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User Poll: Up all night, updating to Windows 8.1 Preview - Have you?

Yesterday, Microsoft took the wraps off of the much discussed Windows 8.1 “preview edition” for your current Surface Pro, 32 or 64 bit system. The process was supposed to be simple, with a downloaded file and a trip to the Store. Indeed, the installation was easy, but the line for the server was getting hammered on early in the day.

Here at mobile HQ for Windows Phone Central, myself and Sam Sabri updated no less than five devices to Windows 8.1, because hey, we’re excited. From the Acer R7, to the little 8-inch Iconia to two Surface Pros we plowed through the process. (Build attendees were given USB flash drivers with the installation files onboard, making the process super simple).

Windows 8.1 Installation

We’re quite smitten with the 8.1 preview and new features, specifically the new Store (which is way better now) and Xbox Music, that really make the effort worth it. (Later on today, we’ll do a quick preview of 8.1 on an 8.1 tablet to show you how that works).

Question for you: Did you update to Windows 8.1 yet? Are you planning on it? Take our poll and sound off in comments on your experience! (Poll embed fixed, sorry folks!)



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User Poll: Up all night, updating to Windows 8.1 Preview - Have you?



Unfortunately Windows 8.1 Preview bricked my Dell XPS 10 tablet. Judging from the amount of feedback on the Dell XPS forum it appears that the Preview at this time will not work on the Dell XPS 10.  I spent 2 hours on the phone last night with Dell tech support; unfortunately I have to send my tablet back to Dell so that they can re-install Windows 8 RT. 

This is one stupid thing about the RT, why didn't microsoft just make it easy to reinstall yourself like you can with win8 on normal 32/64 bit hardware.
Thats just stupid that if something breaks with your install you need to send the device for repair.

You know how every once in awhile folks post things that just makes them look a bit rediculous and makes you want to post a RTFM! flame?
It's the end user's fault.
1) this is pre-release
2) follow the instructions and create a backup set.
Please stop blaming Microsoft because you wont bother to read.

What I found is that if you start the download in the Windows store and then continue to use the computer to do something else in the meanwhile, the download always gets interrupted and installation will not complete. So, I just started the download before going to sleep and left it on the download page overnight, and this morning I had Windows 8.1 on my computer when I woke up.

Basically, get the download started and then go find something else to do for a couple of hours. Don't touch it.

I did that and it worked...
Update was smooth on my surface, and REALLY good improvements!!!! really great!!!
Mail client is faster, programs side by side is working better now!!!( for me)
skydrive is now a fast way to browser files even offline, good!

Don't do it!!
You'll have to reinstall everything when the real one comes out. Ask @thurrott

Unless I missed it, MS did not seem to give us a heads up on this. No virus programs will work on 8.1 preview either, how saddening...

On the download site it says nothing about upgrading to 8.1 release unless you're using RT, thus my hesitance to try this. I might get it on my Dell Mini 9 to try it out.

When you boot from the media, like every other version of windows, you can do a custom install or an upgrade. Both are available.

Defender is the same technology of Microsoft Forefront, and despite the poor reviews that rate defender lower because of not automatically scheduling daily definition updates, it is actual the most secure set of technology with the least impact on your systems.  The basis of how it works is also a part of what the Microsoft security teams use to track and find botnets, which they are the most active IT company in combating systematic malware.
Instead of investing in another solution, set your definitions to update daily or set your system to do a full scan on a nightly basis which will force definition updates when it runs. If you do this, then defender gets the same level of security rating and better than other solutions.
If you think you need more proteciton or security than Microsoft itself, then you might have a bit of paranoia or have very unsafe browsing habits.

PS If you truly need a more security protection I might suggest a network level device, upstream from your systems.

I agree.  I'm the client endpoint security admin in our company and if you are just a typical users, the built-in security in W8 should be just fine.  Do yourself a service and run only as User and elevate only when needed to perform a legit admin function (how Mac OS operates). 

That's the default behavior on W8 ...ever since Vista introduced UAC. Any action that requires privileged access causes the OS to prompt the user for approval or admin creds.

UAC is part of the enhanced security features starting in Vista and even running as a User you can get prompted for the switch token. Requiring that all admin functions be performed with another admin user (not Administrator, that account should be disabled) removes the user workspace from the admin workspace, and having the user enter a password each time is annoying and disruptive enough so they question why they are doing it.

