Meet the Nokia "Sirius"; a Windows RT tablet that looks like a giant Lumia

Nokia Sirius Tablet

Nokia has been covered in the new multiple times when it comes to Windows tablets. While we're still yet to see a Nokia branded tablet hit the shelves around the world, a Nokia "Sirius" Windows RT tablet has now been leaked. Better still, it looks like a giant Lumia.

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The 10.1-inch tablet is reported to be launching soon, according to The Verge sources familiar with Nokia plans. As well as the distinctive look, the tablet is believed to be both lighter and thinner than the current Apple iPad. Running at full HD resolution (1920x1080), you'll also be looking at a 6MP and 2MP camera set up for Skype calls, general video capture and the odd photo.

As with any Lumia product, one would expect a degree of personalisation regarding colours? The body of the product will indeed be coloured, leading us to assume the company will offer different variants (possibly utilising the same colour palette that's been used for Lumia Windows Phones). Built on Snapdragon's 800 CPU and sporting 2GB of RAM, it'll be a speedy little monster.

The Verge also notes that Nokia is aiming for a high amount of brightness with the display for outdoor use, as well as 10 hours battery life with LTE connectivity. Speaking of connections, physical ports will include microSD (extending the 32GB internal storage), Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB support. Much like Microsoft's own Surface tablets (and other Windows 8 tablets), Nokia will be shipping a keyboard accessory with the "Sirius."

So what about pricing? Its reported the tablet will be listed with a tag that's in-line with the iPad and plans reveal Nokia won't be looking to undercut initially. We'll hopefully have more information on the tablet at a confirmed launch event in New York on September 26th. Just in time for Windows 8.1. Nokia's 6-inch "phablet" not large enough? Here's a potential Windows RT solution.

Source: DIGIWD, via: The Verge; thanks, Venu238, for the tip!


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Meet the Nokia "Sirius"; a Windows RT tablet that looks like a giant Lumia



Please make a 8 inch version of it for like, $299.
I don't like 10 inch tablets. Never have, but my Playbook is getting old.

Out of curiosity, would you people who would take Pro over RT do it mainly because of the desktop view or do you need more computing power in a tablet or do you need full features Windows has to offer?

I wouldn't want to be without Photoshop if I'm going to be carrying a 10" tablet with me. A 7-8" RT tablet would work for me I think.
But still, if Lenovo is still going to launch their Miix8 tablet running the new Atom and including a digitiser in October, there's no contest: just as thin and light, same battery life, and the option to install desktop apps is there if you need it.
RT's differentiating feature should be price. If they can't compete with the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 on price they've got a struggle ahead...

Nokia needs to price this slightly lower than the comparable iPad. Consumers know the iPad better than they know Win8 tabs. Price it $50 cheaper and that will be enough of a difference for a good number of consumers.

I really want a win 8 tablet, but not Surface RT :-( Im qualify for the educational offer so can get a surface RT for £133 and still won't as there are just too many compromises to make. Im waiting for the HW refresh and then I will by a new ULV haswell Win 8 Pro tablet as that will be more useful.
I can't understand Nokia's policy to bring an RT tablet out when everyone knows no-one is buying them? It doesn't make sense?

I don't think they had a choice in this. My guess is that this is part of their contract with Microsoft that they have to release and and help push the RT market. And honestly, if you are Microsoft, I would imagine Nokia is the 1 you want trying to help you with this segment of the market.

i know ppl will complain about the price but this tab will come with a Keyboard and it should be cheaper then the ipad regardless of the apps. this will have more functionality plus a keyboard, the current ipad 32gb is $600 Wifi only, if nokia can make this $100 cheaper its a winner

No underpowered SoC this time please... Surfail RT is a joke.
If it comes with Office I'll get one for sure.

Am I the only one here that doesn't feel like this tablet is going to be a fail because it has Windows RT? Seriously people.

$900 million write down, folks. No one made that figure up, that is the actual, real life money amount that Microsoft will lose on RT which should scare any sane CEO away from it.

Not so sure that's a 10" tablet, looks more like 8" to me; If they are targeting the iPad Mini, then $349 would be the target price (or $299 to match the Acer).
What's shown in the pic though is a Verizon-branded tablet with 4G-LTE, so presumably there might be a subsidy to bring that down even lower, maybe $199 pr even (gasp!) $99 on contract?!? Verizon and AT&T could sell a crapload at that pricepoint.
Bring in Windows 8.1 tablets a couple hundred bucks higher, also with LTE, and you can sell me several.

"Bring in Windows 8.1 tablets a couple hundred bucks higher, also with LTE, and you can sell me several."
Total agreeement with your statement.  I just hope they introduce a couple of different sizes.   10" is just to huge for today's way of using tablets.

