PSA: Your Instagram time sink is on hold, Instance down for everyone (Update: It works!)

Instance for Windows Phone

If you want to have a somewhat coherent Instagram experience on Windows Phone the app to get has been Instance. It was one of the first apps (and most polished) that allowed users to upload pictures to the social network. However, we’re getting reports that the app isn’t working.

Instance was notable because it didn’t require a server in the middle to upload to Instagram. How did it do that? By using Instagram’s very own API. That approach offered a better experience for Instagram users on Windows Phone, but now seems to be causing some issues. A change on their part in regards to their API could be causing trouble for Instance users. That seems to be the case. 

Instance Broken

Try launching Instance right and it will give you a wrong username/password error. We’re getting the same error on both our paid and free versions of the app. We’ve reached out to the developer, Daniel Gary, to see if he has anything to add to the current situation. He let us know Instagram did change something and he's currently investigating it. We'll let you know of when a potential fix is coming.

[Update] Try relaunching the app a few times. It wasn't Instagram that changed their APIs, instead the keychain used to authenticate needed an upgrade. Should be working soon for all you beautiful people. 

Having troubles with Instance? Sound off below.

Thanks for the tip chadwick!


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PSA: Your Instagram time sink is on hold, Instance down for everyone (Update: It works!)


After initially come out, haven't much about instagraph at all.  Wonder what they are up to. 

Instagraph was the first App on WP to upload to Instagram (2 months ahead Instance ;)
Now it is the 2nd most downloaded app on USA, thank you all for the support!!
Next week I will publish an update with new features, both for wp7 and wp8 ;)
PS: no issues here, I don't use private API

I love WP with all my heart , but I'm being force to leave them again , too many apps and games missing , I don't think they will ever catch up ,wells Fargo, Audi roadside assistance, flipboard,instagram,pinterest, and so many many more , I will buy and iPhone 5 again and keep my Lumia 925 on side .

Instance is the only good app that provides notifications from comments and likes etc and also has a page in the app that shows the new activity like Instagram!

Well Fargo and Flipboard are both CONFIRMED to be coming to WP.

If Nokia isn't bluffing, I'll be happy to see you back next year when every key app is published ;)

wells fargo announced several weeks ago they are coming out with a WP app very soon.  And Nokia indicated a few days ago that almost all of the major apps will be available by the end of the year.  Hang  in there  until next year  and see what has come to fruition!

LMAO. And what if Instagram came out but they cared the most about Android and iOS users? Then we might experience these kind of bugs too until they fix the WP client. So it's not necceraliy better.

I think what he/she is trying to say is, if Instagram released their own app, they would fix it for any change in their own API, before making the said change, avoiding the catch-up game that 3rd party devs have to play when the API gets changed.

Who cares if they released a rubbish app, the app would always be there to use if any of the third party "better ones" get hindered by API changes, much in the same way Metrotube and the native YouTube apps work.

Well again, not necessarily.  We have other official apps that don't have all the features of the iOS/Android versions.  They can still lag behind in features, but API changes would likely be less of an issue.

We have the great Delta app that was useless after they converted from pins to passwords for several months before they finally updated it.

Yeah, and those apps are also free. So you don't have to initially buy the app, then pay additionally for future features.

That is right.  Tumblr has an official app for Windows Phone and boy, I really don't want to go into details because the client is waaaaaay better.  Blueprint, yes, that's the name. 

From a Daniel Gary‏@danielgary tweet:
"Relaunch #Instance a few times. I just upgraded the keychain that I use to authenticate."
Thank you Gary.

Luckily it was a server issue only :)
Do you send our username and password to a server of your own to authenticate.... ?

I had the same issue and I resolved it by simply uninstalling Instance and redownloading it. I also changed my password through Instagram's website for safe measure beforehand.

I also hurried to the Instagram website and changed my password - to be on the safe side - before seeing fellow Instance users on Twitter were experiencing the same problems as I.