Christ, I love this community.
People making common sense decisions based on sound logic and experience.
+1 / Like for everyone on this thread.

Have used the then-called MS Security Essentials from my Windows XP machine, to Windows 7 and now, the one built in Windows 8 (Defender).

They've all served me well.

They give you all this in the FAQ...
Yes. Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Preview are stable and have been thoroughly tested, but aren't the finished product. Your PC could crash and you could lose important files. You should back up your data and you shouldn't test the preview on your primary home or business PC. You might also encounter problems like:

  • Software that doesn’t install or work correctly, including antivirus or security programs.
  • Printers, video cards, or other hardware that doesn’t work.
  • Difficulty accessing corporate or home networks.
  • Damage to some of your files.

You should carefully balance the risks and rewards of trying out the preview before you install it.

McAfee works on preview. I'm running it on 4 pcs at the moment. All my software remained intact, everything works. All my apps stayed. Upon completing installation on my laptop, all my apps from my desktop started syncing up and installing on the laptop, on the same groups, sizes and positions as my desktop. One unified start screen. I have to say the improvements are awesome, can't wait for the finished product. About defender, it only protects you in Microsoft zones. If you use another browser, it does not protect you. It is very good basic protection, but it is not a substitute for full AV software

Metro apps yes, but I don't use much anyways.
As for your regular apps, go to Windows.old > Users > [username] > Cut and paste into new user account.

Yea, that's why I haven't done it. Reinstalling Metro apps isn't a problem but using up most of my day to reinstall all of my desktop applications is. I did that with the Win8 Preview -> Win8 RTM but not this time.

I read that and was prepared to have to  reinstall all of my RT apps.  However, every app remained installed.  I didn't have to do anything when the update finished.  Maybe this is where SkyDrive comes in.  I do sync all computer settings to SkyDrive.
I have been enjoying the benefits of 8.1 without an issue on my RT.  I would like to get to the bottom of it as to why all of my apps remained in tact because some of you are missing out on the upgrade benefits.  IE 11 is pretty fast I have to admit.  Much easier to access all my apps with a simply swipe.  I honestly don't buy the notion that people miss the START button.  Windows 8 makes me want to use my computer more.  I LOVE the easy access to news etc with my live tiles.
I think the real isse is the non-touch systems running windows 8.  I have 8 Pro runnin on a DELL and I love it there as well.  Maybe I'm just too much of a Microsoft fan to think objectively - however, 8 and RT works for me.  Also love my Lumia 920.  Think I will have a real challenge on my hands because I want the 925 AND the 1020 and I can't get both.  Help???!!!

They mean when 8.1 RTM is released there won't be an upgrade path from 8.1 Preview. A wipe and reload will be necessary.

Incorrect. a sort of partial upgrade will be available. When one upgrades to Windows 8.1 release from Windows 8.1 Preview, according to Microsoft, all your user files will be carried in the upgrade. However, all programs and Windows Store Apps will have to be reinstalled. It is similar to the upgrade from older versions of windows to Windows 8, where only files were carried when upgrading from versions like XP or Vista.

Ever heard of VMware Player (free) or workstation or many other virtualization apps?

I am downloading the iso now (slow as hell 200kbs) and will be installing it in my vmware.

Didn't do it because I have to use the ISO (because Dutch isn't supported) and therefore I will lose anything. Waiting in patience for the initial release :P

Updated RT. Took a while but works great!
Usability wise the changes are generally what I'd consider subtle, but performance feels a little faster.  New apps - Outlook, Food, Fitness etc. - are all nice enhancements.
New store at first look is better eye candy but not really used it to find anything yet.
Update went smoothly and time will tell what it's really like.

Subtle? Did you even see Slide for All Apps, the vastly improved search functionality, IE11 (admittedly very buggy), new lock screen slide show, animated/mimic desktop start screen backgrounds, and vastly improved tile organization systems? I think the difference is a little more than just subtle (can I even stress how much better search is? It is almost exclusively as a feature sufficient enough to make the case for upgrading from 7 or *gasp* Vista or XP.