Errr. I think it needs to be a lot less than the iPad to be successful (if it was Windows 8 this would be good pricing Imo).
However, everything else about the tablet seems super awesome! It's going to be fast, the display is gonna look awesome, and it looks thin and great in color. I prefer Windows 8 but I can probably live with RT.
If only they would slap on a digitizer and stylus then I would definitely buy it! Actually I might end up buying it regardless but that would be an instant buy.

Crossing my fingers that Microsoft will somehow outdo this.  (RT digitizer/stylus with 1080p screen and lighter than current iPad 4thGen.)  Also hoping that RT.1 will run a whole lot faster and lighter.

I don't understand this, MS & Nokia are partners so why would Nokia make a tablet when MS already has one for sale? If I'm MS I'm gonna be pissed about it.

Simple: next year, it'll be Nokia left with 700 million in unsold RT tablets instead of Microsoft.
Makes sense, in a Ballmer kinda way.
You can't make this stuff up.

Dude, MS is a software company whereas Nokia is a harware company. Nokia knows how to combine pricing, demand and specs to come up with the right numbers to produce. Also, nowadays prodction is very sophisticated and Just In Time, so they don't run huge inventories. Microsoft (and Google ) is a rookie in this business.

Well, dude, i don't see Google writing down hundreds of millions in unsold garbage...
Or wasting money on three different OSs instead of just going with W8 and WP and integrating them appropriately.
Guess Google was a first-round pick and MS is an undrafted rookie from the bush leagues...

I'll stick it out till Surface Pro 2 comes out.  As much as I find these ARM tablets to be amusing... they are toys at best.  I'd like to combine my play and business time.  For that I'd like an x86 in my package thank you. 

8" inch version would be idea.  Not many people buy the full size 10" tablets anymore.  It mostly 7-9" now.   I guess Nokia was force by Microsoft to make a full size version. 
I hope they introduce two or three sizes. 

Coming from a Surface RT owner, MS MUST allow the necessary APIs for the ability of alternate browsers to be developed and published in the store. On some websites, IE on RT is terrible.

Microsoft writes-off 700 million in unsold Surface RT tablets.
Ergo, let's force Nokia to build a tablet with the useless and stillborn RT, instead of an Atom one with full Win 8.
Bye-bye, Nokia.

They might have other tricks up their sleeve. I for one would rather buy a Nokia hardware than Microsoft hardware. Who knows the different varients they'll make. This is just 1 leak. 

The tegra 3 was a very slow processor for Windows, even a stripped down RT. The Snapdragon 800 clocked at that speed has the floating point and interger performance close to an entry level icore i3 laptop CPU. This thing will be very fast.
There are recent surveys that a majority of tablet users prefer keyboards with their tablets., especially buisness/enterprise users.
The price is not a problem..... The Surface was heavily marketed with the keyboard. That was a $600 purchase compared to $500 for the ipad 4. Nokia's tablet will likely be priced with the entry level 10" ipad BUT COME WITH A KEYBOARD!!!
The reason MS took that huge loss is because they wildly over produced a 10" tablet when 80% of the sales in the tablet space moved to 7-8" tablets. The Google nexus 10 is moving less than 200K a quarter. They also had limited retail and no enterprise channel distribution because they wanted to protect their partners and increase their margins by selling through their limited number of stores.
If Nokia comes into this with more realistic expectations of 200-300K per quarter with an initial order of 500K units they will be fine.

The first Android tablets were not a runaway success either. I am sure Nokia is getting a sweet software licensing deal. Eventually MS will quit RT market leaving it to Nokia and probably focus on Surface Pro. If there is any company that can drive the cost of manufacturing a tablet down, it is Nokia.

Amazed Nokia bothered with RT. None of the other RT devices are selling well and MS just took a $900m bath on their Surface stock. RT is dying a slow death only being propped up by Balmer and Reller. Its so full of compromises its a joke. Just make a good Windows 8 tablet and move on. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is beautiful and ticks almost all the boxes (camera is weak and USB limitations). Nokia could do well with this tablet but not with RT.

Uber excited, this could be the RT tablet we've been waiting for! If the keyboard is any good, then Microsoft should admit defeat with the Surface RT, and still to the Pro. Pehraps release a Surface Atom, powered by an Intel Atom processor?

I don't really know RT, but I think what should be the goal, is to unite WP and WinRT. The possibility iPhone/iPad has, where you can install an app on your phone and it appears automatically on your tablet is brilliant.
Also being eble to run the WP apps on RT would solve the problem of lacking apps on RT.
or Pro. That'll work too, then I would have the same programs in the tablet and PC. But three is too many systems.
And do install an GPS on it!!!

The only way RT will succeed if they are significantly cheaper than "pro" versions.
There is no reason why anyone should settle for a RT tablet, when "pro" version of tablets are available at the same price point. 
I hope Nokia will launch full Win8 Tablets. 
RT suffers from a perception problem as it will always be compared to the full version. Its hard to fight perception.