Reinstalling the app works fine for me too — problem solved!

well hopefully now there will be enough attention to finally push through an update for the app, cause it was unstable since day one 

The dev is giving it as much attention as he can already.
I wish it was perfect and had video already, but Instance is not this guys full time job and he has said he is working on it and given updates on his progress via Twitter.

I'm not talking about video, I'm talking about the app crashing every second time when there are pics with lots of comments. I get it that he is not a full time dev, but it has been a while since the last update and lots of people have the stability issue.

Rudy Huyn is also doing dev work part time and somehow managed to go from scratch to pre beta in pretty much a week while also updating 6sec app.

I totally understand that people have work and life, but if you're selling an app there is a commitment in terms of getting it going and getting it stable.

I don't mean to talk negatively about Daniel Gary or instance, but it is what it is. The app is very unstable and has been for quiet a while.

It was down for me, I uninstalled the paid, installed it again. And now Im good to go. Works fine

Hahaha I knew it was a good idea to start using instagraph again. Good thing I've been getting use to it for something like this.

That is ashame; i noticed that the last pics i posted did not share to Facebook.  This was yesterday; I wonder if that was tied to the same problem.

instagram is shit, their entire UI looks like shit and all they do is allow you to post pictures that look like shit after passing through shit filters.

A lot of those pictures look really cool❕ Perfect, and exact, representation isn't everything, even for professional photographers.. Instagram may not be for you, and isn't available for WP, but let's be mature about this.

So have you seen your friends latest instagram posts on oggl?
No, you haven't.
That app only allows you to post to instagram, nothing more.

Haha I went off changing my password because I thought maybe my info was hijacked.  Then found out my wife's Instance said the same and figured it was a global issue.
Now I can't set it to my old password cuz it said I have used it in the past haha, oh well.

It was off but Daniel has just said on Twitter it's fixed. And it is, I've just tried again and it's working as well as before (and you take that the way you want ;) )

Did anyone else Instagram info get changed? Mine was, I think instance servers or something was hacked because once I changed my password, everything was fixed! Keep a look out!

Nothing new. It's the same thing with MetroTube and other 3rd party YouTube clients, when YouTube/Google decide to change up APIs then our 3rd party devs have to catch up. Kudos to our devs for their attentiveness!

It used to work for me all the time then I had to get a replacement cuz my 8x screen cracked and it hasn't since. Not even on my 925

Same here, so sad .... i contacted Daniel Gary twice with no answer .... I really want and need an Stability update and i really want to be able to share video's, so sad that it takes so long ... I really would like to have the tile count feature, but it never worked for me ... 
Best regards!

Hope theres an update coming soon. One thing that annnoys me is that the live tile doesnt change accent color. BTW i payed for this app.

+920, same here, also my live tile is not updating ... So sad that this happens to a payed app ..

Best regards!

In my opinion, the app could use an update by now. For me it's been crashing after 10min of straight use; the 'double-tap like' stops working after several uses; and the ability to tag people on comments often fails... Love the app, though

Uninstalling/reinstalling seems to work for initial log-in. However, once you close out of the app, you're right back in the same boat. At least that's how it worked out for me. Your mileage may vary.

I restarted my phone after I initially logged in, so no idea if that had an effect.

Needs to add video and fix bugs, last week it didn't let me upload a picture, I tried so many times I eventually gave up and never posted it :'( I would use Instagraph but I like that Instance let's you use emoticons. I'm actually patiently waiting for 6gram to come out❕❕❕❕❕

In my book Instance is almost always down.
There are TONS of features I hope Instance gets soon because I am using 3 different apps to do what one should do.
Instance - Post to Twitter/FB
#2InstaWithMassiveLove - Instagram Videos
Instagraph - I use to post FULL PHOTO to IG w/o cropping
I mean com'n this is ridiculous 

took me about five times opening and closing to get it working.  just keep opening/closing until you get it if issues persist. 

Updates have been way to slow in coming. Developer needs to step up the pace to fix issues and add functionality. Still seems like the best all-in-one option for WP users though.

