Lost your keys? Nokia plans to help prevent you doing so again with Bluetooth Treasure Tags

Nokia is looking to launch a proximity sensor accessory for Lumia Windows Phones, according to sources familiar with company plans. The Verge reports that Nokia will release a "Treasure Tag" that will combine Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC to track items of possession from a Windows Phone. The tag will pair with a smartphone through NFC and can then be attached to keys, etc. with a supplied loop strap. 

This will enable consumers to track items with a Windows Phone app and the accessory. Nokia's Treasure Tag app will offer functionality to manage the sensor and locate it when lost, making this a perfect solution for those who are prone to losing stuff. If you're not sure where you placed the item which is tied to a Treasure Tag, the Windows Phone app will display the sensor location on a map. Since this is a Nokia solution, support for LiveSight augmented reality is included.

It's also reported that by holding down a key on the device will trigger a notification on a paired handset if in range - handy if you're looking to see what phones are connected. Designed to be "always on," the Treasure Tag includes a battery that will last for approximately six months of use. 

Nokia NFC Tag

Nokia will be brining Bluetooth 4.0 support to the Lumia 520, 620 and 720, as well as the Lumia 820, 920 and Lumia 1020 families of Windows Phones. All Nokia Windows Phone 8 hardware evidently include chipsets that support Bluetooth 4.0, but the functionality has yet to be enabled.

This is just an example of what Nokia will be planning to do with the new Bluetooth 4.0 support that's being introduced in the Amber update for Lumia Windows Phones. Nokia is also believed to be planning other accessories to take full advantage of Low Energy support. With the Amber update rolling out in the coming weeks, we can expect to see the Treasure Tag and other compatible accessories launch soon.

What type of accessories are you looking forward to using with your Lumia Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Lost your keys? Nokia plans to help prevent you doing so again with Bluetooth Treasure Tags


You're probably right. But if it was it would just go completely unnoticed by people who don't understand that you don't need "apps" to do things.
Just sayin'.

I need this... BAD! I recently locked my keys inside my moped and i went around the whole city looking for them... i will buy this as soon as it comes out... Thanks for thinking of the customers Nokia! <3

If you unlock the seat you can remove the key when it's open which means that you might have a brainfart and put the keys in the storage space under the seat and then closet it. When you close the seat it then insta-locks before you know what happened...
This accesory would atleast help me realise that i locked them in the moped so i don't need to call every shop i've been to and look wherever i walked that day... 

I heard apple is working on something like this or I maybe recalling the article I read incorrectly and it could be just an accessory that will do something like this made by some other company.

Just got a fitbit yesterday and I am loving it. Just wish it would sync though my phone like my wifes Andriod. Nokia work on it quick.

Will this be able to pair with the phone if it doesn't have NFC?
Lumia 520 owner here who'd love to buy a couple of these.

What is its range? It will be great if i put it in my laptop and if my laptop get stolen, i can catch that thief and retrieve my laptop hahaha

Bluetooth Range

Among different bluetooth specifications, there are 2 most popular classes (types) of devices:

Class 1: range up to 100 meters (in most cases 20-30 meters)
Class 2: range up to 30 meters (in most cases 5-10 meters)

Additional facts:

The range depends not only on the transmitter, but also on the mobile phone which is receiving files.

The range depends on atmospheric, geographic, urban conditions (vendors provide the best achievable range in perfect conditions).

The bigger range, the slower transmission speed.

Class 1 devices might be boosted to work on a better range (like 200 meters), however you should not believe it is possibile to broadcast files (in a bluetooth marketing sense) to mobile phones over 1000 meters range, as some vendors suggest.

The wireless carriers need to come out with one of these that works via 3G/4G/Wifi, then you could hide one in your car in case it gets stolen....a very low cost lojack.

Wish the batteries had a charging pad, but then maybe I'd never lose them since I'd always place them in the same spot..

Good for tracking kids at amusement park, stores, events.  How difficult is it to put a gps chip in this to increase the range of tracking.  That would be good for keeping track of cars or stolen items. 

Any info on the battery? It's great that it lasts 6 months but is it rechargable? Is it a standard AAA or AA that you replace?

Thinking I might look a little silly with one of those dangling from my readers. Second thought: don't care.

Many keys already have RFID tags in them for engine immobilization. I wonder if it would be compatible with that?

This will be great for growers burying pickle barrels full of cash up her in Northern California,thank you Nokia!

They're slightly different products. And with the Treasure Tag you can replace the battery.

There's loads of other proximity sensors too (some from "name" manufacturers like Philips, dozens from unknown Chinese), but none with the decent Windows Phone compatibility the Treasure Tag claims to have.

If they could come up with something smaller in size with range that could cover at least a ballpark, I'd be interested.