Yes. Slide was nice, but I got the menu the first few times and couldn't actually find "All Apps".... they should have left that on the menu.
Lock screen shows static image by default.
You could organize tiles on the first version (zoom out and name a group), so my tiles were already organized.
Subtle is definitely the correct word.  Beneficial, yes, but it's hardly a revolutionary change.

If your connotation of subtle is 'very minor', I think you are missing the bigger picture here. You didn't mention the search at all. That alone is pretty major. The fact of the matter is that you are now able to receive Skype calls and take photos without unlocking... Not so subtle. By tiles, I was referring to the significantly improved ability to resize tiles to a number of sizes and much better overall ease of rearranging (which most people before would almost completely give up on because it was so convoluted). Now you can also go beyond 1/3 - 2/3 multitasking. There is also support for Miracast built in. The photo slide show is a very nice touch, subtle maybe. The sum of the rest of the changes add up to be a bit more than subtle. Overall, the OS is something worth getting excited about again, particularly for the generally very picky desktop users. Revolutionary? No. A huge step forward? Absolutely. More than just 'a few, subtle changes'? Yes.

I didn't see Miracast on RT yet.  How do I Miracast?  Could be useful.
I'm looking forward to improved search and when I have this installed on the desktop, look forward to trying it out fully.  One of my biggest annoyances with 8 was that the Start Button search removed Outlook email search.  Do you know if that is back?
I went into the settings and found the new settings to enable a slideshow on the Lock Screen when under battery, using my Skydrive folder as the photo source... but still no photos on the lock screen.  Any ideas?
I have to say the XBox Music is massively faster/better on RT.
Here's a question on Skype for you - the old Skype would not receive call notifications after a reboot until Skype was started.  Any ideas if this now works correctly now?  Other app notications (e.g. Galactic Reign) appear broken at the moment.
Found the lock screen camera after you mentioned it, but it says another App is using my camera... yet I don't see one using it.  Any ideas?  Kind of odd it cannot share for the purpose of taking a photo, since when locked no other app should be actually using the camera!
Don't get me wrong.. big Windows 8 fan, have a WP8 920 etc.  And yes, improvements are good, but takes a while to learn these new little options.

In retrospect, I actually haven't heard or seen anthing else about Miracast since early June, so I'm not sure exactly where it is right now (maybe not ready yet for preview build), although it was said to be coming to RT as well. Not sure about the email search either. I haven't had enough time to verify this myself. For SkyDrive, I too was actually having issues, but I believe this may indeed be a bug. It works beautifully on my desktop PC and there isn't any reason why it doesn't on the Surface. I would imagine that many things are currently broken. Skype probably has not been updated to the point where it is anywhere close to being notably better. I can't speak for the Skype notifications. From my experience, I have not had any issues with my Surface RT and taking photos while locked, so it sounds to me that this may be yet another bug. Well, a preview is a preview, but the premise and promise of 8.1 is still here. We are only just now getting an early taste of what we can expect in the coming future. I for one am very glad to have the opportunity.

Downloaded the update for my Surface RT, and will be installing it tonight. My other PCs and Surface Pro, I'm going to hold off a little while to see what issues and incompatibilities popup.

I've thought about it, and would really like to, as I ran both the Win 7 consumer beta/preview and the Win 8 consumer preview, but just got a new laptop about 2 months ago, and don't really feel like having to reinstall all my freshly installed apps when the RTM is released.

Yep.  Updated RT because that is easy to reset and log in to get everything.  But that's all I'll update.  Too much trouble the other many PCs until the release comes out.

It took me about 8hrs to update my Surface RT and I'm gonna update my Vaio T over the weekend. I'm loving every bit of the update so far.

Wow! It only took me less than an hour, probably close to 30 mins. Must be because I had just performed a reset on my RT last week and did not add any apps or files.

I tried once yesterday but the update failed for some reason over night -- I went to sleep while it was downloading. I'm redownloading right now.

By the way, I have it on my Dell Inspiron 15R. Not touchscreen or anything fancy, just what I had when Windows 8 was originally released.

Yeah, I was up all night, unable to install after two attempts. Gettting the .iso now, hopefully someting comes of that.

haven't done it cause I'm a bit leery of running beta level code on a production machine, and as my surface pro is my *only* win8 box.... think I'm going to wait for the final release build. 

