AT&T subsidiary AIO Wireless offering Nokia Lumia 620 for $99

Lumia 620

If you happen to be in Houston, Texas and Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida, you may want to take a peep at this AIO Wireless deal for the Nokia Lumia 620. The Windows Phone 8 device with a 3.8-inch display is fetching for a low $99.

AIO Wireless is owned by AT&T and is only offered in those aforementioned markets, meaning only a few of you can quality for this. But still, the Lumia 620, coming in cyan, purple, yellow and green, along with a dual-core 1GHz CPU and 8GB of storage with microSD slot, is one fun little device and for $99, not a bad deal. Throw in AIO Wireless plans, which start at $40 a month (and get real good at $55) and you have yourself a smart deal.

If you know anyone in those southern markets, you may want to send them to AIO wireless. The company is planning on expanding nationwide in the next year (they do piggy back on AT&T’s 3G/4G/LTE network).

Source: AIO Wireless; Thanks, Nishy, for the tip!


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AT&T subsidiary AIO Wireless offering Nokia Lumia 620 for $99


Now that's really awesome. Makes me wonder though how lower they coud go. If they can sell the 620 for $100 how much could they sell the 520 for...

At this price point, no one can compete, not even Android. $99, for the 620, is a smoking deal. They could probably get the 520 down to $60 or less, if they really wanted to.

Probably, Android is pretty good on high end devices, just like Windows Phone but unlike Android Windows Phone dominates on low end devices. 

+1. Is it possible to buy this without using aio? Everytime I go to aio's site it won't let me in because it isn't offered in my area.

That's a great question. This is a prepaid service, so the price (for the phone) shouldn't be contingent on purchasing service. However, they probably lock you out, so they're not selling handsets to people outside of the service area. They probably think that a lot of people will buy this handset and use it on At&t, instead of their service.

why would someone be so dumb as to get into an att contract when this company is OWNED by att for the express purpose of offering off contract service for less?  the only reason to get this phone is to run it on a CHEAPER ATT mvno

1. AIO isn't available everywhere that AT&T is.
2. MVNOs usually don't have access to LTE and sometimes can't roam.
3. AT&T's device selection is better (hello 1020)
Not sure how AIO is, but those would be some of the reasons id stay with AT&T.

Sprint owns Boost, however all Boost phones can not be activated in Sprint. No need to get excited; I simply am not familiar with AiO. :)

We're all aware of that. But he's correct.  AT&T MNVO's don't have access to their LTE network so you're 3G/HSPA+ only, nor do they have the same roaming access on other networks as you get w/ AT&T's postpaid service. 
These can be great deals, but they aren't exaclty the same as being on AT&T's full network.
Also, quite acting like an a-hole

When I was buying a 620 for my wife in June, they had this deal. The problem was that they required you to start service with them to buy online, and I'm not in Texas, so I couldn't go in and ask. It wound up being cheaper to get it on sale at Expansys for $160.

well since i was the first to post this 'tip' i can tell you that since aio is really just an att mvno ( owned by att even ), it works with sims identifying themselves as att.  go read the original thread in the forums.

I am the store manager at aio wireless on waters ave. in tampa florida. We only sell devices with service. There are no contracts and our cheapest plan for the lumia 620 is 55.00 a month for unlimited talk text and data. your first 2 gb will be at 4g LTE speeds and then you will be throttled to unlimited 3g. My store is currently offering to ship phones with Sims if you would like to take advantage of the 99.99 offer for the Lumia 620. We unlock our phones after at least 4 months of service. If you are interested in ordering a Lumia 620 we can also port your number. Just contact the store at: 7073 W WATERS AVE. TAMPA FL 33634 (813)8824949. Or me at 813-453-3792 -Hazim Abujbara

well first of all hazim the 620 is not an lte phone so no you won't be getting 4G LTE speeds, secondly you are failing to state that after you burn through that one month of service you can stick any art mvno sim in in and be on your way.  thirdly you are advertising here and that is quite spammy.

Everyone knows the lumia 620 is a 4G phone, please do not try and educate me on something I sell for a living. I was referring to the plan itself that offers 2 gb of LTE. I was not intending on advertising, but rather providing a service for anyone who wants to purchase a lumia 620 with aio but lives too far from one of our locations. Instead of attacking peoples comments you should actually post something benefitial to the conversation. 

Why would you even mention a plan that the phone is not capable of? Sounds like ATT qualities are alive and well with its new baby mvno.

