Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated to version 1.7

Xbox SmartGlass

The last time the SmartGlass app for Windows Phone received an update was way back in January. For that release, we didn’t have a changelog and today, we bring the same news. Version is now live in the Store, though you’ll be hard pressed to find any new features or changes. Our guess would be that the connection logic was probably adjusted to deliver a smoother experience when linking to the console.

In other words, we can consider this a maintenance update.

The official SmartGlass app for Windows Phone allows consumers to control their Xbox 360 with their Windows Phone device, like a secondary remote, including web browsing and searching. In addition, the app can act as a second screen for certain presentations, though as our recent UFC experience has revealed it’s still not being widely taken advantage of by Microsoft quite yet.

If we had to surmise, Microsoft is holding back on a new SmartGlass experience for the forthcoming Xbox One console due in the fall. Like many of the current features on the Xbox 360, the One appears to take those and fully refine them for everyday use. In the meantime though, users will have to stick with the current system, which is a great sneak peek of things to come.

Pick up SmartGlass for all Windows Phones here in the Store. Thanks, Simon B., and others for the tip!

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Reader comments

Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated to version 1.7


The remote has changed has the guide on the top left instead of a switch button on the bottom

Mine is at version 2.0.0368.0, is this another store glitch that downgrades your app like in previous occasions?

The build numbers within the app are all screwy. The 2.0 one is wrong, I believe, but the new one isn't much better either.

In addition to the guide button, there is a "hold down scroll to scroll faster" functionality, and it now doesn't disconnect when tombstoned!  The connect time is also decreased significantly for me.

That is great; i hate when i navigate to a different app then have to reconnect when i go back to smartglass

How do you pin the smart glass app to the main screen? The only way I've figured out how to access it is to go through Xbox music/ media tile first

Did you notice the new version is at last native WP8 with 720p (16 by 9 ratio) support? Most welcome!

Can I use Smartglass to control XBM on my PC❔I want to be able to remotely flip through songs on my computer using the XBM app on my phone..

I really hope that the Xbox One makes great use of smartglass on my PHONE, not just on a tablet. I don't happen to own a tablet but I bought into wp8 (and 7, for that matter) for the promise of the 3 screens vision. I want my One and my 920 to be simbionts, like, uh, Gungans and the Naboo.

Wish you can sign in with a different Microsoft account. My Xbox live account is different than my phone account and it only allows you to use the account your phones set up to.