Shazam for Windows Phone updated with automation and LyricPlay


Shazam has been with us since Windows Phone 7 and is a fairly well-established msuic discovery app, come service. Today the company has pushed through an update to the Windows Phone Store, which introduces both automatic resubmission and LyricPlay, the latter being real-time lyrics for music to help consumers awkwardly sing along when in public.

The automated resubmission in version 3.5 is handy for those who currently have a poor network reception. Tags no longer have to be manually submitted after you've got Internet as the app will automatically fire them off for you - you'll be notified when this occurs. As well as these features, Shazam sports a rather gorgeous interface and we're really stuck between the app and Bing Music.

Free unlimited tagging is available to help Windows Phone owners discover new music and you can purchase tracks you find from Xbox Music or Nokia Music. You can download Shazam from the Windows Phone Store (available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8).

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Reader comments

Shazam for Windows Phone updated with automation and LyricPlay


The reason I preferred soundhound was because of the lyrics.  Has this feature always been in the other platforms' versions of this app?  Or is this new to Shazam as a whole?

I officially prefer this over SoundHound now! Finally, offline tagging until a connection is established! Soundhound always shuts off when I use it, or right after I find what the tagged song is... Sad really

Offline functionality isn't really there with Bing. Also, you can humm the tune with soundhound (although it is quite difficult for those not musically gifted :P)

This is an excellent update. Offline tagging was needed for a long time.
Glad they are releasing timely updates for this.