I mentioned that plan because it is made for both 4G/LTE devices. There are only 3 different plans at Aio and the cheapest plan available with the purchase of a lumia 620 is the $55 plan. Instead of LTE you get 4G with the Lumia 620. I have a lumia 920 and I get LTE. It is still the same price..

It cannot get 4G since it cannot do LTE, and ATT has no DC-HSDPA, which is the only other kind of 4G. That is, the deal can only offer ATT's HSDPA, which is of course 3G.

well that is another debate for another time.  the use of 4G term isnt regulated so att says what they want.

Exactly... In Australia it's "4G LTE". Anything else better than 3G is either 3G+ or NextG with Telstra. The point being it's confusing when different countries say that 4G != LTE

How about the 620's bigger sibling, the Lumia 625, since this phone IS an LTE phone, will AIO carry that phone at some point?

We are not on eBay. We can only sell the devices with service. Aio is not available abroad. If you live in the US contact me and I can get you set up and ship you a device..

They don't tell you for how long you are locked to their service.
Looks like at least one month since it doesn't let you buy the phone without selecting a plan.

I see Aio wireless highly advertised here in Orlando. They have been really pushing the 620 as their marquee handset. You don't even hear them advertise any Androids or iPhone.

According to the original news release at&t said that they plan on taking AIO nationwide after they evaluate the current "test" markets. Some have speculated that existing Cricket stores may become AIO Wireless - again its just speculation.

Looks like the carriers/retailers are willing to subsidise the cost a bit even with prepaid because Nokia's low end is high quality & popular.
If they can get the 620 down to <$150, the 525 should be 4" with front facing flash, NFC and dual shot covers. While the 625 replaces the 620. Get either on Tmobile, Metropc, Go phone & Leap after the At&t merger then go to war! Take out the weak soft underbelly of Android... 40%+ <$250 phones dealing with playstore OS fragmentation on 2.2/2.3 or laggy OS experience on 4.0+)

There are so many things wrong with that post... What's a 525? The merger was cancelled. But I do like where your heart's at.

I forgot the 620 was under At&t but through a smaller company. Now I just noticed at&t has the 620 & 520.

I have a friend who is trying to order this soon. Lives outside of the AIO service area, and will order it and ship it to a relatives and have it shop to her. She was gonna grab it for $180 but is more than happy with this news!

My husband and I just switched over to Aio. He wound up having to pick up a 620 because his 900 died and it is a good phone. A lot nicer than an android of comparable price. Not sure about other states but Aio is pretty good here in Orlando and, unlike the mvno we were with before, our mms is working properly.
One small note that some locations will try to tack on an activation fee but as far as I know that is dependent on the store manager and not necessarily policy.

No problem. I should also mention that we did pay an extra fee to port our numbers over when we signed up a week or so back but My husband had to get a 620 after we had already switched over and that was when they attempted to tack on another $25 for "activation" purposes. The guy at the store waived it though because we were already customers and he thought his boss trying to get another fee out of us was silly.

Only a 3.8" screen on the 620, though? Yes it has a flash and a polarisation sensor, but not sure I'd sacrifice the 4" screen of the 520 for the better camera on the 620. What else is so drool-worthy of the 620 over the 520, aside from the better camera and the 620 being quad-band? They both have SST, and they're both WVGA. Is the 620's Super LCD that much better than the 520's IPS LCD?

The screen is MUCH better, front facing camera, NFC. And the small size makes it sooooo cute!

Yes, 620's screen is way better. Because of that screen you can use Glance (no glance on 520) and 620's sunlight legibility is same as 920's (520's sux). Furthermore 620 has HAAC microphones, same as more expensive Lumias while 520 has standard microphones. 520 lacks compass, you can't use City Lens...

You'll probably start seeing them show up all over the place shortly like they have here in Orlando. :-)

Ya know, I actually manage/support a Lumia 620 for one of my retired parents, that I'd purchased for $200-ish.
If I can snag another for $99, it'd be awesome.   I'm in NY;  can you buy this outside of AIO's service area?  I mean, it *is* unsubsized, so....

This is a nice little phone that I've been using for about two weeks now. I have an unlocked version and have recieved all the recent WP8 updates. The screen leaves something to be desired, which is understandable at the price. Otherwise, its a really good device. I'm not sure about LTE yet as I've not chosen a carrier yet. I will probably go with T-Mobile.