Report: Official Songza app due next week for Windows Phone 8

Songza for Windows Phone 8

Back at the end of June, the official Songza app for Windows 8 launched during Microsoft’s //Build/ conference.  That was after an earlier report from the company in April, where they announced a Windows 8 app and said they would begin working on a Windows Phone version soon thereafter.

So it’s never been a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’.

Here we are though in September and there’s still no sign of the music app, but that may be changing. The company in a private Facebook chat revealed that the app should arrive next week for Windows Phone 8.

That confirms some earlier internal reports that Windows Phone Central has heard suggesting that the app was nearing completion as well—so we’re leaning heavily on this little news morsel.

For those who don’t know, Songza (Songza.com) is not just for streaming music but prides itself on curated playlists custom tailored for your preferences e.g. songs with no lyrics, genres, playlists based on activities, or even eras like "90s One-Hit Wonders". It’s a wildly popular music service that already has support on iOS and Android. Nailing an official app for Windows Phone 8 will help push the OS more into mainstream hands and we’re excited for it.

We’ll of course dig deeper to find out more on the official Songza app for Windows Phone 8. We’re confident though if it doesn’t drop next week, it will be arriving soon.

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Report: Official Songza app due next week for Windows Phone 8


Because unlike you, and me, the real world doesn't know about 6tag... Although there are plenty great of substitutes for the official Instagram,, there is no substitute for the official Instagram app... Having official apps lends credibility to the platform, and gives the average consumer incentive to choose WP over Android, BB, or iOS.... Just remember that the average consumer recognizes Instagram,, not 6tag.

Sounds interesting, I like theme-specific playlists to detect unknown tunes of my preferred genres. I hope it will be available in Europe - anyone knows?

I checked their website. Canada & the U. S. only. :-( Hello Nokia Music, thank you for being available in my puny country:-)

I have been waiting for this...! Songza is nice because they offer ad-free stations compared to Pandora where you either have to pay or listen to ads (sure we get 1yr free Pandora on WP, but I want to use it for longer than that)

Not saying there is absolutely no discovery on XBM, but Songza is really great, worth looking into! Stuff I found on Songza is what made me check out XBM, especially since there is no Amazon cloud player app for WP8.

Daniel, do you have in your plans to make an article recapping the "famous" official apps that WP8 has gained throughout the year, and those still missing? While I personally I'm content with many of the 3rd party alternatives present on the WP store to missing official apps, for a lot of people alternatives like 6tag simply does not cut it, so it'll be nice to see where WP8 is standing right now on the ecosystem issue.

Or maybe wait until the already announced official apps be released: Waze, Path, Vine and Flipboard. Am I missing something?? :)

Wait so the songza app in the marketplace now isn't official? I've been using one for a couple months and I definitely thought it was real haha

Same here, been using this songza app for few weeks and all along I thought this is the official app... very polished, same look and feel like the windows 8 app... oh well if there's an official app coming bring it on!

Yeah! Me too!! I was kinda surprised by this article. The app in the marketplace is pretty awesome and totally convinced me.

The Songza app for Android isn't available in the UK so this WP version won't be either. Just like Pandora. Not to worry though. We still get Nokia mix radio at least.

Any word on Tetris Blitz and the NFL Fantasy Football apps?

Somebody was on here a week or saying that the NFL FF app was coming this week (or it might have been last week) like it was fact... nothing happened.

Hopefully the devs for that listen better than the ones that created the Windows 8 version. The app would shut the audio off when the computer, surface, etc put the screen into sleep. Many of us emailed them about it, and we were all told that we had the settings wrong. Trying to explain that they had it wrong was like talking to the wall. The negative review after negative review explaining the same problem, and they finally addressed it TWO months later. Ugh. Love the app, but very frustrating when a dev refuses to listen to a widely known issue and.chalks it up as user error.

I am just too lazy and want quick accessible playlists that are only a couple taps away, on the go. Can this service help with this?

About damn time! The unofficial one is pretty amazing, but I guess now its time for it to retire... Still thanks a lot to that dev!

Sounds like 8tracks and Mixtapes which I already use. Awesome music apps with tags that allow you to search for the perfect mix.

It is those xcept a bit more consistent curation. Almost as if Time Life dumped their genre compilations into a service.

I really liked this app on my android. I'll probably make this my primary music app and ditch Spotify premium. I prefer this over Pandora.

Awesome news! Songza is great for music discovery. Lots of great playlists for every music taste, activity, or mood. Love it! Also love the integration with my SONOS music system, which is currently lacking with XBox Music and Nokia Music. Songza and Slacker Radio are my two favorite music services.

For anybody wondering there is a decent 3rd party songza app for wp8 now. That what I have been using the past two months.

Just installed the 3rd party Songza app on my 1020. This actually works quite well so I'm a bit bemused as to why the official Songza application isn't available for my Android in the UK. If 3rd party apps work then why not official ones? Also, as far as I can tell there isn't even a 3rd party Songza for Android so a big win for Windows Phone then.