Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client

Itsdagram becomes top selling app in the US on Windows Phone, version 1.2 around the corner

It looks like demand for Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone, is quite high as the app has raced to the #1 paid spot in the US over the weekend (it’s #15 in the UK where Londoners are not as hip, evidently). That’s all before the release of the free, ad-supported version, expected in the near future.

The app fetches for $1.49 and on the first day had nearly 12,000 downloads. We’re sure that number has only increased in the proceeding days, especially with the rapid bug fix update that helped stabilized logins.

Itsdagram beta
#1 app in the US; new v1.2 changes on the way

Speaking of updates, users in the beta program received an update last night to address some lingering issues (Tip: if you’re having trouble with notifications, uninstall, reboot and reinstall). Some of those fixes, destined for version 1.2 (and pictured above), include:

  • Your follower/following counts under your profile
  • Make your profile public/private
  • Accept/deny requests
  • Fix registration                                  
  • UI change: Moved poster's name above image, caption below
  • UI change: Make caption part of image

Other fixes on the way consist of fix for 'Find Friends' (sometimes they fail to retrieve info), the black-background issue for certain comments, repeat notifications and more.

We’ll of course keep you updated on any new updates when the go live. How’s Itsdagram been treating you so far? Let us know in comments!

If you haven’t tried Itsdagram, you can pick it up here in the Store. Currently Windows Phone 8 only.

QR: Itsdagram


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Itsdagram becomes top selling app in the US on Windows Phone, version 1.2 around the corner


FB released Google Glass app that has no users, they just don't want to deal with MSFT, no matter how many users or downloads

Yea i agree... and as for the uk being not as hip well i do not know 1 person on ANY platform that uses instgram... Not one!!! people use photo editing software here, not some filter app... A filter is NOT photo editing... Dunno what you americans are getting obsessed about... I actually dont... There are lots of pic hosting sites that are just better... Deviant Art being one (yea sure theres no app and no filters because u actually have to use skill)... Maybe i'm just short sighted or somethin but europeans just dont get instagram.... We have a social site, check... We have many many photo hosting and sharing websites.... and we also have proper photo editing software..... why use somethin thats a half arsed attempt to combine all three...
As i said i dunno... I find Instagram comical in its complete ineptness....

In the US the bulk of the market doesn't want to have to learn how to edit photos properly, just snap, click and move on. Sad but true and that's how Instagram got to be worth $1 Billion (1 thousand million dollars to you ;-) . Just one of the many differences between the cultures!

Skunk, Its not about editing photos. Its about sharing photos. The user base is enormous with celebs and sports teams using the service. It is a great way to follow them visually. So yea it not about editing. How many times do we have to say this?

Ok if its about sharing photo's.... Deviant art is MILES better, with more people (Way bigger than instrgram), an insanely large librery.... you can sell your stuff if its good as well... its also been around for 10+ years... so yea i Know the social side... it just makes no sense considering there are better social photo/pic sites...
If you read my first post i attacked all three areas, not just editing... "How many times do we have to say this?" dunno man....
Also its not hard to understand people wanting to share photo's... its just hard to understand how something so sub par is the most popular...

Why anything catches on as "cool" is a mystery. The functionality, ease of use or social aspects are nothing compared to the perception of it as "cool". Being subpar and inferior is not a problem in these cases. There is not reason to continue pondering why... You'll go mad! LOL. The same is true for most anything else that would prompt, "why?" these days.

Youre assuming evryone cares enough to become a photoshop ninja. Youre also forgetting that instagram is a social space.

This comment is pretty ignorant. Of course Europeans use Instagram! Its not just Americans either; about 90% of the people I know use instagram and I live in Australia. Lay off the generalization and unfounded assumptions; furthermore, you equating a photo centric social network with full-on photo editing is just misguided. You clearly don't understand the medium of which you are berating.

The official App has been ready for months. The stupidity of them not releasing it already is what's baffling.

The thing I don't like is that it called Itsdagram Free. Better make two separate versions, since I've purchased this app and it wasn't free for me, you know.

That was a mistake by the dev. It shouldn't have the word "free" at the end...the fact you had to pay for it should have raised red flags... :/

If I had word on that, I certainly would have passed it on ;) So no, but it's still planned.

Keep in mind, this is ONE guy making this app. Let him stabilize the WP8 version before turning to 7.x...