I wen't to sleep at 2 a.m. waiting for the update to finish installing. 100% worth it, so far its working flawlessly and really does not feel like a beta update at all. Loving the increased customization options, the better search function (seems to work much faster as well), new music and pictures app, etc. All in all, a great update in every way

Let the download go all night, woke up this morning to finish the install. 8.1 looks good with some very needed features, a couple things need to be fixed but the only thing that really bugs me is the fact the scrolling anywhere in metro apps is just horrible. It takes a second to respond in the first place and jumps around like crazy, even the start menu doesn't work properly. Hopefully a fix for this is coming soon.

Have a desktop computer running W8 pro,not going to run a beta on my only computer for the next six months.I will wait for the official release.

Has anyone noticed that it is now harder to pin websites to the start screen? You have to add a site to you favorites, go to the favorites menu, and then you have the option to pin. I don't like it, but its something I can live with.

1st its also available for the RT which I bet is what the majority has.
2nd - no because Microsoft screwed up with the language packs outside the USA (oh what a surprise...)

Updated Surface Pro, LOVED it, found out it won't play nice with my office's Citrix log in page so I had to uninstall and go back to square zero.  Once I had a taste of 8.1, 8 seems bad. 
I updated my gaming/HTPC this morning.  Trackpad is wonky now, but otherwise it is just a much better experience and I liked W8. 

Did and regretted. LiveMeeting and Intel storage service no longer work. Guess I'll be reinstalling 8 this weekend.

intel storage service? idk about yours, but my asus had some intel storage service that when i went from 7 to 8 it was removed because windows 8 no longer required the software. perhaps 8.1 is the same with yours?
or it could be the fact that not all drivers may work currently since its still a preview and will have issues.

It's the Intel Rapid Storage Technology service that ties to the application that sits in task tray letting you know if there are any problems.  8.1 installed fine and under the covers storage was working fine (mirrored HHD's and accelerated with an SSD - i.e. the storage drivers are fine, I'm just talking about the monitoring and configuration service).  I don't reboot my machine that often and that task tray icon is how I know everything is ok.  So I don't want to do without it.

Already did it. On a laptop and a Surface RT. Installations went smooth. Took a little while, but with no errors. Very excited about the changes and the new features...

Updated Surface RT, but am keeping it mostly Modern UI. Updating my work PC soon, and will be mostly desktop. Love the new changed, though!

I've updated my laptop and am upgrading my Surface RT at the moment. I made a recovery drive for my laptop just incase I want to switch back, but I'm not too worried since I've been planning to reformat for a while now and cut down on all the excess files and programs I have.

Definitely worth it so far. Scrolling sideways across the start screen is a little less smooth than it used to be, but everything else seems to load as fast, if not a little faster. Plus a lot of the little tweeks are really nice. Liking it so far!

Updated RT and loving it. Faster and many great improvements. Great to have Outlook, virtual keyboard much improved with new shortcuts, IE11 is noticeably faster on heavy websites, new snap views, swipe up to all apps, new Bing search... I can go on and on. 8.1 gives you peak at what MS's vision for Win8 has been all along. Very exciting times. performance is noticeably improved on Surface RT. PS new color choices great too.

I tried twice. Both times it downloaded fine. But goes through the install and after reboot it says it can't install. And reverts back to just 8. (Asus G75).

Already did it. On a laptop and a Surface RT. Installations went smooth. Took a little while, but with no errors. Very excited about the changes and the new features...

Installed on surface RT last night no problem. Xbox music is more thought out. Everything looks a bit more polished, and slightly faster. I like it.

No because MSFT decided that anyone with a Surface in the UK wasn't worth considering. To be honest I am glad and will now wait til Autumn for the non beta update. Still a bit jealous though :-\

Like everything, they give something and take away something.  I installed the 8.1 update on my Surface RT.  All went smoth with the update.  I really like my Surface and use it everyday.  But I don't understand a few things.  The photos app just doesn't seem to work for me the way it use to.  All I get is this PC.  I went and updated the libraries to include the folders from SkyDrive that I want on my Surface.  And on SkyDrive I added Make offline (which I think is great), but the pictures don't show up on the Photos tab on the start screen.  I did verify the pictures have all been downloaded.  Go figure.  
Also I really like the new xbox music app.  Well almost.  I don't get why if I already have the songs loaded on my system, why does it re-download the songs and put them into the xbox folder in my music.  It just takes up twice the space.  I had to shut this feature off.
The Messaging app is gone.  I liked that my facebook messages just showed up here.  Am I missing something.  Maybe I just don't know how it works.  I have skype but, it is just not the same.
I like all the new settings tabs but still haven't found how to make the desktop wallpaper and start screen background the same.

