Xbox One White Edition

Xbox One special white edition for employees revealed - white is the new sexy

Team members of the Xbox One division might just find a special gift under their trees this holiday season – a special white edition of Microsoft’s latest gaming console.

An image was leaked on Reddit by user Kinect10DLL and showcases a white Xbox One unit with the inscription “I MADE THIS” engraved on the front. Xbox team members will also receive all one player launch titles, a year of Xbox live (something you imagine wouldn't be hard to obtain for someone working on the Xbox team), and a special Live achievement.

The image cannot yet be confirmed, so we ask our users to take the information with a grain of salt, but we have to admit that the Xbox One does looks sexy in white.

If you are a member of the Xbox One team and want to reach out to us to confirm the image, you can do so by clicking here.

What do our readers think – would you prefer a black or white edition of the Xbox One?

Source: Reddit


Reader comments

Xbox One special white edition for employees revealed - white is the new sexy


Maybe they left the Kinect all black because most TV's are black so if you got it setting on top of your TV it would blend in more than having the Kinect white.  Plus you would not have a bright white object close to the TV screen that could be distracting if light hit it.

Probably this.  It would be really distracting having a white kinect contrasting with a black bezel :P

I have a white Kinect for my 360, and you don't even notice it. It sits on top of the TV & the white blends in with the wall behind it.

Enter my time machine, back to 2006, when just about everyone bitched about a white console not matching all the black components of their home entertainment center. 
Proof that no matter what, someone is going to state the opposite no matter what you do.

I want, i want, i want. Just making kinect follow colour scheme and its instawin(wonder it instagram will sue me for that term?)

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought that was a weird thing too. Since most all games have online multiplayer, how many games would that have been anyway? one?

Part 2: I am however waiting for a different than black/themed Xbox One, hopefully when Destiny comes out?

Makes more sense than you think.  Nothing like real-world testing from people who obviously are on the team that will be putting out updates...

hmm, not sure i like it in white, it looks amazing and well suited to Black, id like to see some bright colours though, like red, blue etc ;D

Why no white version for the paying customer? Stupid idea, i know ;-))
I hate this all-black fashion of the last years, not to mention that the stuff always looks dusty. I am a bit ...grrrrrrrrrrrr

If they're showing it now, and there is demand, they'll offer it eventually. Probably as a special edition.

My problem with white is it doesn't go with anything. I love white cars and bikes and trucks, etc; but all of my electronics are black. My tv is black, my stand is black, my surround sound is black, my Playstation and current Xbox are black. White would stick out like a sore thumb. Nice to see the option for something different, though.

I love it and I would definitely buy it. I do already have a white HD Led television and this white Xbox One would definitely fit into my living room. Would be great to have also the Kinect Sensor in white!!

I want it...too bad the only way I will be able to get one of those is paying a crazy amount of money on ebay for it when an MS employee desides to sell it....
and that's not going to happen...