Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

Facebook demanding 3rd party apps be removed from the Windows Phone Store over trademark claim

With Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 (and soon for Windows Phone 7) becoming more mainstream on the platform, one can’t help but notice all of the copycat apps on the Store, causing brand confusion.

One devilish one is literally called “Facebook WP8 beta”, in an obvious attempt to steer naïve people towards their app.

That’s not to say there aren’t some genuine attempts to make a better Facebook app for Windows Phone users, indeed there are several with nothing but good intent by the developer. But at the end of the day, corporations need to protect their brand and with 41 clone apps on the Store competing with their official one, Facebook has evidently had enough.

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In a letter obtained by Windows Phone Central, Facebook is now notifying all 41 third-party Facebook app developers (through Microsoft) of claimed infringement of their trademark. Such a move will no doubt force Microsoft to remove those apps from the Store in the coming days and weeks.

While on the one hand even we think 41 clone apps is a bit much and understand how it can cause confusion (try and search for “Facebook” or “Facebook beta” and check for yourself), we can’t help but feel bad for some of the developers who were legitimately trying to make a better app.

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What do you think? Is Facebook overreaching here or doing the right thing?

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Facebook demanding 3rd party apps be removed from the Windows Phone Store over trademark claim



Then make a better app and people won't have to find other better apps. Its as simple as that don't make a crap app then cry about other apps. I understand why FB is saying this but fact of the matter is that if the app wasn't so dang weak people wouldn't go to others. plus why dont windows phones just come with the app installed already like andriod and apple. that will save the confusion that FB is talking about.......sometimes I wonder

I agree with this with the exception of a few apps like Facebook JDB and Next Facebook, actually quite nicely designed apps compared to all the garbage out there

Yes a cleansweep is neccessary indeed, there are too many Facebook apps. But... If those developers just use a different name for their Facebook app, that is allowed isn't it? This article is about using the Facebook name right? You can't remove an app out of the Store, just because it's "crappy". If that would be the case, then the Apple store would shrink considerably ;)

The question is why 41 developers have felt the need to add an app in addition to the official from MS. The reason is quite obvious, in my opinion: The MS app has so far been slow, laggy, full of bugs and with far to limited functionality. A shame for MS that they have not created a better app version of one of the world's most used apps! Hope in beta for WP7.

Some of them are actually alright. I use Facebook JDB as it has all the functionality of the touch website but keeps previous pages in its cache so there are instant load times when going to a previous page (by just swiping across the screen which is pretty neat). plus notifications actually sometimes work unlike the official apps.

I'd agree with FB if they were actually making a WP app themselves. However as they aren't then frankly in my opinion they can go do naughty things to themselves.

No.. Facebook needs to protect its brand.. N if u are indeed making a better app then why not simply name it something else..

As I have appreciated all the Apps made previously the Microsoft Facebook Beta App is by far the best ever made for the Windows Phone!
If an App dev did rebrand or has a similar app name I see nothing wrong in requesting them to change the name or remove the App! 
To me it's a shot in the Arm as we all been waiting here patiently for these Branded Apps from the Companies that originally created them and if a Dev comes out and tried to fool people to get some revenue from people who are new at the mobile phone market then they shouldn’t complain if their app gets wiped from the stores!

Yeah remove them...but keep in mind that it is up to you to keep it fresh to excite us, that first version of Facebook that Microsoft created was quite lame so peaple created their own versions. That's for you, Microsoft, to remember.. if you don't dazzle there are 100s upon 100s that are waiting to do.
Remove them and keep the store clean...in the early stages marketing "120000 apps and climbing" ...yeah with what, like 10 useful and about 199980 apps that any Tom, Dick and Harry created "for fun", c'mon now.

you can tell the store has been cleaned up, but apps are releasing updates with changed logos like fb* and all that crap are coming back into the store. It wont be long till the store is full of 41 and more facebook apps again

While your at it, if you could just remove AnKo Sofware altogether, that'd be great. Everything about that "dev" screams fraudulent.

agree with you. i contacted Microsoft about AnKo software and got a couple of their apps removed, although some still remain and others have been changed and rereleased.

while I feel badly for the developers of the 3rd party apps, had Facebook done a proper, non-crappy, offical app there likely wouldn't be 41 3rd party apps trying to do it better (and mostly succeeding) so who does FB really have to blame for the situation???

I find it interesting that they really didn't care one way or the other until WP8 started picking up steam.... 

Now to their credit the official FB Beta app is leagues ahead of the current official app, so much so that I delted the current release app from my phone, even with bugs (and the beta does have them) it's still so much better that it's useful as a complete replacement. 

In one way I agree because of the confusion but then thats why we have the awesome Wpcentral app where it can direct us straight to the REAL app. On the other hand I don't care because if Facebook Beta app had the simple things sorted out like after viewing an image and you go back the feed refreshes and takes you to the top and the feed, and what annoys me the most is how we don't get a tile or toast notification for inbox messages! So if those things were sorted out believe you me that people wouldn't be trying third party apps and definitely would make sure they didnt get confused.
Just my 2 cents :)

Its good, facebook has the right of his on name. Microsoft should remove these apps or ask developer to change the names of their apps.

This is crazy, why do they have an API if they wanna forbid all 3rd party apps and the official app is worthless, both Facebook Next and Facebook JDB is better

Honestly if they want to make a better app than they should give it it's own name and not pretend it's the official app.

3rd party apps aren't making wp better, but they aren't making it worse, either. Instead, they just offer people more alternatives to probably-not-so-good official apps. On top of that, some 3rd party apps are even better, because they're less likely bugged up, mostly lighter and simply put - more simple, than official apps.