From the charms bar, tap settings, then personalize. Your desktop background is the last square, bottom right.

IIRC, there's a setting on the desktop, too (right-click task bar, properties, look through the tabs). Sorry, on my phone right now, so I can't tell you for sure on this method.

"Desktop wallpaper and start screen background the same."

Right click taskbar, then click properties and go to navigation tab.

I noticed this too but I quickly found that, for some reason, they were moved to the SkyDrive app. From there you can find both your online pictures and local (it's got a This PC section too) which makes me wonder if they'll eventually get rid of that app too just like they did eith messaging in favor of Skype.

Updated on my Asus Vivotab Smart
The Homescreen is very laggy! Performance on Homescreen was much better before the update.

Also Windows is not detecting that my Device is "mobile". Maybe it can not detect the battery?

It will be sluggish for a few hours after the upgrade due to rebuiding of the index and various other tasks taking place after the upgrade. After these items finish you should find it much better. It is noticibly quicker in almost every regard on my Surface RT.

How is it doing now? I updated my Asus VivoTab Smart yesterday and I just couldn't stand that laggy start screen. Everything was so sluggish and horrible! I reverted it back to factory settings, reinstalled all of my apps and I think I will wait for the official Win 8.1 later this year. I absolutely love the new everything but I couldn't live with that lag :( Plus, Windows didn't detect the battery! I didn't have the indicator nor the % of the battery left. Nothing.

Oh, damn. Now I'm tempted again :) Thanks for the info, I'll think about it. Even though we both know how it's gonna end ;)

I installed it last night. Played with it a bit this morning. I love all the changes, but my macros no longer work on my mouse and keyboard. I'm assuming I just have to reinstall the software for them. No big deal. Worth it for the increased usability.

I updated, but a lot of stuff didn't work properly. Photos is buggy as well as my calendar. Keyboard and Bluetooth drivers are gone so no keyboard. My virus programs won't install; stuck with windows defender, ughh. I should have done a clean install after backing up everything.

Upgraded the Surface Pro yesterday and really enjoying it so far.  I dig the tweaks and improvements.  I kinda wish I could hide the Start button though since I never had a problem using the corner of the screen or any of the other 3 ways to bring up the start screen.  I don't really mind it being there but it seems unnecessary.  I do really like how the start screen can use the desktop wallpaper as a background and seems to "float" over the desktop.   That's slick.

In the process of downloading the ISO now so that I can update some Windows 8 Enterprise machines.

The thought of re-installing my perfectly running Windows 8 machines makes me shudder so I'll sit this one out.
I will say I'm loving what I've seen on the preview videos I've seen so far. 

Upgraded once I got home from work yesterday. So far, I'm really liking it. I personally don't need a Start Menu but it would be neat if Microsoft implemented some sort of menu for those users that complain about it. When you press the start button it can take you to a side panel, like the one showing currently running apps, and give you a menu from there and make it sysem wide. Just a thought.

What he said. People need to get over the breakup of the start menu and Windows. They are never, ever, ever getting back together.

I would LOVE to upgrade my Surface RT, but it's simply too dangerous and too much of a hazzle for me.
So I'll be waiting. Even if I really want some of the new features, like faster app speeds, the new all apps list and variable snap.

Hassle? RT is the easiest since you don't deal with legacy apps. Just create a recovery USB on case you need to revert.

I am not really liking the new search. It ruins the charm bar for universal search behavior on most, if not all apps. Dedicates search boxes are "so iOS". I do like new Bing search built in, however. Felt like forever doing the upgrade

Updated 4 machines already, smoothest Windows update I've ever seen! Huge performance/design improvements, great syncing across devices and IE11 Metro is a dream.

