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2 years ago (unofficial), an About Me Windows Phone 8 client


About Me is an interesting web service that gives you the ability to create amazing web pages about you. (unofficial) is, obviously, an unofficial About Me client app for our Windows Phone 8 devices.

About Me can help you build an online presence, create a personal home page, create a central point of contact for your work or when you're seeking work, and much more. (unofficial) pulls most of the About Me service to your Windows Phone.

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2 years ago

Nokia announcing something "big" tomorrow


Nokia has teased on its official blog an announcement that will be made tomorrow. Unfortunately no details have been published, except for the image above. All that has been publicly revealed is that something "big" is arriving and the event will kick off at 9am UK time (BST / GMT+1). Luckily we'll be heading along tomorrow to cover said event so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for the morning.

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2 years ago

HTC 8Xs locking up after GDR2 update? Numerous reports say yes


File this under anecdotal, but we’re getting a few complaints that the recent GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone on the HTC 8X (mostly unbranded) is causing the device to lock up, irrecoverably.

From our forums, member Serdard notes “While listening to music, I got a message on WhatsApp and when I tried to open it, my phone froze”. Normally, if a Windows Phone device locks up either a simple battery pull or key combination (down volume + power) will restart the device. However, in this instance such a method is not working (plus you can’t do a battery pull on an 8X).

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2 years ago

MetroPCS evidently getting the bargain priced Nokia Lumia 521


Good news if you’re on MetroPCS and want a new, affordable Windows Phone. The company is evidently getting the Nokia Lumia 521 in the near future, at least according to @evleaks, the notorious leaker of all things tech.

We last heard about MetroPCS getting on board with Windows Phone 8 way back in August, 2012.  The Lumia 521 would be their first and only Windows Phone 8 device to date, making it somewhat of a big deal for those customers.

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2 years ago

Unofficial Snapchat app 'Swapchat Free' returns to the Windows Phone Store [Update: and it's gone]


Just over one week ago, we received word that Swapchat, the first fully functional app that can access Snapchat on Windows Phone was being pulled. The reason was due to a copyright complaint from the Snapchat makers, who legally exercised their right to protect their content.

That was an unfortunate blow to Windows Phone users who were enjoying the service and it was very different from the ‘turn the other cheek’ approach of Instagram and Instance.

Now we can we verify that Swapchat Free (but not the paid version) is back in the Store and can be downloaded to your Windows Phone 7.x or 8 device.

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2 years ago

Nokia confirms Glance feature coming to all Windows Phone 8 Lumias, except the Lumia 52x


There has been some confusion regarding the availability of Nokia’s Glance feature, aka the on-screen clock which we covered recently in a tutorial post. The feature is coming to other Lumia devices via the Amber update, but we remember seeing rumors for “exceptions” on specific devices pop up, revolving around screen technology i.e. AMOLED vs LCD.

Nokia has gone now and confirmed that the Glance is basically coming to all Windows Phone 8 Lumias except the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 (T-Mobile, US) due to “hardware restrictions”. While that would have been an awesome feature on the 52x series, evidently cutting hardware specs so low does have some consequences for feature parity.

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2 years ago

US bank Wells Fargo working on Windows Phone solution


Wells Fargo, a bank and financial services establishment in the US, is reportedly developing a Windows Phone app. We've covered numerous other banks in multiple markets releasing apps for the platform, but it's always good to see further support rising from the ground. Wells Fargo currently has solutions for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and even Palm OS, so it only makes sense for Windows Phone to be included.

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2 years ago

Nokia Video Trimmer helps you shorten videos; shows up in the Store, but you can't download it yet


Nokia already has a plethora of apps available in the Nokia Collection, but the manufacturer isn't halting with what's currently available. Video Trimmer is an app we covered at the Lumia 1020 launch event, which enables consumers to conveniently shorten videos. All it takes is some magic and some sliding controls to cut down the duration to a single clip. 

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2 years ago

Flight Control Rocket and Blobster now available to all Windows Phone users


Windows Phone 7 users must be feeling a bit left out of the Xbox gaming fun lately. We spent the majority of last week celebrating the release of Halo: Spartan Assault and publishing detailed strategy guides for Order & Chaos Online, both excellent Windows Phone 8 games. But what are the Microsoft mobile users who haven’t upgraded to Windows Phone 8 yet going to play?

