GDR2 update pushing out today for Bell, Rogers and Telus Samsung ATIV S users


While Nokia fans get a lot of attention today, those on Bell and Telus up north are reportedly getting Windows Phone 8 GDR2 as well, starting now. We reported a few days ago that Bell would start pushing out the update today and sure enough, it is live. Likewise, those on Telus and Rogers who have an ATIV S can also check for an update too, delivering a happy surprise for those customers.

The update will bump both the OS 8.0.10327.77 and your firmware to 2212.13.6.1, though users are reporting mixed results in terms of any new features.

At least one user in our forum, ZenBot, reports not much in the way of anything to get excited about:

“At first glance, it looks like this update doesn't have a whole lot to offer beyond "under-the-hood" type stuff. On my Telus ATIV S I see no evidence of FM Radio support, Data Sense support, selectable Default Lens support... kind of disappointing I must say. Hopefully IE will show a wee boost in performance, and battery life as well... I didn't see any added features or controls for managing "Other" data. Perhaps that will be ongoing behind the scenes though. And it may just be my imagination but the screen is looking a tic spiffier too.”

Indeed, we expect that there will be some little fixes, like improved Me Tile profile picture and a fix for Other storage but nothing groundbreaking. 

Our international, unlocked ATIV S is still not receiving any OS or firmware updates quite yet, meaning Samsung still has some work to do for those users as well as those located outside of Canada. Still, at least the rollout has begun.

Thanks, Brenden L., Chad08er and ZenBot for the tips!


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GDR2 update pushing out today for Bell, Rogers and Telus Samsung ATIV S users


Exactly, I thought unbranded handsets got updates first as carriers have no say in the updates themselves.

It seems I was wrong as Samsung and Microsoft are deliberately being lethargically slow in rolling GDR2 out to UK unbranded handsets :(

I'm on Bell, didn't get an update notification, but checked for update and started downloading.  It's been sitting at 100% "preparing to install" for 5 minutes, I'm hoping that it hasn't encountered a problem.

Installation finished a couple mins ago.  OS and firmware as listed in the WPcentral article.  Only initial observations, my photos double wide live tile is showing the stock WP8 photos (which I had previously deleted) instead of my favorite photos, and my free space increased by a few hundred megabytes.
No datasense - major bummer, I was really looking forward to datasense.

Minor update, after backing out from the "About" screen, my photos live tile has now returned to showing my favorite photos.

Not with the phone it self but were bummed on how many get the update and us on att don't even get a shot a it I feel it should be available to all of us at the same time I thought att was premier partners with Nokia and wp8

I would understand the frustration if this were the Nokia Lumia 920, but this is a different manufacturer and a different country. The features with this update, namely Data Sense, are already available on the Lumias, are they not?

This is really disappointing; I have Rogers Ative S and I got the update. no FM radio, data sense, no option to select default lenses. Overall nothing new.
This is what tick me off, it does not fix other storage bug.
Really disappointed in Microsoft and Samsung.  


you can blame Rogers for no Data Sense, Samsung for no FM Radio, and Microsoft for no default lenses.


The chip add on in the ATIV S for Bluetooth 4.0/FM Radio is missing! There is no update for that!

Did you really expect Rogers do not screw this up?

I'm already preparing myself for a similar situation when my 920 finally gets an update from them.

I updated my 920 today with the French ROM, it has FM radio, it has datasense, the only thing it does not have is LTE but does connect to 4G, so not really a big deal.

I am also disappointed, I have Rogers Ativ S and my internet sharing option not work with and without the update, do you know anything about this? This option works on your phone..??

Internet sharing always worked for me, you may need to call Rogers to make sure you are provisioned

well you can blame Samsung for the FM radio part, you can blame telus, bell and rogers for the datasense, ms said they have fixed the other storage issue(time will tell).

Hard reset does fixes the issue. I got data sense now, hopefully other storage bug is fixed, time will tell.
For fm radio, this phone doesn't have the chip.

I lost YouTube app because of hardrest

GDR3 update November!
-Support for MSM8974
-Support for Adreno 330
-Support for Bluetooth 3.0+HS
-More live tiles displayed

WP8.1 (Windows Blue update) February 2014
-New DirectX
-+300 new features!

WP8.1 vs iOS7.0 vs Android 5.0

Since my 920 is the developer phone they handed out at BUILD last year, I guess I'll be the last to get this update just like last time.

When Verizon gets it up for my 822, could you guys send up a few flares of exploding red confetti? Meanwhile, I'll just sit here holding down the volume and on buttons... it's what I do.

Delivered nothing really, no fm radio, datasense or any other exclusive features here or on their unbranded devices either. With what we know Nokia will deliver Samsung being first is absolutely nothing to be wowed about.

Do people not know that there is a add on chip missing in the ATIV S that gives it Bluetooth 4.0/FM Radio? There is no update to fix this!

Thank god i bought a Nokia Lumia 920. Just flashed it today with GDR2+Amber update. Got fm radio, data sense, nokia smart cam etc. :-P

Wtf, no Data Sense or FM-Radio??? Mostly Fm-radio... Wtf samsung. So disappointed at this update... I want a 32gb lumia 925 :( Samsung sucks!

I'm kind of sad right now. I bought the Ativ S because it was the only WP8 device that advertised FM radio before it was released, so I assumed that it would be one of the devices to get it in GDR2... :(
I'd buy the FM radio feature even if they were to charge $5-10 for it really.

It was never advertised that it had Bluetooth 4.0/FM Radio! There is a chip missing!
-GDR3 will bring Bluetooth 3.0+HS for us ATIV S!