I'll wait for the RTM version before updating my Surface Pro.  I have an old Dell XPS1530 dual booted with Win7 & Win8 x64. I want to download the update directly from the Store, but my Win8 partition doesn't have the space. I tried redirecting the download folder to another partition with space but that isnt working. Any tips on how to get around this? Extending my Win8 partition doesn't appear to be an option.

i had partitioned one of my hard drives to install Win8 preview, with the 8.1 will it give me the same option to install on that same partition?

No, have too many apps installed and data to go through reinstalling again when the official update arrives so no preview here.

I'm usually always the first to upgrade to the latest preview of something like this, but this time I'm going to wait until official release. Not enough major changes to warrant taking a chance on having to re-install Windows after or other potential issues I'm reading about.
If it were Windows 8.5 or 9 Preview, I'd strongly consider it. This time I'll wait.

I have 8.1 on my Surface RT and laptop. Everything about this update is great. Everything feels much more intuitive. My RT feels like a new machine. My only concern is what happens once the official release becomes available. Are all of my files and Metro apps safe. I was under the impression that only desktop applications would be effected.

I'll update my Alienware because I Factory Reset my computer and Windows messed up so now I can't activate windows and I'm not re buying windows. Spent hours with many different support reps on the phone and on twitter.

Installed on VMWARE, everything is running fine, like others said no antivirus of choice ( but then again it's not a production machine)  Modern interface apps run quicker, loving the new Xbox music app and Skydrive integration.  Overall good experience so far!

My desktop is done. My laptop is BEING done but I had to leave to go to the office. My boss is updating his system now.

Updated to preview  So far so good and love the ability to add sd files into the folders easily. 
The one issue i am having is posting in the wpcentral forums, there is a considerable amount of lag time between pressin gthe key and the letter showing up.  It is pretty unusable.  So i use the desktop version of IE and it is a little better. 

Ill upgrade. Backing up first though. Need to switch base os from uk to us though. Crossing my fingers.

Was going to until I read even desktop software/apps would have to be reinstalled....not in the mood to worry about that ;)

I tried to update my dell inspiron 1525 but got a message that your device is not eligible for this update. Looks like this update is not for laptops.

Simple???? I have had NO success on three devices, including a Surface RT.
I constantly get an error when trying to install the file that says this is not intended for my devices. C'mon folks. This has been frustrating and more than a little upsettings.
My take? First, here may be the issues.
1 - My Acer that I have been using since the Developer Preview last year with a full^blown Windows 8 Pro version installed may not be compatible yet, either hte display or the chipset. If the others had installed flawlessly, I could accept this, but nothing.
2 - A note saying if another language is also installed, wait for the ISO. Oh, but the ISO are not available.
To me, a huge supporter of MS, this is a monumental fail. Horrible PR as I can only guess I am not the only one facing these issues. The one that galls me the most??? my Surface RT. That should have been flawless.
Any thoughts and ideas from anyone will be greatly appreciated, but it is disheartening to read tons of reviews and screen shots and comments about anything related to 8.1 when I can not get a single machine updated.

I updated my RT, and it took only three hours, which wasn't that bad. I haven't tried out all the apps yet, but so far I love it. I didn't have Outlook on anything else before, so now I'm getting a hands-on look at  Outlook 2013 RT. Now, I see why everyone likes it so much.

No we can't, because MS screwed up the language packs for all English speaking regions except the US.

Installed it on about 4 computers yesterday, no problem with the process. One did prove meddlesome as it installed nicely, but found that it didn't install drivers. This was an Asus Vivotab Smart ME400. Other devices I installed it on were an HP TM2, HP DV5T and a Compaq desktop. All pretty much working well except that Asus.

UK English isn't supported until MS fix their screwed up language packs as, apparently, we speak a "regional variation" of US English. It doesn't matter that UK English is the most spoken version around the world, at least to MS it doesn't.

Installed on RT and ASUS Laptop with no problems. Was pretty awesome to see all of my apps from both devices sync automatically, even though some of them I had only downloaded on my RT or laptop.
Pretty cool so far.

yes i did...having issues with low volume now...   been on with special tech support for 2 days now... no luck so far

Download and install took about 45 mins to an hr. No issues other than the download stalling every now and then and resuming automatically.
I like the new updates - I am not one of those who misses the start button but it was no brainer, people need Cues to access the start page and asking them to remember Windows+C etc to see the charms was probably too much.
Having said that - I am having trouble seeing the new improved search - when I search, all I see are my documents and apps. Do i have to make any config changes to see the web results? any ideas?

