Simple Calendar gets another small update, bug fixes and a few features in latest update

Simple Calendar v2 for Windows Phone

One of our favorite calendar apps on Windows Phone (we have a quite a few choice options, these days) is Simple Calendar and the developer has been busy polishing up his 2.0 overhaul that recently went out.

Version 2.2. is now live in the Store and brings with it numerous bug fixes, performance tune-ups and some minor changes.

Simple Calendar v2 for Windows Phone


  • Added "buy features" page to make it more clear which in-app purchases are available
  • Added option to hide calendar background and "no appointments" image on month view
  • Fixed bugs with all-day appointment behavior on live tiles and lock screen
  • Fixed bug where app would sometimes crash on launch
  • App startup performance improvement

Not a bad update at all if you’re a frequent user of this fine app. Simple Calendar is free, though after 7 days ads will start to show up, which you can remove via a one-time in-app purchase. Likewsie there are a few bonus Live Tiles that can also be unlocked for a small fee (or you can use the free tiles built in, the choice is yours).

Head here to the Store to pick up Simple Calendar 2.2 now. Windows Phone 8 only.

QR: Simple Calendar


Reader comments

Simple Calendar gets another small update, bug fixes and a few features in latest update


Sweet app! My only wish is eventual support to edit and/or delete calendar entries. If that happens app will get the elusive "6" rating! :-D

This really is a great app.  To me, this is how the stock calendar should have worked.  If it had edit features, it would be icing on the cake. :)

I would go for this if the typography on the tile wasn't so cramped and busy. There's no way msft would let their calendar look like this

But, I mean you have like 4 options for the Live Tile...

Either way, I love the Frodo/Gob designs...main reason I bought the app. 

Agreed. I have the Gob on wide tile at the very top of my phone and people actually stop me when I wake my phone to see what that is. Very nice design.

Yeah, I looked at the preview screenshots and the other live tile designs without the vertical, stretched-out text look way more minimal and metro-esque. Frodo? Like Baggins?

My hopes for future updates.
Bing lockscreen support
Make the text on the lock screen true white.  I would prefere the text to be same color as the clock and other notifications on the lockscreen.  it looks wierd that it isn't.
Ability to add picture to background of colorless and GOB like Cronos Calender.
Overall, this is a sick app.  Much better than stock.  It is such a joke that the stock calender has little squiggly lines in thier month view instead of actual event names.  Joke that the double wide tile still only shows 1 event.

I sent some details to the dev on the Bing lockscreen support. I would love to have this on my lockscreen but I like the bing changing lockscreen too much.

I like the live tile better than the stock but no to do list keeps me from using it. I'll stick with stock app knowing its going to get more features in 8.1.

I do love the design of the app but it doesnt show my birthday calendar. That is stopping me from using the app.
Chronos calendar actualy has this feature though.

Nice app, but is it really difficult to translate "today" and "tomorrow" titles in live tiles while week days and months are well localized? Maybe a forgetting.