Want really good graphics? Check out ARMED!

Just caught wind of a new Windows Phone game that simply looks fantastic. ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based, multiplayer strategy game. You are in command of a fleet of sci-fi tanks, turrets and robots with one goal in mind...crush your enemy.

Key features includes:

  • Five maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features
  • Twelve offensive and defensive units to command into battle
  • Over fifty unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide
  • Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking
  • Live Tile updates with turn notifications
  • Track your rankings on the real time leaderboards
  • Scoreloop integration with photo profiles

While the main attraction of ARMED! is the mult-player mode, you also have a single player option to do battle with the CPU. The game is fantastically animated with the ability to zoom out and have a two-dimensional view or zoom in for the 3D table top view.

ARMED! for the Windows Phone

There's a lot to ARMED! and luckily there is a really good tutorial to walk you through the mechanics of the game. In just tinkering with ARMED! for a few minutes, the graphics are impressive and the game play not too shabby either.

There is a trial version available for ARMED! and the full version is running $3.99. It is a mango app for your Windows Phone and you can grab ARMED! here at the Marketplace.


via: wp7connect thanks Danny p for the tip!


Reader comments

Want really good graphics? Check out ARMED!


it looks good! sometimes i dont understand why some developers are lazy enough to get good models with nice texture in their games.. but anyway, this game looks nice and it even has multiplayer! which is good news.
hopefully we can see good looking games like this with multiplayer more and more.

I wonder if OnLive will come to WP7. . .
Oh, sorry, just the title made me think of OnLive on Android and iOS. Maybe when Apollo comes out. I don't think that current Gen has the specs to support it without draining your battery in 2seconds flat.

If the Evo 4G has OnLive there's nothing stopping them from making it for most Windows Phone. You just have to go to there website or on there forums and ask for it. This game Looks good on my phone and I hope to get more games like this from this developers and more. I only wish it was a Xbox LIVE game.

We tried to pitch it to Microsoft and the various people we talked with blew us off.
Still i think that was a good thing for us.  While i hate not having Xbox achievements the certification process for XBL would have hindered our ability to ship early and often.
We plan to get Scoreloop achievements in the game soon... but yea its not quite the same.

The G2 is a poor example since it has a next-gen processor compared to launch Windows Phone devices.

i wish this hardware talk would stop coming up. everything in wp7 is optimized. what kind of hardware did the iPhone3GS have? it still has great graphic games so STFU!

As one of the developers on ARMED!...  thanks for the love guys.
We plan to continue to extend the game with new features, units, upgrades, and levels in the coming weeks.  We appreciate any feedback you have.
You can catch us on our website, Twitter, or Facebook.

They're the best community you could ask for as a developer Tom. The game is superb, instant purchase for me and I look forward to seeing it's future :)

Wonderful game! Its really nice that you have an ad supported MP, this way I can play against my GF, even though only I've purchased the game!

Thanks for the feedback!
As we add new levels to the paid version we will most likely unlock more levels for free play as well.

This is like playing StarCraft, but mobile...  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  Ive been waiting for some clever devs to make a game that really really rocks the casabar..
10-10 so far. Buying now.

Thank you for making such a great game that utlizies the feature set of WP7. WP needs devs like you to take the platform to new heights. I will buy this game just to support your efforts!

Thanks graham!
We plan to release alot of updates in the coming year... Mango features, new levels, new units, new upgrades, etc.
If you have any suggestions then let us know.

Don't know why I missed this awesome game so far. Thanks for the article, wpcentral as otherwise I might probably had never known of ARMED. And props to the devs showing what games can be done on WP7. Really great game. Immediate purchase and worth every single cent. If not more. :)

I totally agree! Great game with awesome graphics! Definitely shows what's capable on WP7 and Halo Wars mobile would be awesome!

What is the language settings on your phones?  I suspect its not English correct?
If you don't mind doing a little experiment for me... switch it all to English... the region format, the system locale, and the browser & search language.  After the required reboot of the device... does the game still crash on you?

I've done all that you asked. So i was able to finish the first level, but at the begining of the second level the game crashed again.

Thanks Lolmakerov!
That at least confirms that some of these crashes are locale issues of some sort.  We plan on a "critical fixes" release in the next week or so to address these bugs.