I understand that. But if we do not complain all the time for this application the developer never know how important it would make for Windows Phone 7.x


If we keep quiet, they will never know that we are many. We are many. Windows Phone 7.x we are, we are still alive.

As a wp7.8 user, I think its time to move on. This is like holding on to the Xbox when there is an Xbox 360 now . The wp8 has been out for a while and Msft has to concentrate on that to challenge the high end phones. We just have to move on

Not really. Besides the fact that im waiting for a 32gb 925 in tmobile, and the fact that I have to save up for it first, my 20 month tmobile contract isn't over till January. And your also forgetting the people who signed up for the lumia 900.

Seriously guys.. just move on to WP8. The ATIV S is now available for only  259€ and the 920 for 450€ on
The Ativ S is a real bargain for that price. 

Well, not everyone wants a Samsung device; some are tied to their contracts and are unable to move to WP8 at this time, and many WP7.x devices are still fully functional and can utilize the majority of the apps currently in Marketplace.
While there are some choice apps not yet available for WP7.x users, it doesn't mean that those users should expend a few hundred dollars just to use a few WP8 apps.

I am with you, I am on contract with the 900 but I scoured Craigslist for weeks and finally got a 920 new in box for $175... Deals are out there, and $175 is totally worth it.

I have been trying to do this, but I can't really justify it to my wife unless it is an awesome deal. So I still have my 900...Cheapest I have been able to find is $250 range. On ebay, even some of the cracked 920's are going for more than I feel like spending.

Yeah eBay didn't have the best deals, Craigslist does, but availability is the issue, there aren't always phones for sale on Craigslist but that's why you have to keep on looking, took me like 4 weeks.

I'm the last one who would buy a Samsung phone but I think for this price the Ativ S is unbeatable and if somebody is still stuck with WP7 it is most likely a financial issue. That's why I suggested it.
I'm also pretty sure that even in the US you can just buy a unlocked phone mid-contract and use it or buy a locked one on ebay.

There are some WP7.x users that would agree with you; I am not one of them though :)
I purchased a new Lumia 900 in November, off contract, and could have purchased the Lumia 920...I just chose to go with a Lumia 900 instead - fully aware that there would be apps not available to me as a Lumia 900 user. 
I am not complaining at all about WP8 apps not being available for WP7.x users - I am content with the selection available for my device; however, for some WP7.x users, it's just not feasible for them to move to WP8, regardless of the cost of a new WP8 device.

In the US devices are heavily subsidized, via high price monthly costs of course. So getting a new device more than once every 2 years is not economically feasible for many. Also currently only AT&T has a good selection of devices, although that will change this summer.
So there are many reasons people who picked up a WP7 device like the L900 are simply not able to switch to WP8 yet. What you are seeing is just how disruptive fragmentation can be, but it could be worse, we could be dealing with Android ;-)

Can't "just move on" here the US unless you have deep pockets and can pay full price for any device any time. Most of us have to wait for upgrades.

This shows you how important these social apps are.  No idea what exactly is up Instagrams butt, but they were/are just making 10's of millions of users angry by refusing to publish an official app.

No, thanks primarily to the Windows Phone community and its phenomenal support of developers.  I can't tell you how much your support means.

Daniel. do you have device statistics, like which devices are using your app? Maybe you can snoop around and find any unreleased devices.

I don't think too many people actually ponied up their own cash though, remember MS is giving away $25 app store credit to 928 owners. Though I expect the free ad-supported version to tear up the app charts when it is released.

I ponied up. I can't even buy a decent cup of coffee for $1.49 these days. It good to reward the hard working developers for wp8 apps that are taking a risk, spending their time and resources to make us happy. I, for one, want to thank EVERY developer that has made a WP app. I am grateful.

+920 to this. This is why paying for IG apps hasn't been an issue for me. Support the devs and that's what will drive traction for the platform, plain and simple.

I completely agree with you about supporting hard working developers that are taking the time to develop for wp8, but it can't be pure coincidence that it jumps up the week the 928 is released with free credits. Out of the 6 android and 2 iphone users in my family, 0 of them have ever paid for an app. Even I haven't bought too many apps myself on my trophy because most of the apps I use are free anyway.

