You can buy the Lumia 520 for just $150 from Koodo Mobile

Lumia 520

When the Lumia 520 was announced at Mobile World Congress a few months back it was set to be the most inexpensive Windows Phone ever. And it really is, we’ve seen it go for $240 on eBay and for $190 in India. If you’re up in Canada you can get it for an insanely low amount of $150 through Koodo Mobile.


The Lumia 520 is an entry level smartphone for emerging markets. And at $150 could make a great media player or backup phone to supplement your higher end Windows Phone. To jog your memory it packs a 4 inch IPS LCD display with Super Sensitive Touch so you can use gloves. You’ve also got a 1GHz Dual-core Snapdragon processor with 512MB of RAM. 8GB of internal storage that you can expand with a microSD card. For more specs you can check our hands on of the device right here.

At $150 the phone is a steal. Look for our review fairly soon. Anyone of our friends up north interested in this?

Source: Koodo Mobile, Via: MobileSyrup

Thanks for the tip Mike and Bilal K!


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You can buy the Lumia 520 for just $150 from Koodo Mobile


$150 is a crazy good price.  Looking forward to your 520 review.  I'm convincing my father in law to get the 521 for T-Mobile.

By the way, Lumia 521 is sold out on HSN.com now.  Hopefully they sold some real numbers, and not its not just a low supply issue.

they only had 400 the first time they sold out. then they went back up for sale late the same day. My guess is theyve sold at least a good 500 - 600 devices.

It should be way more. They had 400 to start with, which sold out pretty quickly. Then the restocked and it was available online for the next few days - should have sold significantly more.

I know in the video, the guy claims they had 500 and they sold out while he was talking.  But then they got more in stock.  Hopefully it was a good number, as anything less than 4 digits isn't impressive.  I wonder when this phone is going to hit Walmart and T-Mobile stores.

Anything less than 4 digits isnt a good number for a few weeks, maybe, but 2 days? Selling over 500 phones in 2 days is amazing, ESPECIALLY for an entry level smartphone (a windows phone, no less).
Also, (officially) May 11th for Microsoft Stores and Walmarts. Unanounced but rumoured to be the 22nd of May  for T-Mobile stores and t-mobile.com 

Yep, my 2nd phone for weekends and fun...Rogers is reportedly getting the L520 too, but it'll probably come in at $180-200

Of course it's locked. No carrier in Canada sells their phones unlocked. But I'm sure it's not difficult to unlock - I've unlocked every GSM phone I've ever bought here in Canada including to date four nokias. Just poke around.

Got this phone for the sister for £110 unlocked to get rid of the crappy Nexus 4 she had.... And she really happy even with this low spec WP8

I almost gave myself a hernia laughing at this. You and yours should stick to flip phones because your lack of tech savvy is disturbing

Still prefer unlocked 620 bought in Malaysia for $210 for my partner (prefer my 920 but she found it too big). I think Nokia (& WP8) future lies in 'cheap' great value smart phones like these models

I agree. Entry level devices like the 520 and 620 will help Windows Phone gain market share. There will always be a need for high-end devices, but we'll grow with emerging markets first. 

Checked in with Kodoo (Winnipeg) after work yesterday. They don't expect to receive the devices before weekend, but said to check back on Friday in case.    Definitely picking one up.   Just have to decide who to give it to afterwards.