Nokia launches Capture The Night; win a Lumia 925 and trip to NY

Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 has received praise for the improved optics and software on-board to make low-light photography an absolute breeze. First introduced on the Lumia 920, Nokia added OIS (optical image stabilisation), leading to amazing results and is now pumping up the hype for its latest flagship Windows Phone. Introducing Capture The Night, Nokia's launching a promotion to market the new smartphone here in the UK.

To prove just how good the Lumia 925 is in low-light settings, the company has sent 15 units to secret locations around the UK. Each night at 9:25PM (starting on July 24th), each and every Lumia 925 will snap a photo at every location. This is where consumers get involved. As well as showing off the result of the improved imaging capabilities, Nokia will be giving away all 15 Lumia 925 handsets (as well as a trip to New York) if you can guess where that specific Lumia 925 is.

Nokia Capture The Night

How does one get involved and win their own Lumia 925 and possibly a trip to NY?

  • Every night at 9:25PM the Nokia Lumia 925s will take a photograph. Using these images (and your own ingenuity) try to work out where the phones are located. Guess a location correctly and a Nokia Lumia 925 is yours
  • You get three guesses per location per day. If you're the first person to guess a location correctly you'll win the Nokia Lumia 925 that took the picture.
  • When the last location is found, get there and be captured on the Lumia 925. The first person to tag themself in the official photos wins the trip to New York. Make sure it's easy for Nokia can see it's you though.

Be sure to scribble in the date and time in your calendars, folks. We're looking forward to seeing who will be able to get in the last shot and tag themselves.

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Nokia launches Capture The Night; win a Lumia 925 and trip to NY


The phone wasn't yet released therefore there can be no reviews ;)
(And no, they don't give away phone for reviewers previously to the release date, but they do after)

So hang on, for the NY trip, you need to get to the location and then have your photo taken with the 925 that is there waiting for you? And then tagged how....on facebook?

hoping it will be outdoors.....indoor shots  of a generic wetherspoons or something might be too cruel :)

nice competition, not sure how I even do the last bit which kinda makes me thinnk the locations will be young and the young pups will just know what to do... damn feeling old now.

When the last phones location is "known" meaning everyone would know where it is, you have to be standing in front of it when the photo is taken... Shortly after that, it will be posted on Facebook, you then have to tag yourself on the photo on Facebook, the first one that gets tagged wins the last phone.

Viewing this post on the WPC app; I wish the link would take me to the Facebook app instead of the mobile site.

Dudeee, southbeach here at night man that would be gorgeous! Lincoln road, Ocean drive, so many places I can think of to capture amazing night shots with great background lighting from all these restaurants, bars and clubs.

Does this remind anyone else of Willy Wonka? Find the lumia and get a free tour of the chocolate factory! erm...New York!