Deal Alert: ASUS VivoTab RT 32GB for $289, refurbished, on eBay

It looks like Microsoft isn’t the only one abandoning old stock of their RT tablets. Asus has now taken to eBay to offload some “refurbished” VivoTab RT devices for the low price of $289. Truth be told, the VivoTab 10.1-inch is a really nice device and if you’re looking for something compact but elegant, this may be a deal for you.

The VivoTab RT features a 10.1 1366x768 Super IPS+ display, 32GB of storage and is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core processor. It has 2GB of RAM, expandable memory via microSD and Bluetooth 4.0 on board and yet only weighs 1.16 pounds, making it the ideal device for tossing in your bag. We’ve always been partial to the 10.1-inch design as it’s small enough to handle, but large enough to have a good sized display.

The bad news is that Asus has publicly commented that they are done with Windows 8 RT, so while you may get a deal on this tablet, it’s probably the last from the company until the RT market shifts.

Head to eBay to pick one up. Limited quantity. Ships worldwide. Certified refurbished with 90-day warranty. Thanks, Diego R., for the tip


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Deal Alert: ASUS VivoTab RT 32GB for $289, refurbished, on eBay


me2.  worked out great for me because my daughter had cracked the screen on her nexus 7 asus.  It was going to cost $200 to repair it.  I wanted her on a windows device anyhow. 

I too bit at the $200 64GB deal in the Surface RT WPC tipped us off on. Totally happy with the decision. Gave my slow Asus Transformer Prime away to a friend, and don't miss it at all.

I've had the ASUS Transformer screen go out and charger issues with Nexus 7. ASUS I has lost trust with me on tablets.

I also had Asus nexus 7 charging issues. 3 weeks for the RMA process. Works now but I'm wondering if the same issue is going to show its ugly self again.

:) Actually I am a MSFT employee and we all got surface for free and for that matter Wp7 and wp8 too. But I work in Azure Services so I come here for phone, Xbox and win8 scoop, thought will clear before someone asks me to confirm any story :)

It serves my needs perfectly, has better battery life, and is a hell of a lot cheaper. That's why.. ;-)

Welcome to the world of Haswell and Bay Trail. Long battery life, starting at $349 + x86 compatibility. :)

This is why I sold my Surface RT. With these next generation processors I can get full Windows 8 and great battery life. It'll be a win-win.

Nice! Depending on pricing of Surface 2, Nokia RT, and the Dell Venue, I might go with the T100.

Exactly, plus having seen side by side comparisons of both RT n PRO. The PRO does 'everything' faster and better plus runs older windows software.

Gotta love the future products salesmen that always tell you how things will be better later...Like you said, here and now, the Surface RT that we got for $199 is the perfect choice. 
If we do the " [Insert product here] is coming" we'll never own anything

As a former sprint  WP customer i.e. person often told " [Insert product here] is coming"
I got sick of it....Well that and the reception was poor in my area. Switch to ATT soon after 920 release, bought the RT at 199. Easily both good decisions. Now I'll wait for the holiday lineups, grab a Haswell convertible, and let the Fiance have the RT. Win-Win-Win.

The point is that legacy x86 apps are extremely rarely touch-friendly. If you are using the device without mouse/keyboard, good luck using the vast majority of legacy software. Not saying it can't be done, but I think most people would rather sit in traffic than deal with it.

Its a huge mistake to continue to rely on Intel architecture. Sooner or later there will be an alternative that's cheaper, faster, and more power efficient. x86 is holding Intel back big time. Its a horrible relic from a world that no longer exists. I think arm based chips will catch x86 chips in the next 10 years or less.

Meh, this doesn't seem like much of a deal to me.  Reg price for these is 399.  Let me know when these are 150 - 200 range.

You know these are portable and can be carried around? Battery technology has greatly advanced to the point where you dont need a computer in every room.

Too bad Tegra 3 performs horribly on Windows RT, otherwise I would have bought this tablet without even thinking

Its not an i7, but I wouldn't expect it to be. It runs decently for what it is. Its biggest problem isn't performance, but lack of apps.

I have had the vivotab for about 6 months and loved it, but its hardware is failing rapidly on me at the moment despite my taking good care of it, so I can't recommend it. Volume button stopped working and screen started randomly flickering recently. Returning to Asus under warranty for repair.

Actually not a good deal, if you can wait another month and can spend 60$ more.
Thats when the asus t100 is coming out for 350$. You get full Win8 + keyboard dock. Check out the youtube-video of minipcpro(mobilegeeks)! I'm definitely getting that one.

I really dont recommend this Tablet.. Worst support/hardware ever had.(this after 3 month of usage......) switched for ms surface rt, very pleased now...

I don't know about you guys, but I caught a look at that Toshiba convertible with full 8.1, and a 500gb hard drive IN the tablet. Was considering an HP Split X2, now I don't know.

I have the AT&T version of this tablet and it seems to work well with what I need it to do and plus it's more mobile and blazing on LTE.

My dad and I both got VivoTab Smarts for $320 while they were on sale. It was an amazing deal and they talked us into it but they are great tablets.