E3 2013: Microsoft Xbox Meet and Greet

Microsoft Store

Today is the first “official” day of E3, but yesterday Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA had their big press conferences where they announced games for this year and next. It also happened to be the same day that Xbox’s Major Nelson and company put on an Xbox meet up at the local Microsoft Store in the Westfield Century City mall.

I decided to check it out while Dan was busy in New York City watching the world premiere of the Man of Steel. Pictures of the Xbox meet up after the break!

Xbox One

Xbox One

On display in a glass case near the front of the Microsoft Store was an Xbox One alongside a controller and next-generation Kinect. It was the first time I had a chance to see the new hardware in person. While the boxy look of the next Xbox isn’t for everyone, I found it absolutely gorgeous. The hardware team, led by Carl Ledbetter, was on hand at the event taking questions, shaking hands, and having a good time. When asked what their favorite part about the new Xbox console was most on the team expressed a sincere sense of triumph with the design and function of the new controller. Speaking of the new controller.

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

Arguably the one piece of equipment you’ll be interacting the most with on the Xbox One is the controller. At least if past experience holds true. Between gaming and navigation the menus, the controller is the one piece of Xbox One equipment you’ll touch and feel the most. How the team took the controller from the Xbox 360 and improved it seems like no small feat, but they pulled it off superbly. By integrating the battery pack into the controller it feels better in your hand, you no longer have the battery bump annoying your fingers. At the Xbox meet up last night they had a demo station where attendees could try out the new controller on various demos that demonstrated the new rumble feature in the triggers. This new addition to the controller if utilized by developers will give gamers an even more immersive experience.

C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker

Killer Instinct

At the event was an arcade style gaming booth where users could play the upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Killer Instinct. Microsoft is working with Rare and Double Helix Games to bring the fighting game into the new generation. The line was longest for this demo. Players went head-to-head with the new game that used fighting sticks as opposed to Xbox One controllers. And why not? Games like that work best with a good old fashioned arcade stick.

Major Nelson

The event was a success where fans had the chance to interact with Major Nelson, engineers and designers that worked on the Xbox One, and great folks like Laura Massey and Eric Neustadter. We’ll be bringing you more news from the showroom floor as the week goes on.


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E3 2013: Microsoft Xbox Meet and Greet


The game is completely free with one character, Jago. After that you can choose to buy all the characters in a bundle (cheaper) or buy each character a la carte. So for the price of a new game, you get all the characters, if you don't want the majority and only want to play as certain characters, you buy those ones.

I think you can just buy the game the normal way. If you want however, you can get the demo and add onto it. Much like what they did with fable 2 a long time ago which was stupid for that kind of game. It works much better with a fighting game. Especially if you understand why they did it like that which they explained in one of their videos.

Uhh, what message board troll did you hear that from...

Apologies, seems you're right pb. Free to play, with Jago. Purchasing the rest of the characters (and new ones as they are released) at your discretion.

Actually is not that bad of a idea if you only play with two or three characters then you pay a lot less than a new game

I like to try all the characters first, find out who's good and what not.. Having to buy them all takes away some of the fun.. Imo though..

In the interview with GameSpot at E3 it was confirmed you can purchase the game outright with all the content the game offers, or you can just play the F2P Demo with one character and unlock the rest by paying. :)

Oh yeah totally. I also just realized that Sam was behind me in the line the entire time. Sorry I didn't recongize you

just from looking at the picture i think its 1 + 1/2 CD case wide, 2 + a little bit CD Case long, 6 CD case thick (using the optical drive as measuring point)

I'm guessing you'll choose from:
1) Trolling
2) Whining
3) Sadness
4) All of the above.
Seriously, I can't think of the last time I let a friend borrow a game due to my friends all being adult enough to try a demo and buy a game they want.
I can't think of the last time I traded in or sold a game.  Trade in's were derided as a terrible deal.  
I can't think of the last time 24 hours passed that my internet quit working.  
All these "restrictions" are in place for the games I play on PC as well, so maybe I'm just used to it.

It doesn't matter if it matters to you or not, microsoft is taking away some of our rights and deserve to be called out for it, that is all I'm doing. Frankly your supporting anti consumer policies if you buy an xbone.

I sympathize with your good feelings, but still going to buy a Xbox One, and I'm not going to bother people on every thread, it's a free world after all, not going to say where people should spend their money, this is not Soviet Union.

I've been a Steam user since the beginning.  I own about 100+ digitally distributed through steam.  I dont know what cave you live in, but this is the future.  Sucks for you if you want to sell games, but it doesnt bother me.  Adapt or GTFO->  Playstation 4 is written all over your forehead.  GTFO.