Former Nokia exclusives, of course! Less than two weeks ago, Chillingo’s pretty decent Picnic Wars became available to all brands of Windows Phone. And just a few days ago, two more games dropped their exclusivity: Flight Control Rocket and Blobster. If you liked the first Flight Control, you’re going to love FC Rocket! Oh, and Blobster. Yayyyy.

Read on for details on both games and an updated list of current and former Nokia Collection exclusives!

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2 years ago

Design and logo teased for upcoming unofficial Instagram app, 6gram


Rudy Huyn is a busy bee and has been working hard throughout the weekend to build the foundations for an unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone. We covered the good news yesterday. This app, now referred to as 6gram, will enable consumers on Microsoft's mobile platform to interact with and manage their Instagram accounts. Today we can relay a screenshot and tile logos that have been brought to our attention, not to mention the new name for the project.

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2 years ago

Have Xbox Live Gold? Assassin's Creed 2 is now available for free on your 360


Assassin's Creed II is the next game available as a free download for consumers with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Simply boot up your Xbox 360 console and download the game from the Marketplace. As a title that's usually priced at $19.99, this is an absolute bargain, especially if you've played the first game and have not yet looked at continuing the experience. 

The second instalment has taken numerous awards, as well as a high rating of 90 at Metacritic. Sporting open world gameplay, Assassin's Creed II will surely zap some free time off your hands.

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2 years ago

Battle of the Mechanical Keyboards: Razer's BlackWidow Ultimate vs. Das Keyboard's Professional Model S


As we move forward in the world of computing technology, I cannot help to feel that we have left the keyboard behind. Open up the latest Windows 8 feather light Ultrabook or sit down at a gorgeous all-in-one desktop and you will most likely be facing a mushy keyboard of the 21st century.

You deserve the right to have the most comfortable typing experience, so today we are taking a look at the two kings of mechanical keyboards for your Windows computer – Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate and Das Keyboard’s Model S Professional (tactile click).

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2 years ago

Talk Mobile Platforms Week Recap: The best things you said


It was meat and potatoes time for Talk Mobile: platforms was the topic. Spanning everything from hardware to software to services, Talk Mobile Platforms week was easily the most engaged set of discussions we had so far. It really encompassed the ethos of Talk Mobile: stop talking about the specs and let's talk about what really matters.

Your feedback is tremendously important to us and is helping us to continue shaping and refining Talk Mobile into the very best product we can provide. As always, there's a comments box down below for you to let us know what you think. Good or bad, we want to hear it!

Our goal with Talk Mobile from the start has been to spur on greater discussions in the community, and we're absolutely thrilled with the comments and conversations that have come as a result. There are a lot of great comments, and we're going to take a few minutes here to highlight what we think to be the very best. You'll find them below, and those we've picked as winning comments will be receiving some awesome prizes (keep an eye on your email)!

And because we're the quantifiable data sort of crowd, we've also got a reader survey for platforms week, and by simply filling it out you can be entered to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Sounds like a win, no?

2 years ago

Editor’s Choice: Fotor v2 Photo editing app for Windows Phone 8


While there’s no shortage of solid photo editing apps for Windows Phone 8, for those who are about ot plunge in with the Lumia 1020 (or if you picked up a Lumia 925 this week), you’ll want to know what is the best. Certainly Nokia’s own Creative Studio is a must have but it’s also not as fully comprehensive as some may want.

Fotor, an app we’ve covered in the past, has gone to version 2.0 today and it has received quite a nice overhaul. So nice in fact that we’re calling it the top photo editing app you can get right now. Best of all? It doesn’t cost a dime. Completely free and as far as we can tell, no ads either.

The standout feature of Fotor is its design. It’s gorgeous. If you’re a fan of the Modern UI as much as we are, then you’ll be delighted with the Live Tile and when you launch the app. Upon starting her up, you’ll be greeted with two big buttons: Edit or Collage (check out these other collage apps) Edit takes you to your photo library and Collage lets you select various templates from two-photo collages up to a whopping nine.

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2 years ago

Have a Windows Phone with 512MB RAM? Report shows you can enjoy 99% of apps and games


There have been numerous discussions surrounding exactly how many games and apps are available to Windows Phone 8 smartphones with only 512MB of RAM. All About Windows Phone, a fellow community dedicated to the platform, looked into their database of Windows Phone apps found on the official store to see exactly how many apps and games don't work on low-end hardware. The results are encouraging to say the least.

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