It's actually pretty exciting to think that this major Verizon release will mean a statistically significant increase in Windows Phone market share :-)

Obviously I hope the 928 crowd is growing fast but can guarantee you it's predominantly the other WP8 variants driving this. New WP users would have no idea where to even find this app last Thursday when they got their phones on the day the app launched. The vast majority of the now 20k+ users definitely bought this with their own $1.49.

I will get this app when the ad supported version is available. Nothing against the app or its developer, it's just that my interest in instagram is VERY small. I want the free one to check it out, test the whole service, and then purchase the full app if it's something I like.

I ponied up the cash. The developer did an awesome job and he definitely deserves it. It is not like $1.49 is going to break the bank, but many people act like it is...

I agree. I don't understand how people can think that $1.49 (which is what, a small burger?) is in any way expensive. If anything, I think it's sad that the app market has become such a volume market, dependent on cheap apps.

Perhaps you should clarify that comment by suggesting in the US. Elsewhere we don't get free credit, not that I have seen anyway. So I stumped up my own cash and was more than happy to do so. In fact, if it wasn't for this app I may have not even used Instagram.

Patience my fellow minions, its only a matter of time. Developers of instagram are probably still limited and too busy to make an app. Unless they are (Censored)holes like Google.

Too busy? Limited? Itsdagram is handled by ONE guy and Instagram is a BILLION dollar company owned by a MULTI-BILLION dollar company.

This. I wish people would stop making excuses for them. Unless it is to be baked into an OS update then they have plenty of opportunity to do it themselves.

And within those companies you have bureaucracy. Its not just some random thing you slap together. Its a project that gets resources assigned to it, then a PM to manage it, then request for funding for project, then approvals, etc. Enterprise development is hamstrung by a lot of things indie devs don't need to deal with. Its apples to oranges comparison.

I paid for this and have been very impressed! Greatful to have a dev that actually reads the comments and is improving the app! He is just not making a few bucks and not fixing issues. He wants to make this as perfect as possible. cannot wait for future improvments! 

Making a FEW bucks? Lol.

He is making alot more than a few. And when the free, ad supported version is released. Boy oh boy.

12000 x $1.49 is only about $17,000 before Microsoft takes their cut. Take into account development time and cost of living, this guy isn't exactly getting rich right now. I hope instagram never comes to wp8 so he can make more money in time, but if it does come to wp8 he will be toast.

Ha yeah I'm still trying to figure out if that house on your IG profile is YOUR House :-P Whoa. In a way, if so, it's that much better that you're *still* working so hard on this project.

I love it, haven't purchased it as of yet, because I was just trying it.. I think I will buy it today, but as soon as I do then the official one probably gonna come out then lol..

I am very interested, thanks but I will support you and buy it and not worry about the free version..

I was nervous about buying it because I'm feeling like an official app may come eventually, but even if it came out today, it's great to be able to support a caring and active developer. He's sitting in this article commenting back  to us - just shows how much he cares about the customers/users.
That's easily worth $1.49 in my book. With this kind of support, I hope he'll be making WP apps for a long time to come.

The developer deserves every cent they make from this app, even if the end result is Instagram creates their own Windows Phone app which supercedes this app. It is an investment well worth making just to demonstrate to Instagram (and Facebook) that there is real demand and money to be made. Facebook is only profitable through the amount of eyes it grabs, and if one developer can create a fantastic app like this, Instagram has no real excuse. They don't need an entire team to do it, they could just hire this developer to do it for them!

Exactly, that's why I don't regret in the minimum when I bought metro tube or rowi or donated to 4th and mayor even tough I only use the "official" apps now, these apps filled a big void and should be rewarded with at least a few bucks by doing so

This is great news; however, the "top paid" list is really weak.  How is LOL Soundboard Pro #3?  Are people really buying soundboard apps at that high of a rate?

We are near to release it, stay tuned here on wpcentral for latest news.
Just for statistic curiousity, we have 1000/sold/hour for Instagraph (to be the first to post on Insta and innovate, definitively pays ;). Anyway we have invested hard and have to pay server infrastructure too...
Turbo Camera for example some time ago had 28.000 downloads in a day and jumped first in entertainment/top sellings apps worldwide for more than a week (Akinator is hard to beat :), rankings count trials too.
Kudos to Daniel for his success too, WP developers are n.1 :) !!!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to the innovation you guys bring Venetasoft. I personally have both Instagraph and Itsdagram on my phone. Itsdagram had the full featured client and experience....but one thing I do like about your app is that it is built right into the "share" and "edit" menu at the OS level. I really like that convenience. I hear @nas2lor is rebuilding Metrogram from ground up with Instagraph integrated. I am also looking forward to that since I actually really like the design of Metrogram. To all the devs....keep up the good work. It does not go unnoticed.

