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First look - Nokia adds Call and SMS filters to Lumias with GDR2 update today

We've already covered what's been included in GDR2 from Microsoft as well as the Amber firmware update from Nokia, but there appears to be more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle. An update for Extras + Info has been fired out into the wild that enables Lumia Windows Phone owners who are rocking GDR2 to start blocking numbers and unwanted contact. Yep, this is huge, folks.

The new settings area added, after you've got the latest version of Extras + Info is "Call + SMS Filter," which essentially does exactly what the name suggests. It's a feature we've been praying for since Nokia jumped onto the Windows Phone wagon. With this new blocking functionality, you'll be able to add numbers to your blacklist for incoming calls and SMS to be quarantined.

Call SMS Block

Microsoft created new APIs with Windows Phone 8 build 10327, which makes it possible for Nokia (and other OEMs) to implement this. We've received reports that this may well be carrier locked, but if you're certain you've updated enough and should be able to use the feature, head into Extras + Info and then back out again to the main settings list to see if the item has been added to the menu (the entry also details whether or not this feature is enabled).

Heading into the call + SMS filter settings area will present you with a few options - fear not, there's nothing major here. All you need to worry about is enabling (or turning off) the filters and managing blocked numbers. The counters below will show how many have been caught. If you head into "Advanced" you can fine tune the filters with settings to block withheld numbers, turn on the Live Tile (see below) and receive toast notifications.

Call SMS Block

As noted above, Nokia has also made it possible for you to pin a Live Tile to the Start screen, showing how many calls and SMS have been blocked. Pretty neat, we must say.

Call SMS Live Tile

Be sure to check for an Extras + Info update for your Lumia Windows Phone using this link or QR code below. Thanks, Tung Ha, for the heads up!

QR: Extras + Info


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First look - Nokia adds Call and SMS filters to Lumias with GDR2 update today



Cool, thanks!  Do I just get it when AT&T releases it like everybody else?  I'm confused because it's an OTA update and since I'm not using their network I was afraid I wouldn't get it.

This will break my heart if GDR2 is not available for the 810. But even if it is, this feature, which I desire above most else, may not be available on Tmobile. Tmob offers call blocking as an add-on service, so I don't think they'll give it away for free.

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

This was the only question mark in my mind but no more - WP8 is without doubt the greatest mobile OS.

I have an AT&T 1020 with 8.0.10327.77 and update Display+. Restarted and no Call + SMS Filter is loaded. What gives?

It was such an essential required feature for me. I am so glad they did it finally. I posted request for this feature in UserVoice forum in 2010

I don't like the trend that's occurring. Why is Nokia creating apps that should be supported directly by the OS? MS should be building things like this into the GDR2/3/Blue updates, and this feature should be available via contacts, not as a stand-alone app. Also, we need the ability to discretely block services for contacts -- not all or nothing. I'll take it as a gap filler, but this is wrong! All wrong!

I'd like to see Microsoft do it themselves too, but I certainly don't blame Nokia for taking the initiative.

Well, Microsoft seems to be concentrating on supporting new devices right now. I'm fine with Nokia doing it their way. They are the dominant supplier of W8 phones. And this new feature that will be perfect for me, I don't need a white list, just a black list.

Well anyone expecting Three UK to be delivering the GDR2 / Amber update anytime soon will be pretty disappointed.
Two tweets in response to my query today, first from:- 
THREEUK "We don't have a date for that just yet I'm afraid, I think it may be coming in for testing soon though"  
and the next from:-
THREEUKSUPPORT said "We don't have a date for the release yet"
Not sure why they are the slowest taking things up but they definitely lag behind the major players.

Still waiting for the update here in Australia, 
Telstra advises it will be out on the 14th :) YEEEA HAAAA

still need some few tweaks. like white list, separate list for SMS and Call. though looks promising already, waiting for some huge update! thanks a lot!

Need the ability sort items in Settings->System by alphabetical order. Settings->Application is sorted by A-Z but not in Settings->System. How crazy is that?

Two school of thoughts on that.  I would hate, hate, hate for the settings to be sorted A-Z.   It looks like Microsoft put on the first screen the settings they thought people would use the most.   For me, it is mostly correct and since I'm just an average dude, it's probably correct for a lot of people.
Putting them in A-Z order would drive me crazy.  The best option would be to allow people to arrage the order.

It's about time. I love Nokia. I know this is a weird question, but does anyone know what happens to calls from numbers on the blocked list? Do they go straight to voicemail or what?

Anyone remembering Advanced Call Manager from Symbian? It seems that Nokia knew how to do it right. You could choose your response method: voicemail, sms, reject.. and by reject I mean busy tone right away, not after the caller hears the ringing tone. They knew about white lists and black lists, they knew about how to properly manage a call. And it was intuitive and effective.

Now what. What is this let's simplify all trend? 

Let's hope that third party solutions will be allowed in this area.

that app (People Filter) doesn't have anything to do with blocking calls or SMS.. It's just a phonebook filter.

@Daniel, withheld numbers = calls that do not show the caller's number. In some phones, it will show "Number withheld". I forgot what Windows Phone shows. Some companies(especially call centers) use it to prevent people from calling back directly to the caller's extension. Oh, and some of those annoying telemarketers use that too (at least they do where I came from). 

I just saw the video, was at work yesterday so couldn't see it.
Daniel, The way it works it would either divert the call (from withheld numbers) to voicemail or play a message saying "this person doesnot accept withheld / private numbers).
However in some cases the phone rings and the moment the person picks up it terminates the call.. so it would be helpful if someone did a test run, I'm waiting of the OTA update on my L920 otherwise I'd do it myself lol.
In response to Peng Foong, withheld numbers show up as "private".

This very good news. Even though I'm on the do not call list, I still get cold calls. No point in reporting it usually since the number is hi jacked. So, I have to pay 5$ a month to stop a number. Now all that I need is GDR 2

Fair play to Nokia, they are delivering to their users where they can but this really should have been Microsoft's implementation for all devices from day one.  For everyone else, this is not good.  My 8X is starting to look more and more like my previous HD7; unloved and left behind.

To me it looks like Microsoft implimented an API in GDR2 and Nokia is the only OEM to take advantage of it. HTC needs to step their game up.

I also wonder if that API is something the average 3rd party developer can access?

Nokia Lumia 1020, all updated. Get a message about not being able to open the filter. Re-booted, tried various things, no luck. ATT, in the US

I received updates to "extras + info" and "display + touch" yesterdat on my T-Mobile Lumia 521, but I guess since I don't have GDR2 yet, these new options don't show. That's a little annoying.

While checking out a missed call on the 9th, I noticed the new ;"blocked calls" option on the 925 - tmo. What a nice surprise!!! The Glance/Night mode features are neat too
Thanks MS for releasing the api's n thank you Nokia for taking advantage of them.
Diggn the 925 more and more everyday!

Can someone tell me, is it possible to block sms from a number, that consists of letters (something like "CLUB X")?

But i can't able to update extra+info,i have nokia lumia 520,i update it to gdr3 with preview app,and when i scan this qr code they tell your device is competible with this app,Before gdr3 i have this app,But after i reset my phone,all going well but not receive update of this system app

The article writer didn't do their research  very well.  The application CAN NOT block numbers from people who use UNKNOWN as their caller id.

Not very good design for an application.