ATIV S2 will come with GDR3 update 5" 1080p, 2600mAh battery, MSM8974, 2GB RAM, 32GB Flash, support for 128GB micoSD. Some time around Christmas?

It was advertised! The website said it had FM radio. If you read the comments in GSM arena, you'll see that many people were going to buy the Ativ S over the Lumia 920 just because of that. But, they removed it from the phone specifications on the official website a week before the phone came out.

Ok someone please lead me to a carrier in the us that's willing to get things done why is att last to give out updates I thought att was a premier partner with wp8 guess not

Some sort of odd glitch occured where the app itself doesn't appear after the update installs. Only after resetting your phone will Data Sense appear.

WOW... quoted on the main page!  Thanks Daniel.  Just waiting to be proven wrong on everything!  ;)
With regard to no Data Sense (on Telus anyway) I find that the Telus site itself does a good, or maybe just adequate job of reporting data usage.  It obviously doesn't show app data usage but it does break it down into daily usage so you can probably make an educated guess.  You can also set your Telus account to send you txt msg warnings as you approach your monthy limit.  So, there is that.
I was just out walking the dog in the woods and took a few snapshots...the camera, as reported, seemed quicker to activate via the shutter button and quicker in terms of auto-focus and capure too.  I'm gonna say at some point Samsung has vastly improved image stabilizing cause my 9 1/2 month-old pooch did not stop moving and all the photos are quite acceptably clear and crisp.  No blur at all.
Finally, as far as other storage goes, I started the install process with about 1.3 GB of free space.  When I was "waiting" at the Preparing to install 100% stage I checked and I had 2.9 GB of space.  As of right now, having only added a handful of photos I currently have 4.61 GB.  So something has definitely changed...and so far it's a change for the better.

I also can report about an extra GB of memory on the phone now; my device is on Rogers. Additionally as others have reported mine hung on 100% "ready to install" for quite a while. Watched almost a full Quarter of Lions football before it did the actual instal. As a more "casual" user other than the upped storage capacity gain there were no changes I see. My keyboard reset to bilingual. Turned it off. Life is good.

Thank you Microsoft & TELUS Mobility for GDR2 update!

Looking forward to GDR3 November!

WP8.1 (Windows Blue update) February 2014.

Can anyone with an ATIV S and GDR2 let me know if manual focus works in ProShot? I can't get my hands on one for testing, just want to know if the update fixed anything. Thank you!

Thank you for your help! Aah, that's too bad.
It's ok, I know what the report is going to say. Looks like this is a firmware issue that Samsung isn't interested in fixing.

Oh, one more thing, does adjusting the shutter speed still pop up an error?

The shutter speed menu pops up, but is unresponsive, so it can't be changed. No error message occurs when trying to use it.

Uninstalled and reinstalled proshot. Auto mode now works again, ev slider works, shutter speed menu is responsive, but throws error message when adjusted, trying to switch to manual mode throws error. Auto mode continues to function, unlike my original install which lost auto mode after i first tried to activate manual.

Thanks again for your help. Looks like it's the same old errors. I was hoping GDR2 would bring some fixes, but I guess it really is only the manufacturer who can fix this stuff :/

I'm on Bell and still didn't get it. Hopefully soon. Although nothing new and exciting in this update, but an update is an update :)

Nice, installed the update. The best part is my other storage dropped 6GB. I have the option to change the default camera app, but none of the lenses I have are listed, I guess apps have to be updated for that feature. There is still no radio in the Music + Videos Hub, and there is no data sense in my settings.

I'm still waiting for 7.8 on Telus. This is for my HTC Surround.

Edit: nevermind I do have it but don't recall installing it.

did you find that after wp8 was announced it stopped checking for updates over wifi? thats what my factory unlocked(att spec) DVP did. so i had to connect to my pc to check

I have a unlocked Rogers Ativ S, my internet sharing option still not working with the GDR2 update, anyone know about this?

It sucks being in a small market doesn't it? Maybe its small because we always seem to be on the tail end of releases...

And the timing of this update will determine on which carrier I choose to go with in the future or if I go with carrier period but it will be easy as well see an article on who's getting the official roll out first

Never trust a Samsung they are lazy and will rip you off with smart marketing.
Except their TVs......

Just did a factory reset on my GDR2 Ativ S on Telus and got Data Sense to show up. I don't have the FM Tuner but if the commenter above is correct and the chip isn't in the phone that would explain it. I can't seem to be able to change my default camera lens but I may not have a camera app that supports being the default.

So I am also on telus did a factory reset. I got data sense now.. No radio :'( I also lost snap chat.... If you reset you will lose apps that you cannot longer download.... Remember this.....

I only got the Samsung Ativ s because TELUS didn't have Nokia phones but now I regret it. My next phone will def be a Nokia. Update not good enough for almost a year with wp8.

Honestly, why do I need to perform a full reset to get Data Sense? My "other" data storage is sitting at 5.1 GB which is 50% of my available space...crazy....Really not sure about this update... Getting it with no tangible or visible changes seems pretty lame....

GDR2 available for Samsung Ativ S in Bulgaria, Mtel. At the moment I install it. Thanks to Microsoft and Samsung.

Same as others on Telus, needed a factory reset to get Data Sense to load. Don't know about the lenses upgrade since I did not use them in the past. 
I recommend if considering this to maybe take a picture (screen shot) of you home screen ( I can't remeber how mine was.

Make sure you set up backups in your settings.  Perfom a back-up

This will save your apps, settings, text messsage, email accounts contacts and more. (It is pretty easy to restore)