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Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]

Update: As of 7PM ET, all links are now working. Please try now to download the new Bing suite for Windows Phone 8. It's not restricted to the US.

Today, Microsoft has pulled the sheets off of a new suite of apps based around the Bing search engine. Simply called Bing Apps, the collection of four apps includes Sports, News, Weather and Finance, including Live Tile support for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Based off of the same suite of apps for its Windows 8 OS, the new applications bring all of the latest news right to the Start screen, continuing the “glance and go” usability that Windows Phone users have become accustomed to. Indeed, this is the first time we’ve seen some real parallels between the desktop and mobile OS drawn and it should make using the two systems more seamless than before for new customers.

Watch our first-look video of the new apps in action and enjoy the gallery of screenshots after the break.

Video Tour: Bing News, Weather, Finance and Sports


Bing News

Bing News

“Want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world? The Bing News app for Windows Phone has you covered. With the new app, you have one comprehensive experience to keep tabs on the latest headlines and videos of breaking news.  And the app is customizable so you can track specific story categories, topics, or news sources that matter to you.  You can even rearrange the headline clusters so that the news that matters most to you is at the top.”

The Bing News app is a straight port of the Windows 8 client and is well optimized for Windows Phone. Users can adjust the font size to their liking, enable the Live Tile, and restrict background data usage to only Wi-Fi. Wide tiles support is included with HD level graphics for images.

The app is relatively fast and fluid to use (data can take a moment to download) and with optional Breaking News alerts, users can stay abreast of all the latest happenings. The app lacks any lockscreen support or the ability to share an article, which is something Microsoft will hopefully build upon in later releases.

Download Bing News for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing News


Bing Finance

Bing Finance

“Keep tabs on your portfolio and gauge performance of your stocks at a glance with the Bing Finance app which include financial news, market info, watchlists, timely US stock updates and customizable interactive charts.”

Like Bing News, Bing Finance acts as market hub on your Windows Phone. The Live Tile (wide supported) shows the latest DOW and NASDAQ numbers (one on each side) with a graph and numbers for a quick view.  Users can customize the Watchlist with specific companies and the News section is similar to the Bing News app with font control.

Download Bing Finance for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Finance


Bing Weather

Bing Weather

“Want to know to know whether you need to grab an umbrella? Now you can stay a step ahead of the weather with an overview of conditions including temperature, precipitation and wind.”

Everyone loves weather apps and Bing Weather is a solid port of their desktop version. The app features a live tile (sadly, not wide) with the latest temperature, current conditions and the day’s high and low. Launching the app will show more in-depth information like “feels like” temperature, humidity levels, wind and more. Swiping to the right reveals daily, hourly and a collection of weather maps, including Temperature, Doppler, Precipitation and cloud cover, optimized for regional and national views.

The app is well designed and while it can’t compete against the more full-featured pay apps on Windows Phone, it’s a really well done weather client. Once again, no lockscreen support in v1.0 is a bit of a letdown but we imagine such a feature could come in later updates.

Download Bing Weather for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Weather


Bing Sports

Bing Sports

“The Bing Sports app is your personal sports companion letting you stay on top of the sports and teams that you care about.  You can swipe through to see the recent scores, top sports headlines, game videos, photos, schedules, standings, extensive statistics and much more across most major sports.”

Like Bing News and Finance, Bing Sports brings you all the latest in world competitions. From the scoreboard (currently MLB in the US) to News to slideshow to videos, the app is sure to keep the sports enthusiast busy. Like Bing Finance, you can add your favorite franchises to the ‘my teams’ pivot to easily track their latest happenings.

Download Bing Sports for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Sports


Quick thoughts

Bing Weather

Overall, Microsoft has done an admirable job with these well-polished apps. They serve as a reminder to consumers of the similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and represent a sign of things to come as those two operating systems begin to merge in 2014.

We can envisage many of these apps coming pre-installed on forthcoming Windows Phones and it should provide a great out-of-the-box experience for new customers who want core apps at their fingertips.

When to get them?

Bing Apps are now available with their respective links and QR codes listed above. Note: these apps are very "fresh" to the Store, so if it says "Not available" for your device, try again in a little while until it hits all servers.

More information can be found on the Bing Blog.


Reader comments

Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]



No. They don't. But what I didn't like the most is that you can't share news stories from the news app. That should have been a must have feature.

But what took so long? It highlights the plantforms weekness, Microsoft hardly likes to make apps for its own platform. Microsoft is like the kid that say's he is giving 100% effort as he walks of the play field. 100% effort would be running, not walking. Microsoft is barely walking to create apps for there own platform. 

