DEAL ALERT: To-do list app, Due, free for 48 hours


Squallstar Studio has made their simple, easy-to-use to-do list app, Due, available for free for the next 48 hours. Due is a cleanly designed task list that lets you manage your chores and errands quickly without having to use your calendar. A start screen tile displays the latest item on your list for easy viewing.


Need a simple task manager? Download Due for free.

Tasks can be added in seconds, complete with due dates, and set for Today, Tomorrow, or Someday. Simply tap an item to move it manually to another list. Tomorrow's items automatically get moved to the Today screen the next day.

The price cut is already live in the store. You can download Due free of charge here for the next two days or so.

QR: Due

Thanks for the tip, Sergio!


Reader comments

DEAL ALERT: To-do list app, Due, free for 48 hours


Just because I like downloading apps I will download this lol...

What happens to apps that are free when you download them but if you move to another device do you have to then pay?

Nope. the "licence" is connected to your microsoft account.Unless it is pulled of the store you can just install it

Apps always remain free for you to download from the same account you purchased on. A purchase is a purchase, regardless if it is $0.00 :)

Wow. Handyscan for $.99 thanks for the tip man. Bought it (even though I also have DIGIscan)... jejeje

Att's to do list, release freaking update you peace of crap company! I hope you die a long miserable death!!

Lol live tile has bad grammar. Nice concept but needs work as mentioned when you first boot up the app

Does this app. display date/time in it? Just want an simpe note page with a dare and time stamp, is that too much to ask for?