ProShot for Windows Phone 8 gets updated, faster shutter speed and timer options on the table


ProShot is a feature rich camera app for our Windows Phone 8 devices. The app gives users greater control over their Windows Phone camera with settings ranging from shutter speed to white balance to focusing.

ProShot was updated today to version 2.8.2 that raises the ceiling on the app's shutter speed, adds a few more timer options, allows the application to retain manual focus position when switching between auto focus and manual focus, adding diagonal and golden ratio grid line options, as well as a few bug fixes and performance improvements.

ProShot Self-Timer

The maximum shutter speed is now 1/16000th of a second which will help you stop action.  The new timer options increases self-timer duration range from 0-10 seconds to 0-30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to get into the shot.

If you're looking to grab more control of your Windows Phone 8 camera, ProShot is an app well worth trying. Unfortunately due to firmware issues, ProShot is not available for Samsung or Huawei phones.

If you haven't tried ProShot, there is a free trial version available with the full version running $1.99.  You can find ProShot here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Troy, for the tip!

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ProShot for Windows Phone 8 gets updated, faster shutter speed and timer options on the table


Holy fuck. Those shots are incredible.
But man, you should see the picture I took of my sandwich today. I could print it out and eat it again.

I will still use CameraPro until ProShot gives me the option of using ISO levels higher than 800 (which my 925 is capable of)...

if you are using a lumia 920, 820, 925, or 1020, i'd say don't bother, because Nokia is bringing their Pro Cam app to these devices.

Nokia's Pro Camera app is good, but if you're also looking for 
- Customizable and pinnable camera modes
- Integrated EXIF viewer
- Real-time contrast / saturation adjustment
- Burst
- Timer
- Timelapse
- Manual focus assist
- Histogram
- Highlight clip tool

then ProShot is the only way to go :)

Here is real world experience with a Lumia 810, With bust the 15 maximum shots is the minimum that you'll get using an 810 and after 10 minutes of saving ( you can't use the built-in camera or ProShot for that time) I just closed it out and 1 photo was saved. I wasn't gonna wait any longer so I have no idea how long it takes to save 15 photos. There is no in between if you use the shutter release even with a soft touch and a quick release and with touch screen burst isn't enabled. So burst is all hype d and no pants. Default manual focus ? that another "great" improvement. If you're shooting in landscape mode and want to use touch screen -which if you're using a Lumia you'll know it's easier as Lumia's tend to have a rather stiff shutter release button trying to touch the screen in the upper right hand corner will set focus back to "default" manual so you need to either use you left hand to use touch screen or your right hand thumb on the lower right hand corner because you'll touch the screen using any finger and it will go back to manual if you've set it on auto focus = another dumb improvement. And focus lock - I don't know about other Lumia's focus lock ability but with the 810 there is no halfway it's either take picture or don't when you use the shutter release button - and only you actually take a picture does all the screen information disappear and as photographer I find that a clear uncluttered screen is the way to go. Another interesting feature is using Auto mode, I set the camera on a tripod in controlled sceen where the light was the same and took 3 photos. And 2 came back with f/2.2, 1/250 @ 400 sec but one was 360 ISO, f/2.2 at 125 sec and over exposed. I then used the default camera and all 3 were exposed exactly the same. Try using auto focus when you zoom and the viewfinder will look blurry fortunately the image is in focus but you wouldn't know that until it's processed and save not so with the default camera -it's in focus in the viewfinder as well as in the processed image. Who deigned this ProShot  amateurs ? I think so.

1) I'm sorry about the bug in burst mode, it has been fixed as of v2.8.2.

2) In the next version of ProShot, I will update the code to support GDR2, This will allow menu operation during image save (for pre-GDR2 I had to lock the UI during image save due to a really really nasty bug in Microsoft's code).

3) For your focus issues, if you touch the MF dial, it will go to manual focus. In the next version I will differentiate between a tap and a slide, which should make operation less confusing.

4) During focus lock you can always half-press the camera button to hide the UI.