Me too! I pretty much had the same experience. No issues in downloading and installing the update.
BUT., the search is screwed up!
The search bar has only 3 options: Everywhere, Files and Settings.
Tried many things without any luck! Got any updates?
EDIT: I got it!
All I had to do is: Go to PC Settings -> Search & Apps and turn on the "Get suggestions and web results from Bing"!

Goutham: I was able to resolve this issue yesterday. It is in the settings. I had switched off the option to check Bing for suggestions etc. I am at work and don't remember the nexact settings screen but as soon as I opted to switched it on, the search automatically brings inthe web results.

My update to Windows 8.1 Pro is very smooth. Download from Store, around 1.3 GB, took less than an hour on home WiFi and it took around 1 hour to install the update as well.
Boot to Desktop is awesome!
Start button is good but to be honest I was not even looking for it (I am used to Tiles)
Lockscreen Images is so cool. I did select a folder with large amount of pictures (my Nikon dump)
Resize Tiles is great
All my Apps (including those I developed) worked fine

Will post updates as I me and my kids test it :)

I updated my Acer W500 today. Seems to run fine. It is cool to finally be able to run two things on the screen at once. Still poking around though.

I upgraded my Surface RT yesterday and love it.  It just feels more "finished" than stock Win8.  Then to top things off we get Outlook which is far superior to the windows mail program that was originally loaded. 

I hope Ms allows a darker theme for the store because as of now it looks like the Xbox when its first turned on .

Ug, I have attempted to upgrade my desktop 4 times now, it has failed every time on the reboot. I think it might have something to do with more the one ufie partition. Going to look at that tonight

Updated on Surface Pro. Great other than Mail not syncing. Any ideas? Tried reinstall and a complete restore and 8.1 upgrade again.

My Surface R/T and home desktop updated flawlessly but there seems to be a problem wit Xbox music pass. Music will not download.

It took me two hours to download and it took an hour to install on my surface rt. Overall I do like it...i love the universal search and I love the new Bing app. Some parts do feel a bit slow as far as the store navigation and what not. But I like it.

I downloaded the file - restarted, and nothing popped up.
How do I force it to open 8.1 install in the market?
On a desktop not RT btw.

after downloading the file, did you install that update? restart after install and it will pop up. If it still doesn't, go to Store, it will show there.

so far so good on my home machine. x64 8.1 updated and installed no problem yesterday. I'll have to play around more specifically to put it throught the test. Seems all my software remainded installed. That was nice.

I did upgrade.. Took a long time on my desktop.. Some little problems that I took from it. I had to reduce the size of everything on the screen. was not working right on the IE11 desktop version and the zoom feature of the IE11 tile version is zoomed in too much and can't figure out why it does not reduce. I went into settings, says its at 100%, tried to reduce it to 50%, nothing changes. DJ app had no sound.. Tried messing with it. Kept crashing. I don't like that when downloading new apps, they don't show up on the main app screen, I had to arrow down to find the app & pin the app to the main app screen. The sign in, main screen to sign into Windows resizes from large to small. The start button will not get people back that preferred the old start button function. I don't get why put it there if its not going to change anything. The problem with the start button was not being able to get to the tile screen, its was about getting the old start button function back. I'm not speaking for my self, so please don't gang up on me, I'm speaking for people who expected the original start button function from windows of the past.

Ugh, made it to the final stages of installation and then crashed :/. I guess I'll just wait until the final release. I had the download fail twice as well.

Worked great on my good ole HP non-touch laptop, but failed on the HP Envy x2 because of the known Intel video driver issues.

The Windows Store app "reinstall" happened automatically on my Surface Pro and desktop machines. They showed little download icons on them once I booted into the OS and they eventually completed the installs and all is back to normal - zero interaction from me!

odd... the app reinstall is supposedly when going from 8.1 preview to 8.1 Release. anyways, I have slow internet and the data (games, non cloud notes and data) is more what im worried about. Still, my tablet is unsupported anyways so the point is moot.

