Microsoft Giveaway: Use your Bing Reward credits to win a Lumia 928 or Xbox 360

Win a Lumia 928

Looks like our contest isn’t the only way you can potentially win a Lumia 928. If you’re in the United States and use Bing as your primary search engine you should be using and taking advantage of Bing Rewards. You can potentially win a Nokia Lumia 928 and more through the Bing Rewards program. Details below.

Bing Rewards are little points you get for using Bing. It’s a service that is currently only available in the United States. Searches you do earn you Bing Reward credits that you can apply towards gift cards, coupons, contest, and more. It’s a really sweet program for those who have access to it. For example, you can basically earn a free month of Xbox Live Gold or a month pass for Xbox Music just by using Bing as your search engine. For the Windows Phone crowd you can earn cash that you can use in the Windows Phone Store.

Bing Rewards Lumia 928

Right now there’s a contest where Bing is giving away 5 Nokia Lumia 928s and $200 to apply towards a Verizon contract. If you spend 40 Bing Reward credits you’ll get 10 entries into the sweepstakes. The grand prize is the Nokia Lumia package just described, but three runner ups will win an Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive, Kinect, and NCAA Football 14. Not bad at all.

The sweepstakes end July 1, 2013 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Winners will be notified about 21 days later on the Bing Rewards website. You need to be at least 13 years old to enter and be a legal resident in the United States. Get the full details right here.

Source: Bing Rewards

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Microsoft Giveaway: Use your Bing Reward credits to win a Lumia 928 or Xbox 360


Entered 60 times. They will announce the winner around the same time the 925 comes out for t-mobile (hopefully it comes out before then).

^This. It would be great to buy some WP app cards (1$ or 5$) here instead of using credit cards or paypal all the time. Windows Phone exists all around in the world, not only in the US M$!!!

You blame Microsoft but sometimes it's the laws and regulations in the other countries that make it hard to do this type of thing world wide.

exactly.  tried this last time in november-ish when they were promoting the htc 8x.  all i got were confirumation that i entered.  they didn't even post any winners.

And Microsoft Points! I prefer to redeem my points for something I'm guaranteed to get. Once in a while though I'll enter a sweepstakes just for the heck of it.

Or the Amazon gift cards! 
I guess some people like lotteries and gambiling.  Me, I'd rather take the free credit.
Just this past month:
Bought State of Decay on Xbox Live with MS points I got from Bing Rewards.
Bought Django Unchained with Amazon gift cards I earned from Bing Rewards.
Better than using my points to lose a sweepstakes if you ask me.

I entered this the other day but still feel I wasted my points. I have never known anyone to win one of these and the chances of winning have to be small.

Don't give up! When I was ten years old I won a Jonny Quest action figure from Carton Network! Greatest day of my ten year old life. 

Would be nice to win. My wife used a bunch of her points to win a Surface. She has never liked tablets insisting her iPhone 5 was all she needed. She got addicted to fresh paint and game dev tycoon. I hope she wins as she will not let me buy her one even though she loves mine and seems sad when I ask for mine back lol.

You can also do a purchase of "10 Sweepstakes Entries: 5 Winners - Nokia Lumia 928" for 40 (silver), 35 (gold) credits instead of "1 Sweepstakes Entry: 5 Winners - Nokia Lumia 928" for 20 (silver), 15 (gold) credits.
I thought "What the Heck" and went for the 10 entries for my first redemtion (brought me up to gold status). I would gift the phone to my sister on Verizon if I win (really doubt it now that everyone here is entering).

"What if I slipped and fell in the shower? Oh my god, I could be killed". On a lighter note..sux not being open to Canada.

I'm waiting for the day we can earn points by using built in search on windows phone. Bing on windows phone + rewards points = awesome :)

I wonder if they are afraid to add it because people would be racking up points by the hundreds each month!

Can you believe that some idiots actually use Google search on a WP device? Crazy, mad, ill, stupid stupid son!

Why is Bing bad outside the US? Are search results really that bad in other countries? Can you give us examples? I'm not doubting you, I honestly want to know.

Example 1: Bing is still in Beta in my Country (Switzerland) Example 2: No possibility to filter search results by date 3: Quite a few Bing features are U. S. only (I did a comparison once, its somewhere in the forum)

Also: when i search in my language it wont help since its only english supported and most of belgian websites have dutch or french written text in it. 

It's not "bad" per se, it's just nowhere near as good as Google. I find I have to screw around with the keyword terms far more to get decent results. I'd say 7/10 times I give up and go to Google.

Language isn't the issue as I'm Australian and we write with UK English spelling i.e. proper English ;)

On WP the localisation detection in Bing is especially bad as I always seem to get US results, which isn't particularly useful a lot of the time.

Also, it sometimes doesn't get the context right. I can't recall a specific example but it's when a name has different meanings depending on the context it's in. Actually an example might be a game or movie title that is a commonly used word/phrase as well - even after adding "game", or "movie", or quoting the title, I still get the wrong context. I switch to Google and it's usually right the first time!

I really wanted to take the Bing Challenge, but that was restricted to the US or perhaps certain countries - which suggests that it's only good IN those countries :P

Never win them things.. I keep entering to win an Xbox and stuff, but end up using Bing points for nothing. To me its sorta a scam..

how is it a scam? you use free points to enter a raffle with likely nearly a million entries... I entered both of those and still had enough to get 200 FREEEEEEE microsoft points. Once i got a free month of xbox live gold, a free month of zune music pass..... not a scam.