get updates 3 months after at&t. Very frustrating. Makes me just want to get an iPhone next when I have to wait 3months after an update release to install it.

AT&T is their biggest carrier here in the states so it only makes sense that they will issue updates for them first. Yes you may save some $$ by going with an unbranded phone but it also contains some negatives such as this. If you go for an unbranded iPhone, if you can get one, you will may see the same thing.

I'm in the East Bay area of California. I was one of the lucky ones who had no issues after the 1308 update. Just installed the 1314 update. The whole process took 22 minutes from start to finish. Everything seems to be working normally so far.

For those of you looking and wondering about the storage tool, it is installed sometime after via the store. It is not included in the firmware from the ota update.

Has anyone noticed a change on their home screen, seems like the top row of apps is farther from the top compared to before the update.

Would someone dial ##3282 on their updated phone see if the Field Test menu comes up. It didn't with the 1308 firmware so I had to reflash my phone with the 1249 firmware so I could actually force 2G so I could make calls from home.

Got the phone on Feb. 25th (welcome me to AT&T please). So yeah right from the start I got pretty bad reception in my area (although i'm in the dark orange on there online map), funny though as two of my neighbors have Iphone 4s and they get 4 or 5 bars where I live. Anyway, 1308 made it worse so I got a MicroCell, that works awesome.... when it works that is. I have to reboot it between 2 and 4 times a day as I just lose signal for some reason. I'd say it's just my phone, but sadly I purchased 3 lumia 920's at the same time and they all pretty much have the same issue. Anyway, got the new update today and nope nothings changed... still crap reception. I did however have a few odd moments about an hour after install like ... Getting 4 bars in my house (about 10 mins.) but no listing next to bars to tell me what I was even on... then 5 bars E, 2 bars lte, 4 bars 4g and back to 1 bar lte.  All that in about 10 seconds while i was on the phone with AT&T tech support complaining that update and phone has not been nice to me at all. Plus my MicroCell keeps kicking my phones off.
Anyway, turned off the auto switch option on MicroCell to see if that helped me maintain signal in my house, sadly for the first time tonight it didn't kick me off with no change to the MicroCell, it actually kicked me off for the first time because the internet light was blinking although my internet has been going strong all night with around 30mb down and 7mb up. I really love my phone and I really want to like AT&T but man my patience is running low.
Oh yeah, back to the update... not doing much for me.

It is coming out with the next firmware software update from Nokia. It was not included with this update.

Argggg....I hope they either allow it to work again or at least leak out the code, assuming there is one. Until then I'm sticking with 1249.

I hope the improvements include battery life improvements.  I have 5 background tasks running and before the end of the day my battery is gone after light useage throughout the day.  Last night I went to sleep with 100% and this morning woke up with 62%.  I had bluetooth and data off.  We'll see how it goes tonight....

Doesn't seem to fix the battery drain problem I have.  I've had my new Lumia 920 for just under 2 weeks.  Every 2-3 days the battery will start draining at about 10-15% per hour while idle.  It's brand new so I have nothing installed on it.  I've gone to bed with it fully charged, wake up to it in battery saver mode and almost dead.  Soft reset seems to fix it for a couple days and I get stellar battery life.. then back to massive drainage.

I've noticed that when the phone is warm above the camera and I haven't been doing anything to cause it a power cycle or reboot fixes the issue. The temp of the phone drops rather quickly after the reboot.

I received and installed the update without a hitch, but we don't have LTE from AT&T yet up here in Mendocino County in NW CA, so I can't comment on whether this fixed anything or not ;)  They did just turn on LTE to my south in Sonoma County though, hopefully we'll have it soon, AT&T is, thankfully all HSPA+ and HSPA+ w/EB here, we do have LTE though from Verizon, U.S. Cellular and Metro PCS.

