Indonesia latest country to get Mix Radio from Nokia Music

Mix radio

Not only did Nokia update their Music app today with some coveted new features like notifications and the ability to ‘like’ artists, but those 243 million people residing in Indonesia also now get access to Mix Radio starting today.

Mix Radio is Nokia’s free music streaming service that requires no subscription and has no ads. With over 150 playlists prescribed by Nokia’s mixologists, Mix Radio gives users access to more than 18 million songs. Users can then download up to four playlists (eight hours of music) for free offline playback with no interruptions.

In order for Nokia to offer the service in specific regions, deals with a multitude of record labels needed to be hammered out and it’s no easy task. Evidently Nokia was able to signs deals with Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music. Even more interesting is the Finnish phone maker is working on local labels as well, including Aquarius Musikindo, Alfa Records, Digital Chain Maya, e-Motion Entertainment, Gema Nada Pertiwi, GP Records, Indo Semar Sakti, Keci Music, Musica Studio, Musikator, Nagaswara, Sani Music, Seven Music, Trinity Optima Production and Virgo Ramayana.

Mix Radio should have gone live today in Indonesia and users are encouraged to update their Nokia Music app on their Lumia to start enjoying the new feature.

Source: Nokia (Indonesia; translation); Thanks, Pary, for the tip!


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Indonesia latest country to get Mix Radio from Nokia Music


Not the highest, but at most, Moslems are residing here, in Indonesia, but I appreciate them :)

Just started rolling recently. The only one kind of service curently offered in the country. :)

Uhmm ... Either I dumb enough or the sarcasm didn't ring on my ears. What was the topic of this sarcasm again? ^^a

Well, I think Indonesia deserve to be in the news. Our phone users are now mostly BB users, who I think will be a good huge market since these people are starting to leave their sucks BB. We are talking about above 100 million cell phone users. So I guess it's should share the same spotlight with the likes of India or other major market.
Lately, I saw S4 everywhere, while of course the Berries are still the. And Nokia used to top the market in the 90's and early 2000s. Hope to have that status again soon.

I feel that bro, WP users in Indonesia are still at the lowest level. But I'm happy to see 2 of my friends had chosen to switch to Windows Phone :)

While Blackberry is still the most popular phone maker, Android has taken the spot as the no.1 spot in Indonesian Market since several quarters ago. Samsung, Sony and those chinese and local phones are very popular Android OEM here.

Offering Mix Radio and the access to the music store will make the Lumia phones more interesting.
Now Nokia (Indonesia) need to have the carrier-based payment available for the music store .

Hahaha, I know, buddy, that you state the 'sarcasm' in the end of your comment, but it's good to see other countries like Indonesia are also get covered in news like WPCentral.

I see. Since I never personally saw comment like that, I can't get what you mean. So it's about that. Thanks for the clarification :)

I was so stupid to buy a HTC 8S, but i really like Nokia Music. So release a Nokia Music+ (Payed version 3.99/mo) to all Windows Phones, because i love to use it on my Surface RT and Windows 8 PC.

Dennmark is waiting. I Think. Can annyone veryfi that? I have a Danish made simcard in Norway. And cant get mixradio.

How does the App know what country's service you get? It's pretty easy to trick the music.nokia website into thinking I'm in another country but I haven't been able to trick the app yet. Is it is determined by the cell service provider?

Finally!! Been waiting for Nokia Mix Radio and music store on the Nokia Music since I bought the Lumia 920 last December!! So glad that Indonesia got this update. Now WP (Nokia) is the only mobile OS, beside IOS, that offer legal online music store in Indonesia.
The Music+ subcscription only cost less that $1.5 per month. Awesome!
Loving my 920 more and more :)
Now bring Path into WP and I'm sure many more Indonesian will switch to WP!

Agreed, it saddened me when I found out that Nokia music wasn't available here. But no matter it's here now.

Proud Indonesian Lumia user here, in the sea of BBs, Galaxys, Iphones and HTCs. Me and my colleague lady.
Excited to know things are coming like tsunami, for WP and Nokia. Cant hardly wait to have the GDR3 and Blue, After the improvement I got from GDR2.

I think it is still missing a lot of catalogues. No top chart from India, Russia, Arab, China, Japan, and even our neighbour Malaysia.

Well.. many of the songs in the Malaysian chart are Indonesian songs anyway /jk
But yeah.. I think it need more Asian Chart Mix/songs. Japan/Korea songs are pretty popular here. Would love some Malaysian and the Philippines' popularsongs as well.

As some of users from MY says Nokia music app not yet updated there and users from PH says Nokia is not that strong there. While Nokia on JP/KR i think almost nonexistant, though i have no proof. We have JKT48 on Nokia Music already but not for AKB48(Global Mediakom, Defstar Japan respectively). And as the article says Nokia partnered with SONY Music, but i think it's only for local. There is KARA, Girls Generation, and PSY, so maybe KR songs is there. While almost nothing on JP catalogue, try search for Ayumi Hamazaki, exist but only for the profile. Worst is on Fripside(Geneon Universal) or every band that which concert be held on AFAid Jakarta sept 6-8, no gigs info and not even profile. Then we will need to wait the catalogues grow for iTunes replacement as Nokia Music is far easier to purchase, and i afraid it will be long almost the same as WP apps to grow.

Totally support! +1020 for that request. It is a shame that Malaysia still does not have it. Come on Nokia, you can do better.

Indonesia is used to be one of the biggest market for Nokia (Remember Communicator). They are trying to grab their share back from BlackBerry. 250 million people is a good market. Iya kan?