Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)



As a healthcare professional, i would love to see an official Resus Council UK app, qxCalc and a BNF app which is free to access via Athens login. On a more commercial note i would like to see BBC iPlayer, Barclays, Metro Bank and ITV/4OD apps.

I'd like to see a Vue Cinema app and something for HMV!
Would come in handy for me since I go to them places a lot lol

My suggestions are:
Odeon App
Subway app to be finally supported outside of london.
ITV Player
Amazon Local Deals
Those apps are not a necessity but would be welcome. To be honest most of my needs are covered with the Natwest app, netflix and spotify.

iCookbook and Lloyds/ Halifax/Bank of Scotland banking app! iPlayer and proper podcast support would be welcomed too. Oh and most importantly, an Oyster card/TFL app that utilises nfc and bills though your carrier.

I'd really like to see the local bus company (Go North East) port their app over to Windows Phone. It's also worth mentioning that the Nokia Transit app has integrated with the national Traveline service to provide public transport info for majoy cities. I'd love to see deeper intergration allowing full access to the database for all towns and cities across the country! :D

Would be absolutely FANTASTIC if lovefilm came out with an app, the Netflix app has been teasing me for months in the store, i use lovefilm becuase I use their game rental options and also not all of their shows are available online so disks give me access to an additional library.
Then again, if they did come out with an app, My Lumia 800 wouldn't run it anyway :( wish i could upgrade to a WP8 ;)

I'd like a proper Location Tracking App. When I was rocking Android, I used one and it really came into it's own when I was traveliing a lot. I could track my full journey. A couple of times it actually changed my route's when I could see better ones. That would be good enough, but the Icing on the cake would be one where I could just shout Log Location whilst driving when I passed something worth re-visiting.

World of Warcraft auction house app, or well any official app please.

However if you meant by "local" it has to be an app for the uk or my area, then an official stoke city football club app with live tile and clock please

Santander UK app would be great. I actually work for them and I've been told that it's in the works along with a windows 8 app....fingers crossed!

I'd go with a HSBC banking app, a data counter for wp8 would vastly help me in my life. A T-mobile app that did something. A Google+ app then I could ditch my backup Android phone. 

Firs would definitely be the BBC iPlayer / BBC News app.
Secondly, VLC player.
Third one would be some nice VOIP app (maybe Bria?)

I'd definitely want to get an official iPlayer app from BBC. I love watch videos on my Lumia, and given the whole mobile video market I think it's high time BBC released an official app!

iPlayer (with the ability to download) of course.  Ridiculous that it's not already available frankly.
Also, ITV player, 4OD, Demand 5, Sky - but mostly iPlayer.

There are two apps I'd really like to see.
The first being an offical Steam app - with chat funcionality working, the usually profile, and store (todays deal etc) with ability to purchase games from my phone.
The second, a Rosetta Stone app. I'm currently trying to learn russian and having to use the PC for some basic point click learning tasks is quite annoying when I could be doing it on the phone when I'm waiting around places.
Of course there are lots of other 'offical' apps I'd like to see too. I don't trust 3rd party developers with my login details. Not that I think they're going to hijack my account, its just another possiblity that they get hacked or they leak my details somehow.
Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!

Games count as some sort of app so I would like to see TY the Tasmanian Tiger, I would sell an unimportant organ just for that game.

A decent subway card app which works in places other than London, I'm sure it is in the works. Other than that a Warwick University app would be nice.

I would love to have a vue app and a game would be ty the tasmanian tiger I would give an unimportant organ just for that game.

First of all... Nice one for the UK love <3
The application I want is BBC iPlayer
Cheers and toodle-pip

I've got a couple: 4OD, HUFFINGTON POST!, Lloyds TSB online banking, and I would love an official app to read The Independent on. Lastly, I would love for the BBC to release an official iPlayer app, and a news app.