You are not allowed to complain anymore until you improve your spelling my good man!  We must maintain a proper level of decorum here at WPC.

Sorry Otis, but you lost all credibility with your orginal post. Glad to see your spellchecker is working now though.

Did you even read the whole article? It just hit the market so its not available to all devices until its hit all the servers.

Why does no one read the full article? It says right at the bottom that it might not be available to you yet. Everyones so impatient good lord.

I think some people may have been spoon fed waaaay to much lol... given the lack of patience and toddler like tantrums "I want it now!"....
People you'll get it when you it becomes available jeez lol.

Available now. MS launches in portions on each server so there's not overloading (assumingly). Takes like a couple hours max lmao.

I have been waiting for this ever since the last update of these apps on my Surface RT.  The News and Finance apps have become my goto sources of info.  So glad to now have these on my phone.
We are getting close to a unified Windows Phone - Windows 8 experience.  The only missing for me is a Windows 8 WPCentral app!

Seriously! Ever since I got my Surface I had been wondering why Microsoft didn't have WP versions of all their great Windows Bing apps! This is great.

MS really needs to release these "things" (essential and prioritized things) faster

Well, they do listen. But I cant download it. Hopefully it syncs with the rt versions.
Would like to sell my WeatherFlow app now, is it possible?

Update: Downloaded, it synceth not :(

They don't.  Hopefully they'll update this soon as cross compatiility will be a big draw for the MS platforms.

Same here, can't download, while it says it supports English and other languages, which means it supports many regions, too...

Same here, i want to use the Bing Weather app as my #1 weather app, but i can't download it yet so i don't know if it will be metro stiled live tiles or only like Daniel have in his review .... if it is metro styled i don't want Weather Flow anymore, i love to use official microsoft apps like i do on my Surface RT :)

If you read the article until the end, it does say that it might take a while until apps hit all servers and are available to everyone

True, you could always use one of those awesome Non-US operating systems.  You know, like... umm...  Yeah coming up blank here.

I thought things had been quite around here today, was sure you must be working on an exclusive review.
Exciting to see this coming to the platform and bringing Windows & Windows Phone closer. Nice v1 apps by the looks of things, look forward to seeing how they progress and what else MS has in the works.

The weather tile changes colour as per the weather. And there's slight images in the background of the tile, faded and only just visible.

The error I'm getting is not that it isn't available for my device but rather that it is no longer being published.  Strange.  Did they have bugs and pulled them from the store??

This is the loveliest gift from the Bing team. Thank you so much folks. Hope these apps are at par with the Windows 8 apps.

I always have the feeling these apps (or those on RT) are US minded. Am I right, or are these also useful for European people?

I don't see why. Their desktop counterparts are available in The Netherlands so it would be weird if they made the phone versions US only...

I didn't read the article all the way. Looks like it didn't hit all the servers yet. Should be up soon.

Nope I have GDR2 and Amber but I get a message stating that the app is no longer published..... quite puzzling..... :-)

Can't download on ATT 920. MS might as well put one of those STUPID "we'll be back soon" fake post-it notes on the Windows Store like Apple does all the time to their website...

Same here!
Guess I'll have to be patient and keep waiting. But these look great! Hard to wait!

Daniel, are they showing as published in the US store? Looks like they are no longer published in the Canadian store. Might be a timing issue

US only indeed... Rob van Uden, these apps are fully available on windows 8 for all European countries with content pulled from local news sources for those markets. Lets hope MS makes this available Europe wide if not worldwide asap...

Didn't see, but do things like the watch lists in Finance and Locations in Weather sync between the WP and Windows 8 apps?

Looking at the screenshots of the app and bings support to India (which is ZERO) Its heavily US Centric, I think we just got the shaft. :(

Microsoft banned your phone, they told me personally. They said he has a filthy mouth.

Seriously, try again in a little while. The app just hit their servers.

Daniel, snarky is unbecoming of you. Yeah, I should have read the LAST paragraph of your article FIRST to learn that the apps were unavailable. And I should have remembered that its typical of your articles to do this...must help to increase the 'clicked on' totals you present to advertisers when telling them the fees they'll be paying, huh?

I learned the hard way a 1st comment I scroll to the bottom of the article before I comment on 'not working' haha.

Yeah I knew it too excited for the cool idea of these apps...lesson relearned and self slapped.

