Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client

Itsdagram getting a free, ad-supported version in addition to paid option, new filters revealed

Ain’t competition grand? In the race to have the most full featured Instagram client for Windows Phone, we now have a few developers working on various projects. While we told you Instagraph was updated today with Windows Phone 7.x support, Itsdagram is doing quite a few maneuvers too.

Daniel Gary, the developer behind the app, expects the paid version to go live this Friday. For those who paid for the early beta version, no worries as that carries over to this release so there will be no need to repurchase.

About a week later, Gary expects to release a full-featured free version that is ad-supported. That seems like a great compromise for those who balk at paying developers money for apps (we’re the opposite: we gladly pay not to see garish ads).

Itsdagram Features

The version coming out will be a few steps behind the current beta that some of us are enjoying, but we figured we would tease you with some of those new features (those screenshots are the latest redesigns):

  • Double tap in image to like/unlike
  • If an image has a red background, you like it, white means you haven't yet
  • Tap and hold on a list of images to alternate between Timeline view and Grid view
  • New filter engine with custom filters
  • Comment/Like count on the main page/image lists.
  • Profile page.  Tap your image to update your profile picture.  Changing password coming in next update.
  • Photos of You and Liked photos on your profile page
  • Commenting from feed view

That’s of course in addition to the previous updates that added notification support (Live Tile, detailed Lockscreen info, Lockscreen counter, Toast Notifications) and the ability to comment. Gary is also expected to soon add contact auto-complete support as well—a move that is really dotting his I’s and crossing his t’s.

The inclusion of square-cropping and a selection of unique filters (non-Aviary) should also make many who yearn for a 100% full-Instagram client quite happy (we dig the filter choices but of course you can still use "pure" aka no filter or bring your own).

We’re confident that Itsdagram will get through certification once again though we’re still uncertain about if (and how) Instagram will respond to the app on the Store.

We’ll of course let you know as soon as version 1.0 is live in the Store for purchase. Stay tuned.


Reader comments

Itsdagram getting a free, ad-supported version in addition to paid option, new filters revealed


@PaulWP As we've said numerous times, 3rd party Pandora apps and all the YouTube apps (including Microsoft's) do this on Windows Phone. Even our WPCentral app violates Google's YouTube's T&C.

It's also not "illegal". There is no law saying you can't violate T&C (though I suppose they could try and sue the developer). T&C are rules you agree to abide by to use their service. Instagram can't call the police on you though if you break 'em, just cancel your account.

Even if was illegal, I'd still support it. What we can't have, we take in the digital age.

I would have expected a real lawyer to be able to spell prosecuted, as well as knowing that violating T&C isn't a crime.

Our legals said us Insta private API are copyrighted to protect them against decompilation/sniffing and unauthorized usage, so it could not be a ToS violation only...

It actually says "persecuted". Likely on purpose to scare people off in a humorous way. Obviously the developer isn't a lawyer.

If you were a lawyer you would know it's prosecuted, not persecuted.  While daniel Gray may be a god-like developer, he's not quite Jesus.

I will pay for the apps to support the developer, even though I don't use it. I know Daniel loves Instagram :-P

Well technically, statistics have shown long term, that ad based nets more profits, for the short term selling an app helps the bank, but ad based is better for them long term.

That's true, but that also makes the assumption that the user is constantly using it. I will also be glad to pay to remove apps in order to save on battery life!

Glad to see this app be released, especially since their is no evidence anymore that an official app is coming anytime soon...

I think it's the opposite. I think these guys put a lot of work into their apps, starting a long time ago when it looked like an official app was never going to happen. And now they are racing to build a user base and recoup R&D costs because it looks like an official app might be on the horizon. But, either way, good for community. ;)

Hi Daniel sorry this is off topic, while back I seen on this site a pic of a grey silicone cover for L920 it is very thin and besides there being a dip to the buttons on the side it looks like the factory case Anyway please share info of who makes these and where I can purchase, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Btw one of your colleagues has a yellow one that is pictured in a post today

If Instagram isn't on the Windows Phone/Windows Store...they can shut up about how this app is taking their fire.
PUT UP OR SHUT UP Instagram. Just sayin'.

So wait.. One guy designs a better looking app than the company itself? How is that even possible? From reading the description and looking at the screenshots, it seems that Itsdagram is a better designed app than Instagram on iOS.

Than Instagram should be seriously ashamed of themselves. Sell their business for $1billion and can't even create an app for WP or redesign the app on iOS. While some guy sitting on a couch in his living room designs an app that looks better than original. First it was Rowi, than MetroTube and 4th and Mayor, now this...WP got some really good 3rd party devs.