Would love to see nationwide app thinking of changing to rbs if they don't hurry up. Can't wait for the iplayer wrap to be available

i can think of a few apps I like to see:
A Santander (or Satander as I like to call them) app.
A UK only QONQR stats app would be nice too.
Cbeebies for my son

I'd like to see BBC Weather app the most! The current weather apps in UK are just simply trash. Sorry guys but it's true. BBC Weather is the best.

Open Table Restaurant App - Used to be on WIndows Phone 7 it was really good no longer available in the UK :(

Rightmove app
Vouchercode app but for WP 7.8
BBC News app (but the mobile site works quite well so not sure if its necessary)

I would say Barclays too, but mainly for the Barclays PingIt service aspect. Their mobile site does at least allow WP devices to use something though!

Sky GO App
Halifax / Bank Of Scotland / Lloyds Banking APP
Equifax App
BBC Iplayer
Network Rail Timetable App
Co Pilot Navigation
Storage check app that can move more data to the SD card for low spec 620s
USB Storage mode App for car radio interfaces

Give me back Lawrence Grippers BBC Mobile app. That would put the world to rights more than any missing app. Also great to see so many in support of banking apps :)

It seems to me that a lot of people above are asking for various banking apps. I would also like to see a Halifax Bank app for my Windows phone but it looks like we are mostly being being given the "cold shoulder" by our banks.
This is something our banks should really be providing for us as a matter of priority. I am certainly not changing my phone to use an Android or an iPhone app, but I would seriously consider changing my bank account or opening a second account with one who offered a decent Windows mobile app. Additionally, If they want NFC payment to take off banks need to support this as well as shops. Banks generally need to get with the new technology a lot quicker than they have been.
So yup...a Halifax Bank App for me, plus some forward thinking bank exec's.

+1 for Nationwide banking app and also BBC iPlayer.
I'd also like a Marks & Spencer app. I'm not even sure if they do apps, if not, they should start with WP.
Not really a local app, but wish steam app would also come to WP

1. Proper BBC iPlayer (+ radio) apps that support offline playing not the rumoured "web page in an app" that they are supposed to be delivering.
2. Sky TV apps for remote record, EPG browsing and watching programmes on demand. There is a third-party app that did the first two but it looks like Sky have changed something because it doesn't display any data at the moment.

First Direct Banking App I've told them via phone and writing to them to sort out a Windows App and now they're website no longer suppoorts the nwindows browser it's essential! 

BBC iPlayer App - the BBC has an awesome track record with mobile apps and a metro style iplayer one makes me wet at the thought of it! Also give ma lumia 820 plz... My 800 is getting old. Xx

It has to be LoveFilm, the amount of times I have thought about buying a tablet just for this is numerous and my 920 is just hungry for this app!

As said tons of trime before, a good Lloyds TSB app! It would make it so much better than the classic site that doe not fit properly on your mobile screen.

Halifax Banking app and an official Facebook app that lets you do all the things you can do on iOS and Android that you cant with Windows phone, quite annoying to NOT be able to do all the things on facebook you used to easily be able to do on Android, purely because we dotn have an official facebook app and only a microsoft one which is limited in its functionality.

BBC news app
Better notification and repeat notification app. I always missing missed phone calls, as unlike last phone, doesn't beep/vibrate occasionally if I have missed a call.

BBC iPlayer - particularly the iPlayer Radio app.  In fact, come on BBC, pull your finger out and give us WinPhone users the same love as Android and iOS 

ViewRanger would be an excellent addition to the Windows Phone portfolio providing offline Ordnance Survey mapping on your windows phone with GPS overlay and route downloads from walkingworld and other sources. Used it and loved it on Symbian or a long time.
Others would be Sky+ and BBC iPlayer official apps.

Barclay's mobile & ping it please!
they are working on it but still find it frustrating when they text me with mobile app adverts.

I already have the marvellous Amazon, Ebay, Giffgaff, NatWest and Thetrainline apps. Next should be a Sainsbury's app. I'm tired of dealing with their terrible mobile site and spending an hour every time I shop because even the assistants don't know where anything is...