I expect stupidity in comments from the anonymous public, doesn't bother me in the slightest when some fools attempt to insult me under the delusion that their opinion matters to me, but when it's a representative of the site, that's another story. Insults, sarcasm, or just general foolishness (as I view this instance) doesn't reflect well on the integrity and professionalism of the site. Daniel and others who write articles at WPC do an excellent job for the most part, but their participation on the comments has at times reflected their 'moody days'; as comments in the past towards others have been far more insulting than Daniels response to me, I think its something they should work to avoid. WPC is one of, if not the best, sites for WP news...its not too much to ask of their staff to be respectful of the people who frequent the site.
Unless the majority of you want to be insulted and dismissed as fools and have expressed to the WPC staff your masochistic desires, in that case, fine, let the fur fly, (dogs). (there, I cleaned up the language for you sensitive ones.)

he was kidding, if you're so sensitive stay of the internet man
they are human, just like you and me, just because he wrote that article doesn't mean he has to answer to a higher standard 

Dude... relax a little... he was just joking!. Take it easy, Smoke something or sleep around a little. It'll relax you.
Obviously, I'm kidding. Have a nice day!
DISCLAIMER: I do not do any oth those things. ;)

Me neither, anymore, though I do miss having a good toke or two now and then... but when I'm high I get too talkative, can't shut up (no I'm not stoned now...this is normal... my wife has learned...don't get him started...and keep him off the grass!)

Didn't think you were. Wise lesson your wife has learned. It seems we would behoove everyone if you didn't get talkative. :).

GDR2 required, or does it show not available for my device because it is still going live?

I think they were having issues and pulled to fix. When I tried earlier it said the app wasn't compatible with my 925 (tmo)

Must be for only GDR2 updated devices?  Verizon needs to release that stuff now!  I have a 928 and I'm getting the same as above.

AWESOME!!! These are the best apps on Windows 8 and it's great to see Microsoft finally developing some first-class apps for Windows Phone.

Now we need Nokia to push HERE Drive, Maps, Transit, City Lens and its other exclusive apps to Windows 8/RT (via its own tablet if need be)!

The message is is misleading, not available for my device really means not available in your market.
Not available to Canada.

I'm not sure how much more WP I can take.

Poor updates, Microsoft support iOS and Android more than WP and the constant US only apps, promotions and offers

AWESOMENESS!!! I love the Bing apps on Windows 8 and I've always wondered why didn't they make them for the phone. Great move Microsoft, GREAT MOVE!

Do these apps sync to the settings that have been configured in Windows 8? For eg. News sources that i have configured in the desktop app... Will the app sync them automatically?

yes i can.  "No longer being published" is a bit different than "not available" I was only reporting what was on the website which is different than the phone's store.  So, go bother the 80 or so people who posted the same type of comment.  I see you did post the same comment to someone else. Gees man! We're all here for the same thing.  We're all enthusiasts and evangelists. 

This is shit!!! US Verizon 822 user here and none of the apps will download!!! Am told it's either because my phone needs updating, it's not for my carrier, or not for my country!!! What the fuck?!?!?!?

Keep Calm and Try Later. As you can see in the rest of the comments, everyone is having trouble.

It is pretty amazing how  many people 1) don't fully read the article and then post complaints without 2) even read the other comments. People, these apps just launched. Give it a few hours for them to hit the app store for all markets. My, oh, my.

"This app is no longer published", i am in US, this is what i see when i visit the Windows phone store.
When i tried to install it on my 920 i get an error mesage that this app is not available for my phone.
I badly need finance app, old app was useless, would never update, i am glad that MS is developing basic apps.

i hope this is a sign of closer unification between W8 and WP8.  I want Bing news over using the CNN app. 
If the Bing weather app has a nice live tile similar to the weather channel or better i would get it too. 

I may tend to agree with you but Amazing weather I think outshines the weather channel app. on the free end. high end I rather like Weather Flow. It would be nice if it came in two flavors one for the live tile and the other for the lock screen using the Bing images....

Looking at the app detail also in the Dutch language, I have hope these apps are not US only.

These are core features. Isn't it coming a bit late? Sure I'm happy they're releasing the apps, but c'mon ....

Core features??

Well, if you use the search button you will in fact see news when you swipe from left to right. If that ain't a "core feature" then please enlighten us.

Otherwise, you're asking for an app... that in all honestly is pretty much covered several times over in the marketplace.

I'd love to get these for my  phone every time I try to DL one I get this: " This app is no longer published "
I'll wait awhile and see what happens later. frustated .

Not sure if anybody mentioned this yet, but all apps say they're not available for my device. /s