Thank you very much for your kind words, we did not to use the private api not to be broken by Instagram, that is the biggest innovation.

Agreed. Instagraph's solution is much cleverer than mine. If I had thought of it before I started Itsdagram, I might have pursued this method, but the idea never even crossed my mind, regrettably.

instagraph and metrogram will be one app or we have to get the 2 apps? Will release some free version? for wp7/8?

It's odd that I am seeing one-two man shops creating and porting apps for iOS, Android, WP, blackberry, yet the makers of instagram are still holding out. ($$$ I imagine)
My guess is when they see the money being made off of this app, they will come through finally.
Microsoft! DO NOT PAY a penny for the instagram makers to come over.

A good thing Microsoft could do to help is to lower down their 30%, to allow companies and developers to grow quickly and release more top class apps.
They currently do it, but for RT Store only, we feel discriminated :D:D:D

For iOS, Instragram only has an iPhone app. It's stretched and not even native on the iPad. Looks ridiculous. Especially on a retina display iPad.

Wooho! I love this app, but the black background issue and other bugs was annoying me. I hope we also can get the username in brackets when searching for an user.

I will definitely add usernames to the search results.
The black background thing is killing me.  I know what is causing it, but I don't know WHAT is causing it, if you know what I mean.  I promise, this bug is a top priority for me.

Thanks for your reply, and for adding usernames in search!
As of from what I can see, the black background only comes when there are more than 20 comments.

By the way, tried posting a pic the other day and I didn't have a network connection. Anyway, it hung there for some time, phone got hot and rebooted. Thought you may want to check what your app does when it can't get a connection?

Any idea if we'll get counts displayed when doing searches on tags? For instance I search #itsdagram but I can't see total number results returned. Don't know about rest of you but I do searches on tags to see how much activity is happening on network driven by WP.

Still really buggy but good start.  Alot of pages are still blank. Even my profile. It doesn't show followers etc like Daniels does. Comments section work on some. The new layout isn't really good though. 

I have to agree.  After the first update I was very confused about who posted what, being that you can't see the username until scrolling past the picture.  I'd prefer to have the username right above the picture.

Hi Daniel -

Thanks for all your support. This is a fantastic app.

Quick question, though - are you aware of a bug that doesn't display "Followers" and "Following" on other user's pages? These are blank and never load, despite uninstalling, re-installing, restarting, etc.

Thanks for checking this thread out. Its one of the apps I tap on most now on my WP device and looking forward to 1.2. Great job.

I happily paid for the app as It was/is well worth the cash to support the dev, the odd thing is that on my Lumia920 it says free on the app list??

My comment was delete!!!!
I just said WINDOWS PHONE 7.x 
And now is not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was the first comment!

poor Daniel. He has to deal with us: the stupid Windows Phone 7 users. He must be sick of it. Sorry. We Still love you :D

Still not seeing follower/following lists when looking at friends profiles and noticing alot more logging out backing out bugs since last update. Looking forward to fixes soon! Great app though, love it!

Hey Daniel, followed ur tip for the notifications but when I go to the store now, it says try or buy still... I already bought it.. Do I have to buy it again?

I honestly don't care if instagram makes an official app anymore. I think Itsdagram is fine. Take my opinion with grain of salt though, I don't really use instagram that much.

But it just annoys me to see companies slack off like Instagram is doing right now. WP users and Nokia have made it clear that there is a demand for Instagram on WP, and yet they sit there and miss the opportunity to make an app on a rising platform.

They deserve to see their profits go to Itsdagram's dev, because he was willing to put in the work to support WP.

Thank you!  While I am happy to make money on this app, I enjoy getting positive feedback alot more than watching my download count tick up.  The Windows Phone community is amazing and has showed me incredible support.

Keep it up and let 4th and mayor be a inspiration, to be better then the official companies. You are making at least 12 000 people happy, that goes for something. Something Instagram have denied customers. I say you earned every penny from Itsdagram because your filling a need people have.

"it’s #15 in the UK where Londoners are not as hip, evidently"
There is more to the United Kingdom than just London.