Crap, I'm getting a "The update was downloaded, but couldn't be opened" error. I can't get it to try again though. The message doesn't go away. I tried rebooting the phone and nokia's new option to clear the cache....and when I go to the update screen in settings, it still shows the error. No option to try again or anything...just straight to the msg. Am I screwed? 
I'm a little dissapointed and I am not going to reset the phone to factory. If it comes down to that I am going to get a new phone because I have already had to resintall all my apps and re-configure every one of my app's settings 2x now on the nokia 920....I'm not going to go through that again....let alone every single time I want to update. 
Any thoughts?

Nevermind. I found a trick. To install a new language pack triggers a reset on the update scan else I would have had to wait a week for it to auto refresh ($%&%$ that). It appears to be installing now...

I thought AT&T tested every update on their networks to make sure they worked?  If this problem was so wide spread than how did it not get caught and fixed before release?
Isn't this the excuse carriers give for delaying updates, because they need to thorougly test it before releasing it?  Why are they making us wait days/weeks/months for updates under the guise of testing if widespread problems get through their tests?

Just letting you know that after an update you'll have to wait for a week before you can tell if battery life improved or not. (also after a factory reset you will see that the OS needs to "settle" itself for a week or so )

1314 fixed my issues. At work I get only 2 bars LTE and data/browser is now super fast like it was before 1308. Don't know what went wrong with the update but thanks for the quick response AT&T et al!

#screenShotsWp8 use this hash tag on twitter along with your screen shot. Microsoft won't show off the features of this great device then I think we should.

Anyone else with 1314 notice that after the update the tiles start lower on the screen. The tray at the top of the screen screen for time, signal strength etc. Is now about twice as thick as it used to be. The bottom tiles on my screen are now cut in half. I'd like to know if anyone else is seeing this.

My wife and I both have a Lumia 920. We left my wife at 1249 and I upgraded to 1308 and had no problems that I know of. I updated to 1314 yesterday and when I saw the comments about the tile position I compared mine to hers and they look the same to me.

After installing the update last night, connection quality and consistency has definitely improved this morning, especially at my workplace.

Lord at last. Now my Lumia flying in LTE. These last weeks were so frustrating. Missed calls, texts and data super inconsistent.

Is any still experiencing loss of service? Because I do with the new update. I just noticed that today. At&t NYC

I updated before leaving work and was able to catch an hour of the best show for Friday commute, Radio One's Essential Mix. The reception and connectivity were so solid, that it streamed over an hour...halfway across the world to Seattle... over Bluetooth to the car stereo... and with zero interruptions. I'm pretty happy.

For me the update installed perfect on my ATT 920 and all within about thirty minutes. Ever since i have updated there have been no network issues and i have noticed significantly improved battery life day to day which is awesome! So far this seems to be a win for my unit. Thanks Nokia!

This proves a quality company. Acknowledging the problem, and rolling out a fix quick instead of doing the blame game .. Hats off Nokia.. And keep adding new features :)

updated my lumia 920.  got the gears for hours before finally booting up.  i am now having connections issue constantly.  storage check is missing.  when booting up it displays "phone mode changed.  your phone will operate in GSM mode".  Louisiana.

Since this update my camera has been awful:/ sometimes when i take pictures there all pinkish color please fix this issue!

For me it seems that after I had downloaded this update I no longer get a "data" connetion even though Ill have 3 LTE bars. My email wont sync, cant download MMS text messages and cant get on the internet either. It gives me an error message. From what Ive noticed it only happens where I live and work. FT Lewis, Wa.
I was heading to the ATT store earlier today to get my phone checked out but on the way to the store and out/inside the store I could check my emails, download the MMS messages, and even get on the internet. This was with 4G service and LTE service.
 I assumed it magically fixed itself haha... Well as soon as I got back home too Ft Lewis with my 3 LTE bars nothing works again. Frustrating indeed because just few days ago it was working fine where I live.

I reset my phone and it loaded the firmware with the latest update. Discovered some apps I previously had were no longer compatible. Weird. Otherwise, things seem to be working better. I'll find out within the next few days.