I think people don't understand that bit they are all for it on steam but Xbox is evil... The 24hr check in is needed because you don't need to use the disk for the game a feature ps4 doesn't offer so yes they don't need the authentication but the feature that needs is isn't there so they aren't really standing up for gamers like its coming across. Also you can also trade/sell and buy used digital games something the ps4 or even steam doesn't offer. And you can still buy, and play used disk based games too. I guess Microsoft could just require the disk for installed games but I'm sure it doesn't fit with the instant switching between games/apps they are going for. I don't have an issue with it personally. Without it what's stopping someone from buying a disk and installing it on multiple Xbox ones since you don't need the disk for the game.

I personally agree with you and on games alone I'm leaning towards the X1.  I live in South Florida and stable internet is not a problem for me.  I don't buy used games or sell games when I'm done.  I rarely lend games.  With X1 you can share your entire library with up to 10 people (only one person at a time though), so I'm more than covered.  No publisher is going to prevent the sale or purchasing of used games, though they may hit you with an extra fee.  In the end I don't think things will end up very different than now except it's discless on the X1, which I think is a benefit.  
However, the $100 price difference from PS4 is huge though.  MS also needs to step up Gold benefits to be on par with PS+, and not put services like Netflix behind a Gold account wall.  Lastly, for places where stable internet is a problem, I understand the issue with X1.  I'm assuming this is a very small number of potential customers, MS had to have done research on this. 

I also haven't bought a used game in years. And I like playing off a hard drive, it is 1000 times quieter then that cdrom drive that has got to be the noisiest thing ever designed. I also like the idea of being able to play a game on my account at a friends house. I don't think that this DRM is as restrictive as what we have on the PC. At least you most likely will be able to sell it and can give away once. The daily connection is not an issue for me, but I can see when it could be. What is almost a deal breaker for me is the kinnect. Why would I ever want that in my bedroom?

I tend to agree with your last sentence, Perhaps because I am use to PC gaming, these "restrictions" seems fine. Plus I'm sure MS is going this route for a reason and we will see it soon enough.


Btw, Sony doesn't equal freedom. They are just spineless and shady, hiding while MS was upfront. DRM wasn't want by either company, publishers wanted it, the difference MS baked it into the system so it is implemented to a standard whereas Sony will let devs choose which is fare enough but please note they took the same route with online play and look how that turned out.

On Gametrailers last night they said Sony won the show..I completely disagree. The games for PS4 were horrible..the Xbox One was so much better..but people will see the $100 difference and buy the PS4. I have to agree the $499 is just too high.. :-(

If there's any chance someone is spying on me in my living room, I will definitely be naked and doing something inappropriate as often as possible. Woooooo!
People have laptops with webcams on them, and yes - sometimes they get hacked and people use that power for evil! And people have backup cameras in their car. Oh, and last I heard, some people even have phones that have cameras on the front as well as the back, and their phone is on... get this... all of the time!

The PS4 won due to not having the used games restrictions fiasco, being $100 dollars cheaper and allowing to play games offline without a required 24 hour check in protocol. I'm on the fence of which one since this last gen I was strictly 360. PS4 has me hooked with Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII now called XIV.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV is also on Xbox One.
(Versus is not called XIV, that's the mmo, Versus was renamed XV, and it's also for the One)

I'm stoked! This was the ONLY thing making me want a PS4 but I just couldn't pull the trigger and went with the tried and true Xbox One instead.

Yea sony only unveiled the kh3 and ff15 they are both confirmed to be coming to xb1 as well.
I just don't get how sony stole the show if they didn't announce drm I think most people would be iffy to say that as first half of them shown were not exclusives so yes I get hey they have a ton of indie games but ms responded saying we are looking into that so I actually assume ms has a bunch of indie games being ported but didn't show them off due to there partnerships.
Last thing I will mention is yes sony may have given the middle finger and bitch slapped ms but they also pissed off the big kid on the block which is ea and if I learned anything from my years gaming is you never piss off ea they will leave your console to the wolves. Most people do not understand the power ea holds they may be hated but if say europe couldn't get fifa on the ps4 or in NA you couldn't get madden unless it was on x1 that would be huge problem for sony that I don't think they could afford

I get that you hate ea then but most of the world buys there games I am saying if they did that it wouldn't matter about drm people go where there favorite games are which sense fifa is one of the most played games on the consoles and in north america madden sells roughly 2-4 million units each year alone and hell with battlefield 4 on there lineup if you got that cut off ps4 most CASUAL gamers would not even think about buying ps4

I understand what your getting at. I'm just merely stating that ea crap doesn't dictate which direction I go. I gave up on ea cause of there business model.

Bingo.  DRM was added because the PUBLISHERS wanted it.  Sony can pretend that they are the good guy here, but you won't be seeing big name titles on the PS4 without the same DRM present on the One.

If people weren't so whatever and didn't buy anything that was drm protected to insane levels new companies would come about and the devil ones would fall. Because drm or not there's still money to be made. Sadly though.....

Whatttttttt. You prefer the design of the door wedge 4 over the vcr1. Oh well, the man likes what he likes I guess.

Such a shame that nobody is talking about the cloud connectivity of the Xbox One cause this opens up a whole bunch of new opportunities!