I appeared to be a joke to me. Kind of like an inside joke. I laughed as I thought he was directing to Rich and Jay. Lol

I still can't search through my Facebook friends and my contacts. Need more filters and increase in speed

If I'm not wrong Joe Belfiore promised Instagram, Real Racing 3 and one more app by May in his Tweet. Did he..??

Correct me if im wrong, but that is 17 880$ in One day right? If its true and he made 12 000 downloads the next day...we are talking 35 760$ (266 518 SEK, 44546£) in missed revenue for the makers of Instagram. Now if Itsdagram can maintain updates and keep the IP's going AND get a 7.8 version out, were talking a lot of missed revenue. Lets say 7.8 could manage 24 000 in 2-3 days. Were in a total of 71 520$ from WP7 and WP8. Were talking about a educated guess, but its only 2-3 days time and in the app industry, isn't this a lot of money? Lets say Itsdagram can achieve 48 000 on each WP platform (7 and 8) in 2-3 months. Were talking 143 040$ (178,186.29 £ or 1,066,056.80 SEK), I mean is this peanuts for the app industry today? Does it cost so much to develop Instagram for WP that these numbers can't be used?
Am i counting all wrong and off the chart here? Or are we shown the unwilling companies "hoping" to tip Microsoft over in the grave? Just plain anger towards the old PC gigant? I'm confused, im gona lay down now :D

Obviously it's not a matter of whether Instagram can get an official app out, it's that they have no interest in getting it out. Remember they do not charge for their app and they have to recoup their cost in another way.
If they were to release and app and charge for it they'd be slammed for it..

I just want to say congratulations to Daniel for the much deserved success. Hope it continues for quite some time.

Build it and they will come...

I hope the Find Friends section is updated to show real names so I have some idea of who I'm about to follow.

Even if the official app is released, I think I'm going to stick to Itsdagram.I like the UI much more than the other one.And from what I see that is happening with the Facebook app, Instagram will probably have the same design as the ones from iOS and Android.So...Daniel...I'm a devoted fan :) keep up the good work.Cheers!

Oh they fixing everything that I wanted on the next update NICE! That image above the name issue is annoying as hell.

Yes it seems apparent to me now that FB (who owns Instagram) simply doesn't want to play with MS.  it's a stategic business decision since Windows Phone is a clear threat to everyone in this segment (which FB wants to join with their own phone).
So FB will not create an instagram app until they absolutely must.  With the success of Itsdagram and the continuing rise in market share for WP, they will probably soon be forced to create an app for Instagram and maybe even FB itself

I too love the design of this app. I'll probably keep using it once he official app comes out just to stick it to Instagram for being assholes about the whole situation.

I showed a picture on Itsdagram to an iPhone user. Their reaction was priceless. She said "Whoa! what app is this?! It looks awesome!" Thanks Daniel. It's a fantastic app!

I'm tempted to tweet Instagram's twitter account with this article and see if they respond, but I'm afraid that might lead to Instagram shutting down Itsdagram. I love this app!

Hopefully the dev made some good money because he deserves it for his efforts. I am really loving the app. :)

Guys I still dont have neither,live tile nor notification cant connet with Twitter but fb ok.... Please do sum

How about the constant crashing of the app? Hope that will be addressed too. Other than that, the app is very nice :)

dear daniel, the app is awesome for being almost a beta. i love the style. but please add/delete some filters, because most of them are unusable. some like the instagrams toaster, valencia and x-pro would be much appreciated!

Love how Londoners account for the whole of the UK in your world. I like the app but it's buggy still, hopefully to be fixed soon.
Any word on a Windows 8/RT app? Would be nice to supplement it even if uploading pics wouldn't be very realistic.

Love the app and had no problem paying $1.49 for it! Only issue i noticed so far is when commenting the app closes...
Also we just need a vine app now! anyone? 

Really glad to hear about the upcoming changes, specifically the location of the posters name and the black background bug.  I'm very happy to have paid the $1.50 to support this app and am looking forward to supporting this developer in the future. 

Itsdagram is very functional and better than the official app on Android and iOS. I know of at least two people who have gone out and activated Windows Phone devices as a result of me showing them instagram on Windows Phone. Very well done...

Finally gave in and bought this thing. Nothing works. Can't find friends, can't connect to Facebook, can't do user settings like changing password. Nothing happens. What a waste! What hype! Should have gone for the trial version before buying.