Daniel im happy for the free version!!! Its really good!!! Im waiting for the wp7 version! I just cant wait for have it!!! Thanks for this, we pratically have the instagram app for wimdows phone, i just dont care if it is official! :p thanks! 

Seriously WP8 developers rock! Don't forget Pinsation also. These developers are outdoing the original apps!

It's a Nokia Dev Ambassadors job to take notice and help devs bring amazing apps to market everyday. Daniel Gary is doing an amazing job. I'm certain we will see more incredible work from this developer.

Not only does this guy's app look better than Instagrams official app...Instagram doesn't even have a native iPad app STILL!! It's ridiculous that on the iPad, it's just a scaled up iPhone app.

Looks incredibly ugly on a retina display iPad.

Realy hope I am wrong, but I expect the cease and desist letter to be drawn up ready to be dated and delivered.

Than we will fait and all Microsoft, Nokia, users, developers... I dont think than they could do something bad. Go against users? Mmmm

Awesome, I'm excited for Friday. I don't care if Instagram tries to shut down this app, I'm still buying it and enjoying it while I can, if Instagram even does make a move! I hope they don't, though. And if they do, they better bring us an official app.

No, had to be shipped from Hong Kong, I believe. You can order it thru Amazon though. I'll have more on it tomorrow here on the site. It's pretty goddamn awesome, I'll say that...

Once again, congrats Daniel Gary to the AWESOME job!! I cant wait to can buy this app!!

One question: How long on average for the version that probably will be available on Friday be updated to the latest version which is in beta test??
Another question: In addition to the filters which other application features you already have done and what are the future plans, such as brightness and contrast ajusts and blur of a certain area, the way in which it is made on Instagram (with radial or bars). The blur efect is the feature I love most!!! :)



Daniel does the app open the camera so we can take a pic, process, then upload in one step or will it have only a picture viewer?

Not completely off topic but does anybody know statistically what makes developers more money. You buying the app or the income from ads??? I've wonder that for a long time. What's actually better for revenue and hence for the ecosystem? :)

Ads doesnt give a lot if nobody are taping there. And users normally dont pay attention to that part. But if you pay, at least the developer can have instantly money for xpenses...

Free version? Really? It made my day!!! :D 
I cant wait for a wp7.x version! Please be fast, and thanks for this! :)

Once the real app comes out, this developer will be screwed along with everyone that spent money on your few dollars and keep your photos to yourself.

Oh no! Not a $1.49! 

If you can afford a $600 phone, then a $1.50 app disappearing won't break your bank. Hell, Microsoft has pulled Xbox games that cost a lot more.

The minute one person pays this developer for his hard work, he will most definitely NOT be screwed. Like working for free? Didn't think so. In addition, many many people out there prefer the functionality of a 3rd party option. Look at today's bs with the official You Tube client. And yet the others keep on rolling.

So what about it? There is an official free Twitter app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone; and yet there's also a healthy amount of commericial third party Twitter apps. I can't see why a free official Instagram client can't co-exist with a third party developed one, especially if it is better than the official version.

The current version I have is missing a lot of features like notifications, ability to access profile page etc.. Is this normal?

Nice app! I just have a comment. Is it possible to use the same font for the tab labels? The font used for home/popular  tabs looks neat than the bold Timeline/Photos. Just my obsrvation. Nonetheless, we really appreciate the effort. Can't wait for this app to be available. Cheers!

Can someone give me ANY logical reason Instagram would not develop an app for WP8? And also, why so much secrecy? If they are developing an app, why not tell, and if not, why not give a reason? Ugh.

Not that this is a logical reason, but I read that Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, refuses to release an app for Windows Phones because he's still a little rumpus ruffled at Microsoft firing him a while back.

Its sad that even though that sounds so stupid, as each month passes, something like this seems more and more likely.

I have a lumia 610. I hope that the developer is really as good as you guys are saying. I know my phone's specs are low but I hope the app won't be slow. Have you had a chance to test it on a Lumia 610?

@Daniel Rubino
heeey i think you should make an article about Pinsation! it's also developed by Daniel Gary and it's the best Pinterest app available at store imo! He recently fixed the crash issues, it's perfect now!
I rly think this dev deserves to have his other apps highlighted, specially since Pinterest is pretty famous and all the other apps are just website ****!
seriously, you should check Pinsation!
on-topic: i don't even use Instagram and want to buy this app just to support the dev, he deserves it :)