Game always crash down after build 2 tanks in tutorial or after start singleplayer game..
tested on samsung omnia 7, samsung omnia W and Dell Venue PRo
but otherwise game looks very impresive..

We've gotten reports of that crash as well as a couple of others.  Unfortunately Microsoft's crash reporting seems to only update once a week, so so far we've gotten no crash log data to work from.
Still just going by the reviews and support messages we've gotten we suspect at least some are related to the region/language setting.

Tom, not sure if XNA is the same, but Silverlight apps have a method called for every unhandled exception, so you can use that to create your own bug report system :)

Thanks for the tip Jay,
We thought "hey Microsoft provides this for us"... we didn't realize it would be this slow in getting us reports.  Might have to invest some time into our own method.

Heh, that feature only showed up around the Mango release, before then you just had to come up with your own method, putting bug reports in WPCentral from v1.0 was one of the best design decisions I made!

That is what we wanted as well... but Microsoft people we talked to didn't seem interested. In the end i think that was for the best as i don't think we would have liked being locked into their release process which IMO is not agile enough for mobile game development.

i am from the GraphicStream team
Microsoft blew us off too :)

They said : "there are a lof of game like yours on the Marketplace"

really ? :)
We were very sad of this.
Our game have one of the best review ranking of the marketplace, and is a big production like Armed. We are Indie Game by constraint.

We have now to work on Android and iPhone because of that (incredible).

Don't let that stop you from buying this game, It is easily better than any of the xbox live games out now.

The game crashes right after taping "new game". (Omnia 7/Mango)
Tried re-starting the phone, same problem.
If that can help: French language, and French kb selected.

Yes... it seems like its based on the language settings... we're working on a fix and will ship an update in the next week along with other critical fixes.

Why would someone buy a game just because its an Xbox live game?
Isn't it the same for the end user?

Very simple, achievements,replay value. Plus this is an Xbox live platform so therefore Xbox live games are where its at. Just doesn't seem worth it to me otherwise.

Just because a game isn't a xbox live game does'nt mean it lacks replay value. Armed is a good example, all the replay value is in the multiplayer.

The game is crashed in Russian devices. Works correctly when setting US locale.
Looks like a bug with decimal point - comma in Russian regional settings

We felt it was a good price for its current features and what we plan for it in the coming weeks. 
IMO some indie developers tend to under value their work and the Xbox Live titles on WP7 are often over valued.  So the $3.99 price point felt like a good middle ground for our game.
It's still cheaper than Starbucks. ;)

Sounds like a stupid question but what is better for an indie dev studio like yours
- We simply buy the game (I honnestly think that 3.99$ is a very fair price, going to buy it asap)
- We use the ads supported version and we click on the ads once in a while? 

So far our ad revenue has been crappy... 17 cents... which is curious as we're really high in the marketplace and we've seen thousands of multiplayer games.  Could be i have our ads set incorrectly in some way...  but we think that the sales of the game are high enough that there are few trial players.
Right now... if you want to support us and see more updates to ARMED! then its best to buy it.

I can respect that and I agree that many of the XBL enabled games on the marketplace are overvalued.  I assume that is a Microsoft requirement so as not to devalue the achievements.  (not that they have value, but if you can add 200 points to your gamerscore for a buck, I can see there being a problem)
Anyway, thanks for replying.  It's got to be tough trying to make any money in this area of the mobile market.  Especially with people like me around. :-)

I just purchased Armed! based solely on the fact you came here to answer questions and ask for feedback (the game looks pretty sick too!)
Keep up the great work!

Hey Tom, I am really happy to see you here engaging with the community! I will be buying this game as soon as I get my $25 app card!
Quick question about the game. When playing a ranked match, the game is basically a live game... meaning I can't make a move and then make another move a few minutes/hours/days later, right? You have to finish the game when you start it?
Also, I am unable to insert my email address in the Scoreloop menus.
Finally, the tile gives a notification of when I am supposed to make a move when playing a friend, but a toast notification would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for stopping by,

Yes... ranked matches are "live"... you play them in real time.
You can also play a custom match which can be played at your own pace against a friend or any of your recent opponents.
We're looking at adding more options here in the coming weeks.
The Scoreloop email bug is something we're looking into now.... as soon as we have it fixed we'll be releasing an update.
Toast notifications are coming as soon as we release a Mango version... should be sometime in January.