5) ProShot's Auto mode does nothing different than the default camera. It asks the hardware to take a picture based on its best guess of what the settings should be. Sometimes the algorithms will use the same settings, and sometimes even the slightest change in lighting could create a completely different outcome.

6) Zoom in ProShot works exactly like the default camera. The image will be in focus if you half-press the camera button to focus.

7) I have included a "Send Feedback" button in the "About" menu of ProShot. Please contact me there if you have any further questions.

Hey Guys am facing a problem, Actually Bright areas are looking as a black while in camera mode after taking ths snap it looks fine.. am using Nokia Lumia 820 any solutions??

Yea it's worth the cost. It's all I used on my 920, but with the 1020 I haven't used it yet as I'm still tinkering with the default camera app

Hmm, I must be missing something. Where is that setting in Nokia's app? I see the where one can change the white balance settings, but I don't see a place where the temperature can be manually selected. As far as I can tell, it's still only possible on HTC devices, but I'd love to be proven wrong!

An update to increase shutter speed to 1/16,000? How is that even possible with such a small sensor? You'd need to be in the middle of a summer's day or have industrial-level flood lights to collect enough light in 16,000th of a second.

This Dev is constantly updating this app. It's one of the best apps on WP. You will get your moneys worth quickly and will will be impressed.

After the latest 2.8.2 update which enables the 1/16000 shutter speed, the shutter speed always defaults to 1/16000 on my HTC 8X when ProShot is launched, no matter what custom settings (C1, C2) I change and chose. Even a re-install didn't fix it.
Anyone else having this issue?

Ok, some playing around with shutter speeds, and I think it is just a UI bug, where the Shutter Speed is actually set to Auto, but it displays as 1/16000.
Verified by taking photos at Auto (shown as Auto), and Auto (shown as 1/16000 after launching ProShot again). Both are same.
And when tried at actual 1/16000 shutter speed, photo is what it should look like, lots of noise with not much lighting.
Would be great if the dev. could look into the UI bug! :-)

This was my first app to buy. And I would pay triple in a sec. These guys are surely dedicated. And which app do you know that comes with a manual? Guidebook, not focus :).

Is it just me or does ProShot and Camera360 take better pics than the default camera on the Lumia 920? I.e. More stable actually...

There are times when I am holding my hand still and take a pic and it comes out shaky with the 920... But if I use ProShot or Camera 360, it produces exceptional results...

For me, Camera 360 takes low quality pictures :\ dunno why. Will give ProShot a try to compare with Nokia Pro Camera.

ProShot tales better photos for me. I like how you can adjust the color out for the finished product. Easy to produce the exact color and contrast as it actually looks in IRL.

For those with GDR2 installed, it would be great, if we could make it the default camera app, so it starts when using the hardware camera button.

Will users be able to set ProShot to camera button? GDR2 brought this ability and I was hoping ProShot would implement it.

It would be nice to have an option to choose the image size in addition to aspect ratio. Built-in camera app has this ability.

The app and the developer is awesome. Look at how involved they are on these posts. And one of the updates was my suggestion so they are great at receiving and implementing feedback that makes sense!

what a shame that 8x only allows 1/2s shutter speed.
otherwise a great app. a must have for all and totaly worth the money.
keep up the good work!

RiseUp, would it be possible to make a toggle icon for the flash?

That's one setting I like to change often enough that makes a menu feel sluggish.

I want to buy this app. But I dont got the Amber update for my L720 yet. If i buy this app right now, will the app be available to re-install it again after update to GDR2 for free or I'll have to pay again ?

Once you buy an app, it'll link to your LIVE account. So, as long as you signed in the phone with your account, you can reinstall the app as many times as you want.

Will Lumia 720 get the ISO settings upto 3200 whenever u plan to update the app iso settings???really looking forward to higher iso's than the default 800 ISO

As noted by the developer, currently broken for the Samsung Ativ S. Bummed as it is one of my favorite apps.

I just got my Lumia 720 updated with amber....nd I used pro shot after that....smthing really surprising is that the maximum possible ISO is limited to 800....bt in auto mode...under very dim conditions.....the app selects ISO's upsto 3200!!!....it means higher ISO's are supported the device rite????