Rowi gets instant push notifications and more in latest update

Rowi for Windows Phone

A handful of weeks ago Hidden Pineapple teased about an upcoming update for Rowi. This morning the update is slowly propagated through the Windows Phone Store and should be available for everyone. Let’s check out what we get with the latest and greatest edition of Rowi.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ability to instantly receive push notifications with new notification types and lock screen support. You also get:

  • Bug fixes
  • Twitter 1.1 API support
  • Expanded URLs shown in lists of tweets
  • Receive tweets instantly inside of Rowi
  • Receive push notifications instantly on multiple devices with multiple accounts with new notification types and lock screen support
  • Higher resolution user images
  • User profile banner images
  • Favstar.fm integration

Rowi SC

The Windows Phone Store seems really slow this morning, the update shows in the web browser as version 3.4, but your will show 3.3 on the device. As usual, patience as the Store slowly updates itself and you’ll get the update soon enough.

What’s your favorite feature in the latest version? Live stream of your Twitter feed? Instant notifications? The use of banner images? Sound off below.

The app is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x users. The app also comes in a free and paid ($1.49, we incorrectly reported the price earlier as being higher. Reached out to Hidden Pineapple, $2.99 is the new price) version. The free version is on the left while the paid version is on the right for the QR codes below.

QR: Rowi

Source: Hidden Pineapple


Reader comments

Rowi gets instant push notifications and more in latest update


I changed to the official twitter app, but I might go back to Rowi to see how the update is.

Is there any reason why almost all twitter apps dont provide push notifications for new tweets? Only one I've found so far that does that is Peregrine and that is free and it pushes notifications for new tweets, mentions and messages, yet none of the paid apps can match that. I've bought Rowi, got Mehdow when it was free and none of them do it. Am I missing something?

AFAIk, it's not a feature really anyone wants. If I had a notification for everytime a "new Tweet" came in, I'd smash my phone. It'd also get very data intensive for the push servers, I'd imagine. But it's just not something that I see requested.

I can imagine that would be the case for a lot of people but wouldnt that work as an option? I dont have a lot of people I follow so I get very few tweets and practically no mentions or messages. I'm curious then how you keep up with new tweets with so many coming in. I guess if its not an often requested feature I'll stick with Peregrine.

I've tried rowi so many times but its just plain ugly to me. Metro is cool but ugly isn't. It has been updated like 40x and its just at this point. I know I'll get "trolled" but official twitter looks good and works good. Gleek is my second option with metweets being 3rd.

MeTweets is my favorite so far. I also like the official Twitter app, but the one thing that bugs me about it is when I "load more tweets" it takes me to the top and I have to scroll down to find where I left off, then scroll back up. I like to read my tweets from oldest to newest. When I "load more tweets" with MeTweets it always keeps me at my last read tweet, so I can load all the tweets there are to load, and then just scroll up from my last read tweet to read all the new tweets.

This update is great. I have yet to try the new instant push notifications but the streaming is great, specially while I read through a lot of tweets.
The best feature of Rowi for me is the "mobilizer" (using readibility) for web links inside the app. It's great that a simple but well though feature in a service that's made for reading could make a big difference with other clientes.
Mehdoh is my 2nd app. I still uset now and then because I love it's layout, IMHO the best in WP Twitter clients. It's Instagram integration is great. Commenting and Liking work very well, not like Metrogram (at the moment).
If you read a lot from Twitter, go get Rowi. Otherwise, the officla client is good enough since the last update.

Push notifications by definition are 'instant'. It's not push if its not instant. Notifications with a certain, specified delay are polled, which most third party Twitter apps on Windows Phone use.

I have used them all. Mehdoh and Peregrine are favorites, and Rowi was my main before them, and its style is cool but then it just got in the way of the flow. Tweet It! is fast, but not there yet missing simple features like tagging within new tweet line. MeTweets is nice but Ocell is better, especially with it's ability to schedule tweets. Every Twitter app should have that. But, since the official app was updated, it is all I use. The non-official apps will have to seriously better it design-wise for me to not delete them.

Latest update to the official app was vast improvement, but the service is irratic 
Toast notifications for Dms come in well before the dms show in the thread? And sometimes take 10 mins compared to my tablet?
please will a developer provide a way of deleting dm threads on the windows platform. PLEASE! You can do it on other systems, it would be a great feature for heavy dm users. 

I was a official Twitter app fan until they decided to make the stupid decision of taking away the Dark theme (is it back yet?). I know it's a small thing to yap about but that dark theme was just different. I would've chosen that over Rowi's convenience. 

What makes me can't really move from Rowi is the home screen configuration setting, which I couldn't find it in another twitter app (if there is, tell me please).
I also loved the looks of Rowi, simple and it suits me. I've tried other like Gleek, it is really nice and have a lot of great feature but somehow it didn't suit me, and I fell for Rowi.

I tried MeTweets and yeah it's great. I forgot about Mehdoh (have tried it long time ago), but Rowi has better and faster notification than Mehdoh, and it doesn't to run as background app to do that

Can someone please tell me how to log out of twitter via rowi for windows phone?!  And why isn't it more obvious?  I tried left clicking on my name in upper left corner of home screen but all i see are Profile and Add.  I don't want either.  Please help!