The app I'd most like to see on Windows Phone (and Windows 8 for that matter) is LoveFilm. Netflix has been great in supporting the platform thus far, but Lovefilm has been sorely lacking.

bbc iplayer app please. Allow to stream or download to play later.
But seriously Windows apps please be mainstream enough to appear on posters that say "download the app" along with Apple and Android marketplaces

Getting the rest of the banks on-board would be a major plus as well as some of the on-demand tv options. Those seem to be the main draw backs for people considering new handsets

I'd like a VirginMedia TV Anywhere App.  It already exists on iDevices, and I think Android is coming soon.

Barclays banking and pingit apps as well as Danske Bank (they already have them for the Scandinavian countries).

I'd like an app that could keep an eye on road traffic on my route to work and then alter my alarm wake up time if there is more or less traffic!

It'd be a Sky+ app for me. Was pretty handy to have whilst on Android and although I can get access to it on my tablet that's not ideal if you're on the go. Sky already have their News app on Windows Phone so hopefully they'll considering getting Sky+ onto it as the UK marketshare grows.

It would have to be TomTom app. This app is a life saver on my iPhone, and its now avaliable for needs to come out for Windows Phone!! (With social elements included ofcourse..)

mine would have to be a voucher app so i can get all my discounts and special offers for all the shops in my area which i would love to do but with my 10 pound phone i am unable and do not know the names of apps available :/ maybe i could win and find out ;) :D

It's got to be official BBC apps - iPlayer, News, Sport, Radio.
And Sky Go as well - Sky and Microsoft have a partnership to get Sky on the XBox so maybe work with that to get it onto WP8!

I would like to see the Untappd app on the Windows phone. Love this app and love Windows phones. It would be a match made in heaven!

Just one? There's a few I'd like:
Sainsbury's Bank App
An app to control my Sony Freeview+ PVR over the internet
BBC iPlayer

Love to see ; Sky Go, Instagram, Metro Bank Mobile Banking, Nationwide Mobile Banking and Tesco Clubcard

BBC iplayer the gf is always on it on her iphone and gloating also channel 4 and 5 tv on demand plus an app that let's you know if you can take your dog on the beach rather than a sign when you get there and finally on my wishlist more Xbox integration and some exclusive games

Three (MyThree account management) so i can see how many minutes and texts i've used out of my allowance.

Love to see a Lloyds banking app, Official Sky+ / Sky Go app, a proper Rangers app, Scottish rugby app that covers all leagues, same can be said for Scottish football.

Would love to see:
Lloyds banking app
Rangers app
Scottish rugby / Scottish football app
Sky + / Go apps
Just eat although their mobile website is quite good
Jewish Chronicle news app
BBC / Telegraph news apps
National rail app

I would actually really love an app for all of the GOV (formerly, DirectGov) services. An app which would help you sort your taxes, give you access to important information and to guide you through all Government services, and for the app itself to facilitate in these services. For example, if you need a specific form, you can request the app e-mail the app to you, or send a copy to you in the post. Or booking driving tests.
I'd also love to see a similar app for local Government services, whereby each Borough had an app (or again, a centralised app, and you choose (in-app) your local borough) to access all the local services and information.
And of course, these apps have the added benefit of helping those with hearing/speech impediments and further helps these services to be more user friendly and approachable.

THe App i would like to see is a app that tells you whats going on in the local area, shows, films, stand-ups, bands

Apps that cannot be replaced:
Barclays Online Banking
Barclays Pingit
BBC iPlayer
Apps that can be replaced but I'd rather not:
Tube Deluxe
Tube Exits
Oyster Info+

Banking apps in general, all we need is 1 or 2 decent banks (RBS/natwest don't count given their fiasco last year) to get the ball rolling and the rest would hopefully take the hint...

Halifax banking app would be nice, iPlayer and a little bit specific to my work needs, but a mobile MICROS app so I can keep a check on work whilst I'm out and about!

And finally the support for NFC Payment in UK !
Why can i use my hsbc debit card to do it but not that smartphone? How smart can it be!?