Off topic. Oggl just came out. I got a lumia 920. Cant create an account. Always fail to create an acxount

Just open & close the app over & over again (took me about 7 or 8 times). Or uninstall/reinstall the app.
BTW - Microsoft can't force developers to make WP apps.

I remember when Android didn't have Instagram. Everyone on Android constantly hounded on Instagram to get it on Android. On WP, everyone hounds on Microsoft to get Instagram on WP. Seems pretty stupid to hound the phone OS maker and not the app maker.

I have no problem logging in now. My problem currently is getting my uploads to actually upload. It will show that it's uploaded on the main page after it's finished uploading, but it won't show up in my profile page, along with the timeline. I'll just stay away from this app for the time being lol.

Yeah login is fixed, but I can't upload photos, looks like it uploads but when you check back there is nothing !!!

After uninstall and reinstall, I can login. But a lot of the people I follow aren't in the timeline. I check Instagram.com and they are there. It appears to be mostly private accounts that aren't showing.

6tagram is on the way. A few more days. Will be the instagram client of choice from the looks of it. On any platform. Looks way better than the official version on iOS.

Doesn't seem to work. After the restart I see my feed, but it won't let me upload. It looks like the upload went thru, but it didn't.

Is instagram maybe trying to push their own app so they are shutting down the rest? Wpc, go scout for us!

I tried an upload and it seem to work. Hopefully, this is just a minor hiccup and not Instagram putting the kabosh on WP8 3rd party apps

It seems to upload, but if I refresh or navigate to my public profile web page  on instagram.com my picture  it is not there...

I do have problems with uploading: i see my pics on instance but they won't show on my profile page on official instagram website. moreover it want connect with my facebook and twitter profile pages. Windows phone really sucks, i wish this instagram client will work asap.

Don't blame WP or Daniel for this ! Blame Instagram !!
Anyway, in the meantime you can use Instagraph, it is working :)

Photos are missing! It says I have photos but when you swipe to the photo area there is nothing there. Also, friends are telling me they don't see any of my photos. Sigh

I uploaded a photo earlier and when I got home it was gone.  I tried it again and it went up for a few seconds even saw it on IG through the website, then in a few seconds gone again....what the heck is going on?

Stfu about your app,you're like a goddamn ambulance chaser lawyer.
I'll avoid your app at all costs after seeing you on here

I just tried to reinstall and uploaded pictures are not visible on the feed (just click 'refresh' or goto your instagram page)...

When deleting and reinstalling, do I have to re pay for the app? I see the option that I have to pay to get the app again...im still new to the WP8

The tagging does not work properly in this app. It does not work at all in fact. Proof is I tried to post via Oggl app to instagram and Tagging worked. Very bad the dev ignores this issue.

Instance Is Bugging Again. I'll Upload a Picture & It Will Delete After Refresh.. Also Its Says I Have No Posts When Using Instagram For Android & iOS

Instagram is down for me on all platforms (iOS, Android, and Instance on WP). On iOS and Android, the main feed is replaced with a "find friends on Instagram" screen. Instance just says "Loading".

I had seen it coming , at engadget.com they had a article about Hipstamatic’s Oggl apps , and the editor was under in the impression that it was the first app which is related to instagram  and so was the majority or reviewer in the site. One fellow was blogging about how cool was instance and doesn’t need Hipstamatic’s Oggl apps. After all Hipstamatic had a legal contract with instagram. Funniest thing Is one fellow warned the user that his account will be deleted if he continued to use instance.
I quote “Careful, people.
This violates the terms of use for Instagram. If you use this, you risk having your account (and pictures therein) deleted.”

Why cant windows just create an Instagram app end of??? Its one of the most popular apps...period! Surely it should be made in the same bracket as Facebook and Twitter have been?

They cant't just do it, Microsoft is a big company. Toyota can't just start to make BMW if it's not available in a country.

hmm, im back logged into Instance but curiously my GF can't view my feed on her iPhone5 anymore. Pic stats appear but no thumbnails etc. In my Instance, im only loading something lke 3/4 pics in my timeline and no more.. does this seem similar to other wp instance users?