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It’s official: You all enjoy playing games in the bathroom; Talk Mobile survey infographic reveals all

Talk Mobile 2013 is still underway and if you haven't been following the debates, discussions and community interaction, where have you been hiding?

We spent an entire week focusing on gaming already, but today we've got a sweet infographic to share with you, based on data accumulated through suggestions, comments and votes from you guys - the community.

Covering all of the hot topics, including mobile gaming vs. consoles, the dark side of mobile gamingmultiplayer mobile gaming, and finishing with how mobile gaming could get better and what the future of mobile gaming looks like, our team managed to cover important points surrounding mobile gaming and where we see it going in the future. But we were also interested in what consumers believe.

Instead of simply hosting spreadsheet for you all to get bored looking through, check out the sweet infographic below. Some rather unique results are included, for example: 73 percent play mobile games in the bathroom, which actually stole first position from playing games in bed (62 percent).

Mobile Gaming Infographic

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Reader comments

It’s official: You all enjoy playing games in the bathroom; Talk Mobile survey infographic reveals all


They don't add up to 100% because you're not looking at the bigger picture. It's not just one or the other. People play in more than just one of those locations. Instead of a radio button, think checkboxes. A user can check bed, bathroom, class, etc. 
It's really more like this: Of the people surveyed, 30% play at work. Some of those people are also part of the 62% that play while watching TV. 

Your hands are basically clean until it's time to finish up. At that point your phone is safely tucked away in your pocket and you wash your hands after. So what's so "disgusting" about it?

not true... i have a kick ass xbox setup in my bathroom...
why lie... i take a dump while playing jetpack joyride on my lumia 920

can you imagine an xbox in the toilet though... unsanitary....

People play games on the toilet? Good way to deal with a crappy situation. I usually read/respond to emails and comment on WPCentral articles whilst on the toilet.

While these are some interesting figures, I'm interested in how they'd compare to "gamer" demographic (as opposed to this "mobile" crowd).  Undoubtedly the stats would shift hard to the console side, but many still use portable devices to game on (as well as mobile phones).  Any interest/possibilities in posing these questions to the IGN or Kotaku communities?

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