Downloaded on my desktop, then prompted to restart so I can supposedly go to the store and install. I restart, and.....nothing. Plain "old" Win 8. No message, nothing in the "store". Did this procedure 2 more times. Am I missing something? This was last night, guess I'll try again tonight?

if it downloaded and installed properly, it should have a big image in the store that is about going to 8.1, and a prompt will appear when you reboot.

Thanks, tried again last night, worked like a champ. But now Decor8 is incompatible with 8.1. Hopefully an update for that soon...

Was up until 1 am lat night updating.  It was not hard to get the update, but it took longer to install than the initial win8 install did.  Also required some 5 resets before all was said and done.
Overall it feels like a nice evolutionary improvement, but not a huge 'wow' in my book.  Most of it just feels like win8 is finally out of beta and is working the way it should have in the first place.
I love that there is some real customization available, but they need to fix a few things.  On my WP I have my people/contacts hub as a medium tile surrounded by a bunch of small tiles for social media and game update icons.  I tried to do this on win8.1 but it is impossible.  Small tiles are grouped into medium tile spaces of 4 and you cannot arrange them in a way where a larger tile fits off-set from a medium tile.
While I could care less about the start button being an actual button (I mean, it was there the whole time anyways hiding in the corner), they do need to remember to re-size it for those of us who use small icons.  Now I have the small icon windows button on the superbar, and if my mouse hits the bottom left corner (or app switching on the top left) then the old hidden start button pops up over the new small one, and it looks poorly designed.  Surely a simple fix, but something they ought to have caught over the last year of designing this.  Now there are 2 start buttons occupying the same space, but with different sizes.  Either drop one, or allow both of them to be re-sized so that they overlap properly.
I still have a major issue with metro apps that is simply not addressed by this update.  So far the only metro apps that seem at all useful are multi-media apps (music, and movie streaming services).  For music apps I would love to have the metro controls take up a small corner of the screen, but instead they take up a very small portion of a large strip of the screen.  For videos I tend to have them in a browser window while playing a game.  The game will eat up some 80% of the screen, and then I will have the browser behind the game so that I can see the middle 2/3rds of the screen (left cropped by the edge of the screen, right cropped by the game I am playing).  This allows me to play my game while watching a show without missing much of the action, but also while having the video big enough to see it.  When a good action bit comes up then it is very simple to pause the game and full-screen the video.  I also tend to use that dead space above and below the video with things such as a calculator, or a progress bar for something I am monitoring.  But with metro this does not work; I have my game up, then there is a thick bar between desktop and metro, and then the movie resizes to fit the full frame in the allotted space, making it too small to really appreciate, plus providing a ton of dead space above and below the video feed.  On top of that, for most streaming services you do not get the full feature set unless you use the web browser anyways, making the app both useless and handicapped.  Obviously I can continue doing what I have been (and I will), but if MS wants us to use metro apps they need to allow for top/bottom stacking of side-bar apps to reduce dead space, and encourage app developers to give metro apps a 'first class citizen' feature set rather than just being a handicapped option.  It would be better for me to run Netflix in metro IE than it is to run the netflix app in metro... better still to run Netflix in a desktop browser, and it does not have to be this way.
Lastly, many metro apps need to be updated for these new features.  Of the few I tried last night, most of them stick to the same size allotments that they were previously allowed.  If the space was too small for the main screen, then you end up with a tiny 20% stripe of a program centered in a sea of dead space rathe than the app attempting to stretch to fill the allotted area.  Obviously this will be fixed with an update, and it is the dev's fault and not MS's fault, but it is still an annoyance.
Other than those few complaints, I think I generally like it.  I feel like there is some real flexibility in the platform now.  I like using metro PC Settings for things much better than the Control Pannel, and I would like to see CP go away in time.  While visually odd, I like that the charms menu is closer to whatever corner you used in order to activate it.  And IE11, while still lacking key syncing features that will finally pull me off of Chrome, is definitely moving in the right direction.

I'll wait for the offical update.  I don't really care about the start button.  And the rest I can wait for.  Still damn pumped about 8.1.

It took several tries before I realized that I had a VM running in HyperV and shut it down. Once that was off, the update went without a hitch. Overall, I am not seeing a huge difference anywhere, but having almost all of the Control Panel options in the new GUI is a very nice change, as is booting to the desktop, where as a gamer I go right away anyway.