Ciel for Windows Phone 8 updated with new design and template purchases

Ciel for Windows Phone 8

Ciel is a fantastic Windows Phone 8 app that lets you tag your images with location and weather information then share them on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram (via Instagraph) and check in with Foursquare.  Templates for weather and location information can be applied to new images or existing photos stored in your Pictures Hub.

Ciel was recently updated to version to address some buggyness the last update created, fixes an Instagram sharing issue, and adds a few improvements to the overall performance, lens integration, and the saving/sharing algorithm.


The update also adds a few Ciel Store add-on templates that you can purchase to go along with the four basic templates that are included with the base app. Each add-on template will run $.99 and includes:

  • A nine template Thai Ciel Starter Pack
  • A fourteen template Chinese Ciel Pack
  • A ten template Perspective by Studio 1 pack
  • An eleven template Ciel Starter Pack.

The Ciel update brings a new user interface to the table and while I wouldn't have minded seeing labels on the new navigation buttons, the interface is a lot cleaner looking.

The last update made Ciel a little on the buggy side and it's nice to see the responsiveness of the developer to fix things. We've always seen Ciel as an outstanding Windows Phone 8 photography app and would easily recommend it to those looking to add weather and location templates to their photos.

Ciel is a free app for Windows Phone 8 and you can pick up your copy here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Ciel for Windows Phone 8 updated with new design and template purchases


New UI is nice, but before we can choose many layouts now only one and the others have to be purchased.....
Edit: nvm I was dumb enough to not swipe and see more layouts! This app is great, hahah

You get 5 templates with three categories, bringing the choices up to quite a lot for free. You have to swipe left/right to switch the layouts, there is more than just one.

But seriously, why would someone want to post what the weather is at their location? Who cares? Talking about the weather universally epitomizes the banality of smalltalk.

The app is well-designed.

Used to like this app, but it got old on me. Also, why do these type of apps never default to using City, State format. It is good for the global perspective, but seriously, I rather it say Denver, CO than Denver, US. That is dumb, especially if you are in a small, unrecognizable town. People are like wow, 75 degrees and sunny, too bad I have no idea where that is in this giant country.
Also, I think it has a problem with remoteness (when you are not near anycities at all). I was using the app in Greenland once some 500 miles from even the smallest village of people, and it could recognize I was in Greenland (it loaded ---,GL) but never found a city and just searched infinitely and wouldnt even let me continue with the picture or do anything. Just search search battery kill. Even did this on wifi up there. Oh well. I dont really fancy showing everyone my weather all tgh time through an app like this, unless I was traveling aroun the  world or the country.